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SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GF v1 U1) - Patch 5

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GF v1 U1) patch 5 is a commercial (Restricted) patch available as part of Sun's Enterprise Support for GlassFish. It was released in September 15th, 2008. See Overview of GFv1.

Release Overview

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GFv1 U1) - File-Based Patch for Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, RHEL and Windows

Patch Ids
• Solaris x86 - [124610-06]
• Solaris SPARC - [124609-06]
• RHEL - [124611-06]
• Windows - [124612-06]

Update Date
September, 15th, 2008

Commercial (for-fee) release with regular bug fixes. This patch for SJS AS 9.0 U1 expands on SJS AS 9.0U1 Patch 4 and includes 2 new key bug fixes.


Bugs Fixed in this Patch:

• [6598706] lookup of jdbc resources not possible from other containers to glassfish container
• [6734120] Unable to use the # delimiter in a JDBC url

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Patch Page. Commercial Subscription Offering

Sunday Jun 22, 2008

SJS AS 9.1 U2 (GF v2 U2) - Public Release

This release replaced SJS AS 9.1 U1 (GFv2 U1) (see overview of GFv2) and included a number of key bug fixes needed for other dependent releases, including NetBeans 6.1. See the Release Announcement at TheAquarium.

Release Overview

Second Update Release on GFv2.

Release Date
April 29th, 2008

Free, no-cost, release that addresses 16 defects.

OBSOLETE public/free release - replaced by GF 2.1.
OBSOLETE commercial/for-fee release - replaced by GF v2 U2 - patch 4.

Bugs Fixed in this Patch:

• [6494180] Loadbalancer plugin not handling chunked data
• [6665950] fail to deploy web module with struts
• [6641307] Can't use admin GUI to view JVM information on a clustered instance
• [6658432] [IT:4035] Very slow admin GUI access in HTTPS with Firefox/port unification (admin-listener)
• [6661187] [IT:3786] Ability to expose JAX-WS services selectively
• [6661194] [IT:3990] EJB Class loader spin found during JBI QE testing
• [6666613] Quicklook test failure on AS9.1_01 EE when new version 080131 of JBI integrated
• [6661273] Upgrade Metro and JBI
• [6671758] Ant core JBI tests are throwing Exception on 9.1UR1P1AS server log
• [6676452] Upgrade to the latest sysnet jar
• [6677299] Update Center integration for 9.1 ur2
• [6677434] Update licenses in 9.1 UR2 workspace
• [6680037] Registration mechanism(both UR2 and MySQL Bundles) updates "city" field with "company name" value
• [6680503] 9.1PEUR1->9.1PEUR2 inplace installation doesn't work due to missing Upgrade functionality and option
• [6684585] source string for 9.1 UR2 is incorrect
• [6685905] Incomplete tokenization of SJSAS install image files on Unix platforms

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Patch Page. Commercial Subscription Offering

SJS AS 9.1 U1 (GF v2 U1) - Public Release

GlassFish v2 U1 (update 1) is a Must-Have Release of SJS AS 9.1 (GF v2) (family overview) that includes many bug fixes. All users of GlassFish v2 are encouraged to upgrade.

Release Overview

Update Release on GFv2.

Release Date
December 19th, 2007

Free, no-cost, update release that addresses 162 defects.

OBSOLETE. Replaced by GlassFish v2 U2.

Patch Ids
Commercial users see 9.1 Patches Base. Also see:

128640 - Package Based Ditro (w/ HADB)
128643 - File Based Distribution (w/ HADB)
128647 - File Based (w/o HADB)

Bugs Fixed in this Release

6638152 [508] [Regression] New bug found in support.jsf
6636456 B09b patch of 9.1UR1 AS is not getting installed FCS B58g.
6632714 AS 9.1_01: Service tag is not transferred on a system that has stclient installed
6634058 Remove service tag entries related to native packagebased binaries from default servicetag-registry
6634072 Enhance panel instructions to improve user-experience and ease-of-use
6634450 [REGRESSION] 9.1 EE to 9.1 UR1 EE b9a Upgrade wizard "Next" button is disabled
6634565 RSS feed in support page not showing up if console security is enabled.
6634583 SDK installers hangs during negative testing of registering a new user...
6634587 Need to pass proxy info to backend
6635035 JDK Registration has issues
6628791 IE only, Sample link on "Please Register" page doesn't work
6629223 Admingui login page throws error "Unterminated String constant" on status bar with IE7
6595559 (Negative test): get 500 status if server side deploy path is empty and type application name
6587475 Need data validation for HTTP Service->Access Log Write Interval field
6630545 sample page font size very small and all shift to the left
6604383 TODO tooltips showing quite often
6619915 developer profile's Common Task page should have the 'Add Cluster Support' task
6603904 Web Service Call Flow detail page title and Button label need fix
6633033 [508] "support.jsf": Images: Alt attribute required
6619907 Service Tag registration has to be supported on Application Server
6597910 ApplicationServer 9.1:Can't change [Monitoring Level] from "LOW" to "HIGH".
6594521 regression: Creating LB throws errors if target is not selected
6629916 jvm level systemproperties takes precedence than cluster level systemproperties in suselinux 64b jvm
6597296 NullPointerException; create-node-agent on Windows AS9.1ee
6592253 asupgrade man page is out of date
6614947 [UB](sbs) 8.2 to 9.1ur1 upgrade: could not start nodeagent on 2nd machine
6628825 support page shows lots of "unable to locate the template file for widget" error
6595173 admin gui edit IIOP listeners tab label string garbled when clicked SSL tab
6631088 [508][Sysnet] : Need alternate event-handler for Registration.jsf
6630518 Malformed Local registry generated by glassfish script based installer
6588628 Intermittent hanging observed on Linux due to deadlock in
6598706 Unable to use the # delimiter in a JDBC url
6590921 Web Core must use default port for welcome-page redirection when PORT not part of http host header
6604609 AS 8.2EE / Issues with sealed packages
6622279 Password displayed in clear text with 64bit JDK on linux
6603818 AIX: To build native libraries for the product release of sjsas on aix need gmake...
6607849 AIX:When starting a domain in the cluster profile, the password is echoed back in clear text
6575626 "timed-out waiting for response" msg in webserver error log even if a request passes
6616926 Critical Vulnerability disclosed in WebDav Servlet
6618242 AS9.1UR1. The memory leak was seen during 58 and 89 hours runs of 100 simultaneous users.
6613125 unable to enable a http listener which is in disabled state
6587659 AIX: IllegalArgumentException in jaxws tests
6595919 AIX BLOCKING:When a cluster/instance is getting created, the default-config isn't copied correctly
6614746 [REGRESSION]add-resource command fails to add connector connection pool
6586510 AIX:Appserver throws wrong exception in jstl test
6601963 ValueExpression.getValue() throws wrong exception
6603047 More than 30 second response times for 50% of failed over requests
6594023 AS91EE:DAS restart required after a node-agent machine crash
6623955 OutofMemoryError observed in Richaccess test
6601675 appserver should not allow setRollbackOnly() from a business method with TX SUPPORTS
6629769 Richaccess, Memory Leak observed during 7 days longevity test
6618208 AIX:Webservices "WsUtil" references the which IBMJDK doesn't have correct args
6559700 JBI: admin-gui hard to determine dependencies between components and libraries in developer profile
6561519 JBI: admin-gui does not show Service Units, relationship of components to service assemblies
6625591 0403-027 The parameter list is too long
6627385 [UB]AIX: @RunAs at EJB module authorization test failed AccessLocalException: Client not authorized
6628700 Updates required to index.html (http://localhost:8080/) and related pages
6628170 [UB] create-domain command fails with custom master password in AIX
6631994 [UB] AS 9.1_01 EE only: Unable to start the Update Center if Reuse existing Java 2 SDK option
6631742 [UB]Not able to access samples after start domain using --domaindir option (upgrade scenario)
6589500 applibs are separated by "," and not FileSeparator as docs indicate
6627379 [UB]AIX: WSS dynamic encrypt key test failed due to server side certification validation error
6626212 [UB]9.1EE to 9.1EEu1: could not start nodeagent on 2nd machine on linux after sbs upgrade in GUImode
6594073 SJSAS 8.1UR2 : NullPointer Exception during Synchronization
6465849 LB:Installer failed to export, import and activate cerificate for AppServers & Web Server
6573779 [Regression] JMS related regression failure in b50c builds.
6586219 MQcluster:'notify commit txn failed' warning logged if imq.txn.reapLimit low& >1 remote msg in 1 txn
6577418 WARNING messages in broker log file while starting & stopping the appserver domain
6621854 [BLOCKING] 9.1 to 9.1ur1 upgrade: could not start nodeagent after sbs upgrade
6621921 [BLOCKING] 9.1 to 9.1ur1 inplace upgrade gives Unsupported Upgrade Path, inline didn't start upgrade
6613312 [BLOCKING]Got Unsupported Upgrade Path error in sbs upgrade from 9.1 EE to 9.1EE UR1 in cli mode
6598344 Not able to use start/stop instance command after upgrade from 8.1EEur2 to 9.1EE
6566783 Upgrade:90pe->91ee:Security Manager option get uncheck after an upgrade
6631938 [UG]ClassNotFoundException when login to admin console after inplace upgrade from GF v2 to as9.1ur1
6630022 [BLOCKING] sbs upgrade of new domain gives Admin user details are not valid
6629883 Upgrade: Support of Cluster Profile is needed.
6629281 [UG]9.1PE to 9.1UR1PE inplace upgrade needs to give better message rather than Unsupported Path
6628246 Not able to upgrade AS9.1PE (glassfish v2) to AS9.1UR1 with cluster profile
6626070 upgradetool should not prompt for masterpassword in popup
6631153 Add localizable country list to backend API
6600234 JDBC Pool does not bound to maxPool size on initialization failure
6623165 9.1EE to 9.1ur1EE: inplace upgrade shows "Upgrade" prompts twice when user already choose to Upgrade
6625183 SDK 5.0_04 and AS 9.1_01: License file needs to be updated.
6623276 Inplace upgrade: installer didn't prompt for admin password, master password
6612851 After installation of LB on WS 7.0u1 , WS instance fails to start on windows
6632333 Installer should not enforce email address as username for existing account for sysnet registration
6631401 AS 9.1_01: Regression,Win Only: Unable to start the Update Center using the Start->Program Menu Item
6631399 AS 9.1_01: Registration: First Name and Last Name fields are not indicated as required
6630573 AS 9.1_01: Registration: servicetag-registry.xml has multiple entries when user move back and forth
6630570 AS9.1_01: Registration: The Country field only shows 3 countries: United States, China, and India
6629502 [REGRESSION] 9.1EE to 9.1 EE UR1 inplace upgrade: installer gives nodeagent already created message
6629236 [UG][REGRESSION]installer doesn't provide Upgrade option and no upgrade takes place
6628227 Installer doesn't support In-place upgrade from glassfish v2 bits to AS9.1ur1
6601346 AIX BLOCKING: Need an installer for the AIX platform, much like the MAC installer and script...
6625637 9.1 to 9.1ur1 PE: upgrade failed for module certificate migration error on windows and solaris
6630547 Upgrade to new Sysnet jars
6592283 (RN) (inplace) installer disabled DAS, HADB, Command line Admin Tools when installdir has a space
6617652 (inplace) installer (b05) IOException on asadmin
6589325 load balancer enable/disable operation should not generate events for dynamic reconfig
6618804 Regression: jsr77 runtime state management changes are not broadcast
6622987 Native build on Ubuntu is failing...
6623819 Upgrade the Sun JDBC driver version to 3.7.x
6604367 timming issue starting up connector app (mailconnector) consistently. (javax.servlet.ServletExcepti)
• 1456 jms connections to multiple AS
• 1710 Ability of lagging / broken connection to block entire SSL l
• 1735 LogWriter methods are not implemented
• 2310 App client end-user should be able to change and/or correct
• 2706 regression: start/stop command doesn't seem to change the st
• 2991 Dependency issues if both sides of an uni-directional OneToM
• 3465 Application library dependancies (domains/domain1/lib/applib
• 3478 sun-resources.xml does not take the values of new connection
• 3482 Need to support multi-level prefetch
• 3513 [UB]enable/disable LB for an instance/cluster should show co
• 3526 NullPointerException at ASServerSocket.bind(ASServerSocket.j
• 3530 Setting of the property "endpointExceptionRedeliveryAttempts
• 3540 Restart glassfish while logged into admin gui, click logout,
• 3552 need better error messages by logging connection pool name i
• 3565 gCometd must be fully compatible with the latest Bayeux Spec
• 3566 Missing blocking-enabled attribute in http-listener page
• 3569 alternatedocroot broken on 9.1 b58c ?
• 3571 JBI screens downlevel with respect to Sierra runtime
• 3572 JBI console does not support update/upgrade fixes in JBI run
• 3584 [UB]appservService.exe doesn't keep Glassfish running when u
• 3588 Web Service deployment fails
• 3603 [UB]No documentation for JDBC Realm
• 3615 SOAP/TCP connection is getting closed after 250requests
• 3617 pom version needs to be changed
• 3624 JSTL begin attribute ignored for deferred expres
• 3627 incorrect description for thread-pool configuration properti
• 3673 Version string needs to be updated
• 3683 GlassFish leaks memory when large files (static or dynamic)
• 3703 NPE near TPE MapContainerPolicy
• 3707 java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException thrown repeatedly b
• 3714 New http listener screen: Glassfish adds localhost to Server
• 3715 Change the preamble in ~/.asadminpass ...
• 3719 [UB]Fix the problems with SMF and GlassFish
• 3720 Allow app client container to run JavaFX scripts
• 3723 publish to registry command fails when web server port is in
• 3741 JBI: regression cannot go back to cluster applications page
• 3742 TrustManager is broken for Hot-Deployed Webapps
• 3748 Comet not worked properly on secure http listener
• 3751 StandardContext.stop() returns prematurely when a webmodule
• 3754 the add-ressource option of asadmin uses a wrong default pat
• 3755 JDBC Realm Eats Useful Exceptions
• 3759 NetBeans profiler cluster profile DAS interop issue
• 3775 Add JBI CLI commands/hook
• 3777 Online help is required for new JBI screens
• 3779 Response wrapper name clashes problem
• 3780 Unable to find invocation method
• 3782 With a non-default admin password, jms-ping fails
• 3785 Upgrading to V2 from V1 can be improved ...
• 3787 Possible Grizzly regression in 9.1_01 b05 due to fix for Iss
• 3790 Admin Console cannot load class when deploying Connector Mod
• 3792 NPE in DynamicInterceptor.checkForIllegalMBean()
• 3796 Add support for AJP/mod_jk load balancing balancing
• 3801 AIX:StackOverflowError from pkgClientJar test on AIX
• 3804 Include link to Java EE 5 Tutorial in QuickStart.html
• 3805 9.1UR1 AIX platform ServletException while running tomcat te
• 3812 Java Web Start launch of app client with persistence unit fa
• 3817 compressableMimeType http-listener property never get proces
• 3818 [UB]Incorrect LB config info in HA Admin Guide
• 3836 cascading JBI Statistics MBeans

SJS AS 9.1 (GF v2) - Public Release

GlassFish v2 was released September 17th, 2007, 16 months after the release of GlassFish v1. The informal motto for the release is

You don't need to choose between open source and enterprise features,
you can have both

This release replaces GlassFish v1 U1; all users of GFv1 are encouraged to switch to this release. See Overview of GFv2.

This was a very important release for the GlassFish Server as it was targeted to all levels of deployments. The functionality in the release covered the earlier "Sun Java System Application Server 8.2", including the 5-9's availability, through HADB. The release was covered extensively; a good overview of the release is available at GFv2 Launch Roundup [day 1], [day 2], [day 3], [day 4], [day 5] and [day 6].

The release was made available through Java.Net and Sun.Com. It's a free Right-to-Use release, based on the standard GlassFish Enterprise Support Model Commercial users of earlier releases should look at SJS AS 9.1 Patches.

Release Overview

Major Release, GFv2.

Release Date
September 17, 2007

OBSOLETE. Replaced by GlassFish v2 U1.

Monday Mar 31, 2008

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GF v1 U1) - Patch 4

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GF v1 U1) patch 4 is a commercial (Restricted) patch available as part of Sun's Enterprise Support for GlassFish. It was released in October 2007. See Overview of GFv1.

Release Overview

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GFv1 U1) - File-Based Patch for Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, RHEL and Windows

Patch Ids
• Solaris x86 - [124610-05]
• Solaris SPARC - [124609-05]
• RHEL - [124611-05]
• Windows - [124612-05]

Update Date
October, 25th, 2007

Commercial (for-fee) release with regular bug fixes. This patch for SJS AS 9.0 U1 expands on SJS AS 9.0U1 Patch 3 and includes 9 new key bug fixes.

OBSOLETE. See GFv1U1 Patch 5.

Bugs Fixed in this Patch:

• [6393417] Need to fix findbugs flagged error asap reported from CTS failures for RI
• [6475894] undeploy fails when Symbolic links are used
• [6490722] InvocationException when in Session Listener lifecycle and also in Context initialization lifecycle
• [6492944] Logging Last Resource feature support is required for SpecJ numbersLL
• [6497447] Grizzly connector not able to process once setTcpNoDelay throws an exception (HANGS)
• [6499326] PE 9.0_01 becomes unresponsive after a short time running under load.
• [6504761] Ability of lagging / broken connection to block entire SSL listener
• [6511850] different connections are given to application for a local tx datasource withing a single transaction
• [6519697] Java EE Service Engine fails to process messages
• [6524086] Java EE Service Engine fails to process messages
• [6531676] Mediated write performance fixes
• [6542007] XSLT transforms processing issue
• [6549528] Background jsp compilation for taglib 2.1
• [6559421] Message Listener Interface(MLI) not being picked up for non-jms MDB's when MLI bundled in .rar
• [6562608] Glassfishv1/AS90UR1 hangs when bad HTTP headers are submitted
• [6569427] JSP code exposure on Windows platform
• [6602302] JSF Signaturetests fails do to old version of JSF in Appserver
• [6603717] Need to fix findbugs flagged error asap reported from CTS failures for RI
• [6604671] option to add/remove charset encoding requested (AS9.0)

Useful Links (note: they belong in side-bars):

Patch Page. Commercial Subscription Offering

SJS AS 9.0 U1 (GF v1 U1) - Public Release

GlassFish v1 U1 was released in November 2006 and is a public (no-cost) bug-fixing release that was was aligned with NetBeans 5.5. See Overview of GFv1.

GFv1 U1 is the follow-up to the GlassFish v1 release and is intended to be the final public release of the GlassFish v1 branch, although there are several for-fee (restricted) sustaining releases / patches available as part of Sun's commercial support for GF.

The Sun distribution of GlassFish v1 U1 is Sun Java System Application Server 9.0 U1 and there is full commercial support for it; see GFv1 Overview.

The Java.Net distribution of this release is still available at GFv1 UR1 b14. I can't find a public link to the corresponding build at Sun.Com.

Release Overview

Update Release on GFv1.

Release Date
November, 2006

This is the latest public release of the GF v1 branch. We encourage new users to start directly with the latest GlassFish v2 public release.
Existing commercial customers should use the latest patch (see GFv1 overview) or switch to the GlassFish v2 releases.


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