Monday Apr 27, 2009

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09: What every Oracle Professional needs to know about MySQL

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09 Week of May 3, 2009

I will be presenting two presentations at the IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference in Orlando FL,  the week of May 3rd 2009.   Here is one I have been asked to present.   This presentation is a non-technical presentation talking about MySQL positioning, strengths and strategic directions.

What every Oracle Professional needs to know about MySQL Mon @ 3:45pm - 4:45pm, 240CD

The MySQL open source database continues to increase in popularity with usage estimated at 11 million database servers worldwide. This presentation will help Oracle professionals who are considering the addition of MySQL or just getting started with MySQL:  how the MySQL database can be utilized, MySQL strategy and architecture, and key functionalities.  Similarities and differences between database vendors and best practices will be included. The focus of this presentation is on  helping attendees understand the philosophy, features, benefits and popularity of MySQL.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

On to Collaborate 09 - Orlando, FL

Now that the MySQL conference is over, it's time to focus on the Collaborate 09 Oracle Users conference.   The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) is a user community focused on the technology side of Oracle.   This is an excellent organization to be  a part of if you are an Oracle technology expert.    I will be wrapping up my current term on the Board of Directors after serving two terms.  While serving on the board has been a fantastic experience I am so involved in Oracle HA, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Open Source and Virtual 3D training that my time is being spread too thin so I figured its time to step down from the board.  However, I still plan on staying very involved in the Oracle user community.  I cannot recommend highly enough for someone to get involved in the technology user communities.  In the last few years I have been involved in the following groups and the personal and professional rewards and the ability to give back to the user community has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career.  These groups include:

  • Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)
  • Oracle Fusion Council
  • Oracle Beta Leadership Council

As I step down from the board of directors for the IOUG, I do hope this gives me more time to get involved in the virtual 3D training community, open source user community, ODTUG, Java user community and local Oracle users groups.   My personal interest in Oracle Fusion Middleware that includes Java, Web Services, BPEL, SOA, XML and application servers I am sure is going to take me on some fun journeys over the next year.  Whew, I think I just wore myself out.  :)

As an Oracle DBA for 20 years and an Oracle Ace in the Oracle Fusion middleware technologies I can tell you the IOUG is a great organization to be a part of if you want to maintain your personal technical skills, network with the largest technical Oracle users group and see the top Oracle user community leaders present on Oracle technical topics.

The IOUG at the Collaborate 09 conference is a very important conference for me.   My focus for the last ten years has been focusing on high availability across multiple tiers of the Oracle architecture.  With my background in RAC, Data Guard and Oracle streams and Oracle Fusion Middleware  it is important I maintain my skills and stay in touch with what others are doing.  In the last two years I have gotten involved in high availability across open source tiers of MySQL, Apache and PHP now allows me to talk to customers that are implementing Oracle and open source solutions.  So one of the places I go to sharpen my skills and make sure I am up to speed on what others are doing is to be a part of the IOUG.

I hope to see you at the IOUG conference in Orlando!

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Oracle announcement to purchase Sun makes IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference a very hot ticket

The Oracle announcement to purchase Sun Microsystems makes the  IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference (May 3-7 2009, Orlando FL) a very hot ticket.    The IOUG conference will bring together the top Oracle technology leaders in the user community.    You can expect a lot of great discussions and interactions discussing the potential of the Oracle acquisition with Sun within the Oracle user community.

Oracle and Sun employees cannot discuss the potential of this acquisition, however the top industry leaders in the Oracle user community and Oracle 3rd party vendors and partners will definitely be discussing this interesting news.

The IOUG is the largest Oracle user technology user group in the world.  Whenever you bring the top Oracle technology leaders in the user community you can expect a lot of discussion and interaction between these leaders.   I don't think I've ever gotten more voice mails and emails in one day.   So the buzz is definitely at the highest level.

 This will definitely make the Collaborate 09 conference in Orlando a very dynamic week among the Oracle user community.  The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) can be a very strong  resource to the Sun Microsystems community.  The IOUG focuses on the technology side of Oracle. 

So when you look at some of these areas of the IOUG you can see why the IOUG Collaborate 09 conference just got a lot more exciting:

  • Operating systems, security, storage and all technology components surrounding the Oracle Database Server
  • Oracle Database Server - RAC, Data Guard, Streams, High Availability, Performance Tuning and Backup/Recovery
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware - Java, BPEL, SOA, Web Services, XML, application servers.
  • Identity Management


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