Oracle Sun Strategy Webcast - January 27, 2010

I'll be sharing some thoughts and insights on the Oracle Sun Strategy Webinar.  I've included some information on Product Strategy and  Developer FAQs. Here on Skype with all of my Dolphin teammates.  Through thick and thin we've always stuck together.  The MySQL education team is one of the best groups of people I've ever known.  Great to have teammates you'd always want in your fox hole.

Listening to pre-event music,   waiting for event to start.  Lots of slides of Sun Oracle Exadata storage machines.  Emphasizing the complete solution of Oracle, Fusion Middleware, Business Intelligence, Hardware, Business Applications, etc.  Pre-event music is cool...

Please refer to the Oracle website for confirmation of all details and directions.  This blog only contains my understanding of the Oracle event.

Complete, Open, Integrated Solutions - Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips is starting out discussing Oracle  transforming the industry with complete integrated systems.  Oracle has complete solution from business applications, database, middleware, operating system and hardware.  Better performance, reduce risk, faster deployments. 

Emphasis on re-energizing key Sun products.  Oracle's success rate with acquisitions is pretty incredible.   Will keep the Sun brands and reinvigorate these products.  Oracle wants Sun to be the gold standard for servers.

Oracle will be enhancing it's direct model but looking to strengthen the specialized partner program.  Oracle will be launching a 70 city program to its customers and partners.

Oracle will keep promoting a Java dedicated developer conference.  It will be co-located with Oracle conference. 

Servers, Storage and Microprocessors - John Fowler and Mike Splain

Thousands of engineers at Sun and thousands of engineers at Oracle coming together to maximize how Oracle runs on hardware.   Integrating hardware, operating system, database, business apps and middleware can leverage performance by integrating them.  Sun is an architecture company.

Solaris excels at predictive self healing, fault management, access control and encryption.  Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers and Sun Fire Servers will be emphasized along with the Exadata solution.  Oracle will continue to develop and enhance Solaris.  There is an accelerate roadmap for SPARC.  Will be looking at more detail how to optimize a microprocessor in terms of how a database impacts it's usage.  They are looking at how to make SPARC run Oracle RAC faster. Lots of new chips on the roadmap.

 Flash technology is significantly faster.  Oracle VM can deliver very fast VM solutions with Flash.  

Cindy Reese, Sun/Oracle will be enhancing supply chains.

Oracle Software Strategy - Thomas Kurian

Key software goals.  Expand and expand the Java model. 

Integrate and simply the run time platform for Java.  To invest in Java community.  Almost 10 million developers writing Java code.

Java SE - Deliver Java SE 7 with four things: Modulartion, developer productiviy, multiple langueags, hier performance, support multi-core processors

Hostspot and JRockit are startegic VMs.  to converge best features of both. Run hatively on Hppervisors, Continued support for all leading operating systems.  Modularity to run Java in different profiles.  Glassfish remains the Java EE6 reference platform and departmental focus, Oracle WLS Server is the Enterprise solution.   Weblogic server will continue to be the Enterprise product.

Continue to optimize performance of Java ME.  Abstract new interaction paradigms on mobile devices and optimize performance consumption.  Will extend Java FX to provide unmatched experience for RIAs.  Provide visual designers to build it visually and to get different types of cinematic experiences with high performance.  Will blur the lines with Java script, Java FX, etc.  Will be able to mix and match Java FX with Oracle ADF.

Oracle will continue to invest in NetBeans, will continue to be a lightweight IDE for devs. Focus on Java EE6, Java Me and scripting. Oracle excited about Hudson and will integrate into JDeveloper.  Oracle will also continue to invest in Eclipse.   Oracle SOA Suite continues as strategic SOA and business integration product.  Will continue to invest in JCAPS.  Sun Road Manager will be added to Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle WebCenter Suite will be the strategic Enterprise Portal product.  Oracle will maintain the Sun Glassfish Webspace Server.

Oracle Identity Management suite will be the strategic enterprise platform. Oracle will continue to invest in Sun directory server, for example with embedded devices.   Oracle will be adding Sun technology into the Oracle identity management product.

Discussing speed, scalability of Oracle database servers.  Incredible performance, fault tolerance and self-tuning of storage. 

From Thomas Kurian, "Oracle has crystal clear vision of what to do with Oracle and Sun middleware products." Will be very rapid integration. Oracle knows how to engineer software of scale.

Oracle EM offers management of all Oracle software.  Sun Ops Center manages the Sun hardware and operating system stack.  Oracle will be integrating Oracle EM and Sun Ops Center.

Open source - Edward Screven

Make MySQL better, better support, better part of the Oracle stack.  Will build integrations between MySQL and secure backup, audit vault and Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

Oracle will continue to develop Solaris Containers and Dynamic Domains.

Entire Oracle event filled with lots of enthusiasm, energy and vision for an exciting future.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison speaking now of the advantages of having a complete, open and integrated system across the different layers.  Exadata V2, Flash storage and  Oracle software is example of Sun and Oracle working on a system together and this integration offers tremendous speed and advantages.

Oracle is hiring, not cutting Sun for profitability. 

Solaris will be the platform for a clustered solutions of computers, not just a big high end server . IBM does not have same assets as Oracle.  Oracle scales so much larger.  Oracle has a lot of advantages and IBM is way behind.  iTunes runs on an Oracle Exadata server.


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