Whats not new in Sun Identity Manager 8.0

Big week this week with the release of Sun Identity Manager 8.0. Many of our partners are already trained and working with the new version. Plans are already being discussed on upgrades to client sites to the new IdM 8.0 to take advantage of roles and the data exporter.

Before we get into more of the details of the new features, wanted to get off a quick entry on what features are no longer available or not supported yet. Knowing what is and is not in the product is important.

So, without further ado. Here is what is not in Identity Manager 8.0:

1) Java based Business Process Editor (BPE) - originally shipped with Waveset products and enhanced over the years. In 6.0, we started to migrate the configuration capabilities into a Netbeans plug in. Each new release improved on the integration with Netbeans (meaning, originally, the plug acted like the BPE, but now it is more aware of the features and capabilities of the Netbeans platform). So as of IdM 8.0, all BPE type work will be done through the Netbeans plug in. Thus, the old BPE is deprecated and going the way of the dodo. Good news though, Sun has open sourced these plugins for all to participate in. Again, who else in this business does that.

2) Meta View - This was a good idea that never really took hold. Meta Views allowed abstracting the attributes so they can be centrally managed. Workflows and views could reference the Meta View attribute and it could be managed in one location. However, Meta Views worked great when starting out, but were order sensitive and got tricky to implement. Never really caught on. IdM 8.0 will still support Meta View upgrades, but they are deprecated and should be replaced. So to both of you who implemented them (sorry, trying to make gallows humor) should be aware the are on the way out.

3) MySQL in Production - Still not there yet. This is filed under the category real soon now. As many know, we permit MySQL in development, but do not support it in production environments. MySQL 5.1 has a known bug in parsing nested selects, which unfortunately, we use within IdM. The query will run, but the parsing engine does not always take advantage of the available indexes, so performance will suffer as the system scales, as is possible in production.

But don't we own MySQL? Isn't it fixable? Yes it has been fixed in MySQL 5.2, which never got to general release mode, and in MySQL 6.0, which is in pre-release test mode. No effort was made to fix it in 5.1. Since neither 5.2 or 6.0 is officially released, we cannot support it in production environments. Yet. Unfortunately, the code freeze for IdM 8.0 occurred before our acquisition of MySQL, so we will have to wait for the official support in a future release of IdM. Trust me, this is a priority. Real soon now.

We have also discontinued support for many older versions of software (really, who is seriously still working with Red Hat Server 2.1). Check here for a complete list of deprecated software support.


Another thing that isn't new... Support for AD on Win Server 2008!

Posted by chris albone on June 17, 2008 at 07:14 PM EDT #

Re. MySQL...

I just had a skim through the IdM 8.0 release notes, and they say the following:

"Identity Manager supports MySQL as a development and production database."

From here:

or using purpleslurple to point you at the specific section:

So, if Sun won't support MySQL in production does it make sense to state in the release notes that IdM supports it in production?

Posted by Josef Assad on June 17, 2008 at 07:41 PM EDT #

We like to work with the Meta view than the form. What is your company planning to replace the Meta View with?

Posted by Matt Sesum on June 18, 2008 at 07:41 AM EDT #

Response to comments...

Windows Server 2008 was released February 27th, 2008, after code freeze for IdM 8.0. Working on it now and will be released in future version.

As for the confusion on the documentation, I already found that documentation error and have submitted it to be fixed in the next version. Thanks though.

As for the Meta View replacement, can't get into that right now, as we are working on the design for 9.0. But the message is Meta View is now deprecated and you may not want to invest more into that approach. Sorry I can't give you more details.

Posted by Sean ONeill on June 19, 2008 at 05:37 AM EDT #

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