Tuesday Mar 18, 2014

Oracle launches Java SE Embedded 8, Platform of Choice for IoT

Oracle Launches Java SE Embedded 8 

In addition to Java SE 8, Oracle has also announced the General Availability of Oracle Java SE Embedded 8. It provides a development platform for embedded devices and the Internet of Things, with all of the flexibility, portability and robust features available in the Java SE Platform.


Join us on March 25 for the online launch: http://eventreg.oracle.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKWebId=0x637279c68


Thursday Mar 06, 2014

Oracle launching Java 8, platform of choice for IoT

Join Oracle and Create the Future with Java 8

Java 8 is a revolutionary release of the world's #1 development platform and introduces significant productivity and performance enhancements while reducing costs. Java is the platform of choice for the Internet of Things, cloud, mobile, and social application development with Java 8 providing the path for platform standardization.

Join Oracle and partners throughout the Java ecosystem to learn how Java 8 can help your business.

Register now for the Java 8 keynote address and more than 35 sessions.

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Oracle is Showcasing IoT at Embedded World 2014

Oracle again has a big presence at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany again this year

Find us in hall 5, booth 271. At the booth, you can see several demos focusing on Oracle’s Internet of Things strategy and the benefits of Java for embedded software solutions, including showcase applications by partners such as Gemalto, Freescale, Eurotech, and Hitachi.

Java Evangelist Terrence Barr will be doing some sessions as well (download the full conference program here):

  • Thu, Feb 27, 9:30: A hands-on tutorial on “Desktop to Internet of Things in 12 Seconds with Java ME Embedded”
  • Thu, Feb 27, 15:30: “Trust Me, I am an M2M Device”

This year’s demonstrations will include:

  • A live IoT in Motion, people counting solution developed with Hitachi and Eurotech.
  • The latest embedded and M2M products and technologies from Hitachi.
  • M2M device products and solutions from Eurotech.
  • A live M2M dartboard game hosted by Gemalto.
  • Smart Connected Home demonstration from Freescale Semiconductor.
  • The latest in Java platform technologies for embedded devices including Java 8 demonstrations.
  • Oracle's Internet of Things platform- Securely harness big data to drive smart decisions & enable new services.
 Hope to see you in Nuremberg!


Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Develop Java Embedded Applications Using a Raspberry Pi for free (well almost)

Have you wondered what the future of embedded devices looks like?
Have you ever wanted to create your own weather station or design a device to control the lights in your home automatically?

All of these questions will be answered in this practical hands-on course. This course introduces Java developers to the world of embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Embedded controllers are already a part of our lives. Meters read electric and water usage and send the readings to a central office. Electronic thermostats turn on the heat and air conditioning as required.

This course is free (besides the necessary hardware, which should cost bout $150).

Enroll here!

Happy Coding,


Tuesday Jan 21, 2014

Oracle Magazine article on Internet of Things, Get Ready.......

New article from Oracle's Bob Rhubart, Community Architect section, Get Ready for IoT.  He discusses what businesses need to consider when planning an IoT program. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2014/14-jan/o14architect-2075130.html

Oracle Magazine article on Internet of Things, Navigate.........

New interview with Oracle's Peter Utzschneider, Navigate the Internet of Things. He discusses Oracle's vision and how IoT is really a game changing technology. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2014/14-jan/o14interview-utzschneider-2074127.html

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

Oracle Teams with China UnionPay to Promote Secure Banking in China

Oracle and China UnionPay will be working together to increase awareness and use of the Java Card platform in the Chinese financial market. UnionPay is a bankcard association established under the approval of the State Council and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). UnionPay has become a central and pivotal part of China’s bankcard industry, and plays an essential role in industry development.

The collaboration between Oracle and China UnionPay will provide current Java Card licensees and new prospects with the confidence to develop and utilize Java Card–based applications. Oracle will help develop and test the Java Card platform for use in the Chinese banking system, while Oracle and China UnionPay will offer technical support and service on Java Card to help the effective use of the Java Card platform depending on the requirements of Chinese enterprises and banks.

The Java Card Platform provides an open, interoperable environment enabling the development and deployment of portable trusted identity services to individuals and personal devices, such as SIMs and Smart Cards. To date, over 12 billion Java Card units have been shipped. 

Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

Dec 5 Webcast: IoT-Driving new services from connected device data

The growth of the Internet of Things opens up all types of service driven opportunities, delivering increased efficiencies, better customer value and improved quality of life. Realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things requires that we change how we view and build devices which provide the core foundation of services: rapidly transforming data to information to value.  From home to industry to public sector, the focus is on how devices can grow in intelligence, interoperability with other devices, systems and services, and drive timely decisions, while delivering real business return for all.

Please be sure to check out this interesting Oracle webcast with partner Freescale as they discuss how all of the players in the IoT and M2M value chain can drive value from the new wave of data coming from intelligent connected devices by leveraging Java.

The webcast will be held on Thursday Dec 5 at 10am PST/1pm EST and includes a live q&a session.



Monday Sep 16, 2013

Oracle Open World,2013 IoT Session: Internet of Things Platform: An In-Depth Look at the Role of Oracle Fusion Middleware

IoT, as described before, is a complex value chain that involves multiple stakeholders ranging from semiconductor manufacturers, sensors and gateway manufacturers, network providers, software vendors system integrators and many more. An independent research study by Beecham Research emphasizes the need for coordination across partners in this value chain to be a topmost priority in the IoT platform.

Here's another interesting session at Oracle Open World,2013 that attempts to provide insight into the role of Oracle Fusion Middleware in the IoT platform. Find out how Oracle's Java Embedded Technologies with Oracle Fusion Middleware can provide a standardized platform to develop and deploy applications across multiple devices and data centers. Application scenarios where solutions have been successfully deployed will also be presented. Infotech, a location intelligence company based in Turkey, uses this platform to offer a range of location based services. The CEO of Infotech explains how Oracle Fusion Middleware was leveraged for its solutions.

Session Details are as follows - 

Internet of Things Platform: An In-Depth Look at the Role of Oracle Fusion Middleware
Date: Monday, Sept 23, 2013
Time: 10:45PM - 11:45PM
Location: Marriott Marquis - Foothill G

Speakers: Ali Peker - CEO, INFOTECH Bilisim ve Iletisim Teknolojileri A.S | Ed Zou - VP, Product Management, Fusion Middleware, Oracle | Shivanshu Upadhyay - Solution Architecture Director, Oracle

Session Abstract: Only Oracle delivers a comprehensive platform for the entire machine-to-machine (M2M) architecture. The key to gaining real business value from M2M services or, more broadly, the Internet of Things is effective communication among all elements of the architecture. With an integrated, end-to-end platform, it is possible to deploy applications faster, process and analyze data at lightning speeds, and act on events as quickly as they occur. This presentation looks at the Oracle device-to-data-center platform and how Oracle Fusion Middleware, the leading business innovation platform for the enterprise and the cloud, enables partners to create and run agile, intelligent M2M applications.


Internet Of Things (IoT)


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