Sunday Apr 11, 2010

Virtualization at Collaborate 2010 Oracle Users Conference

Virtualization Bootcamp on Solaris Containers

Virtualization is one of the hottest areas in IT today.  Understanding how to leverage virtualization in database and middleware infrastructures is becoming a fundamental skill for DBAs, Application Server Administrators and System Administrators.  Along with the virtualization events we are hoping to put together an additional expert panel or birds of a feather to see how we can optimize virtualization activities in the user community.  Below are key virtualization events during the week at at the Collaborate 2010 conference.

Sunday April 18, 2010 9:00 - 3:00 pm - Sun Virtualization Technology for Oracle Professionals

Starting virtualization with bang for the conference is this technical deep dive containing key leaders in the user community, Oracle VM and Sun Virtualization groups.  Attendees will learn the benefits of using virtualization to facilitate the management of database and application servers. You will learn the Basic terminology, features, benefits and challenges of virtualization in the Cloud. Key fundamental skills in virtualization through Solaris containers and logical domains. Understanding the new paradigm of virtualization in a database and cloud environment. Multiple demos/labs will develop technical skill and the deep dive will wrap up with a panel of experts.

Key speakers include:

  • George Trujillo - Oracle Corporation
  • Steve Lemme       - Computer Associates
  • Sam Brunacini     - Serverware Corporation
  • Bob Netherton     - Oracle Corporation (Author:  Solaris 10 System Virtualization Essentials)
  • William Leonard - Oracle Corporation (Solaris VM team)

Virtualization during the week at Collaborate 2010

Monday, April 19
10:45 am - 11:45 am     728    Experiences using VM on System z, the Infrastructure of Oracle
10:45 am - 11:45 am     749    Oracle Solaris and Oracle Virtualization

Tuesday, April 20
8:00 am - 9:00 am     1    Oracle RAC on VMware
10:30 - 11:30 am     748    Oracle Virtualization: From Desktop to Data Center
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm     14    Oracle on VMware Customer Case Study
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm     752    Virtualizing Your Application Environment: Which Virtualization Option is Right for You

Wednesday, April 21

8:00 am - 9:00 am     714    Yes, Production Databases Run In Virtualized Environments - Virtualization and the DBA
11:45 am - 12:15 pm     16    Virtualizing your Oracle E-Business Suite Environments
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm     17    VMware and Oracle: A Licensing and Support Overview
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm     432    Virtual Private Database and Using Oracle Application Contexts
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm    732    Understanding, Building and Using Virtualized Oracle/Sun Environments

Saturday Feb 13, 2010

The Journey Continues

I was a leader in the Oracle community who joined MySQL two years ago to learn more about the open source world.  The two years at MySQL were fantastic.   The extraordinary camaraderie, spirit and energy of the company was unbelievable.  I worked with some fantastic people and made a number of life time friends.

On Monday I become a full time employee of Oracle, so I've come full cycle.   Everybody is very excited about the incredible potential of Oracle and Sun and what we are going to accomplish together.   Oracle employees are enthusiastically welcoming Sun and MySQLers into the Oracle family.  

I am really looking forward to continuing my journey.   I look forward to seeing you in RAC, Data Guard, Streams, Oracle Fusion Middlware and MySQL classes.

Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

Oracle Sun Strategy Webcast - January 27, 2010

I'll be sharing some thoughts and insights on the Oracle Sun Strategy Webinar.  I've included some information on Product Strategy and  Developer FAQs. Here on Skype with all of my Dolphin teammates.  Through thick and thin we've always stuck together.  The MySQL education team is one of the best groups of people I've ever known.  Great to have teammates you'd always want in your fox hole.

Listening to pre-event music,   waiting for event to start.  Lots of slides of Sun Oracle Exadata storage machines.  Emphasizing the complete solution of Oracle, Fusion Middleware, Business Intelligence, Hardware, Business Applications, etc.  Pre-event music is cool...

Please refer to the Oracle website for confirmation of all details and directions.  This blog only contains my understanding of the Oracle event.

Complete, Open, Integrated Solutions - Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips is starting out discussing Oracle  transforming the industry with complete integrated systems.  Oracle has complete solution from business applications, database, middleware, operating system and hardware.  Better performance, reduce risk, faster deployments. 

Emphasis on re-energizing key Sun products.  Oracle's success rate with acquisitions is pretty incredible.   Will keep the Sun brands and reinvigorate these products.  Oracle wants Sun to be the gold standard for servers.

Oracle will be enhancing it's direct model but looking to strengthen the specialized partner program.  Oracle will be launching a 70 city program to its customers and partners.

Oracle will keep promoting a Java dedicated developer conference.  It will be co-located with Oracle conference. 

Servers, Storage and Microprocessors - John Fowler and Mike Splain

Thousands of engineers at Sun and thousands of engineers at Oracle coming together to maximize how Oracle runs on hardware.   Integrating hardware, operating system, database, business apps and middleware can leverage performance by integrating them.  Sun is an architecture company.

Solaris excels at predictive self healing, fault management, access control and encryption.  Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers and Sun Fire Servers will be emphasized along with the Exadata solution.  Oracle will continue to develop and enhance Solaris.  There is an accelerate roadmap for SPARC.  Will be looking at more detail how to optimize a microprocessor in terms of how a database impacts it's usage.  They are looking at how to make SPARC run Oracle RAC faster. Lots of new chips on the roadmap.

 Flash technology is significantly faster.  Oracle VM can deliver very fast VM solutions with Flash.  

Cindy Reese, Sun/Oracle will be enhancing supply chains.

Oracle Software Strategy - Thomas Kurian

Key software goals.  Expand and expand the Java model. 

Integrate and simply the run time platform for Java.  To invest in Java community.  Almost 10 million developers writing Java code.

Java SE - Deliver Java SE 7 with four things: Modulartion, developer productiviy, multiple langueags, hier performance, support multi-core processors

Hostspot and JRockit are startegic VMs.  to converge best features of both. Run hatively on Hppervisors, Continued support for all leading operating systems.  Modularity to run Java in different profiles.  Glassfish remains the Java EE6 reference platform and departmental focus, Oracle WLS Server is the Enterprise solution.   Weblogic server will continue to be the Enterprise product.

Continue to optimize performance of Java ME.  Abstract new interaction paradigms on mobile devices and optimize performance consumption.  Will extend Java FX to provide unmatched experience for RIAs.  Provide visual designers to build it visually and to get different types of cinematic experiences with high performance.  Will blur the lines with Java script, Java FX, etc.  Will be able to mix and match Java FX with Oracle ADF.

Oracle will continue to invest in NetBeans, will continue to be a lightweight IDE for devs. Focus on Java EE6, Java Me and scripting. Oracle excited about Hudson and will integrate into JDeveloper.  Oracle will also continue to invest in Eclipse.   Oracle SOA Suite continues as strategic SOA and business integration product.  Will continue to invest in JCAPS.  Sun Road Manager will be added to Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle WebCenter Suite will be the strategic Enterprise Portal product.  Oracle will maintain the Sun Glassfish Webspace Server.

Oracle Identity Management suite will be the strategic enterprise platform. Oracle will continue to invest in Sun directory server, for example with embedded devices.   Oracle will be adding Sun technology into the Oracle identity management product.

Discussing speed, scalability of Oracle database servers.  Incredible performance, fault tolerance and self-tuning of storage. 

From Thomas Kurian, "Oracle has crystal clear vision of what to do with Oracle and Sun middleware products." Will be very rapid integration. Oracle knows how to engineer software of scale.

Oracle EM offers management of all Oracle software.  Sun Ops Center manages the Sun hardware and operating system stack.  Oracle will be integrating Oracle EM and Sun Ops Center.

Open source - Edward Screven

Make MySQL better, better support, better part of the Oracle stack.  Will build integrations between MySQL and secure backup, audit vault and Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

Oracle will continue to develop Solaris Containers and Dynamic Domains.

Entire Oracle event filled with lots of enthusiasm, energy and vision for an exciting future.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison speaking now of the advantages of having a complete, open and integrated system across the different layers.  Exadata V2, Flash storage and  Oracle software is example of Sun and Oracle working on a system together and this integration offers tremendous speed and advantages.

Oracle is hiring, not cutting Sun for profitability. 

Solaris will be the platform for a clustered solutions of computers, not just a big high end server . IBM does not have same assets as Oracle.  Oracle scales so much larger.  Oracle has a lot of advantages and IBM is way behind.  iTunes runs on an Oracle Exadata server.

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Oracle Sun Strategy Webcast

IT Superbowl

Today felt like the day before the super bowl.  With the big Oracle Sun Strategy Webinar and Steve Jobs announcing new products, January 27th feels like the IT super bowl.

Today was an incredibly busy day with all the emails and text messages regarding the Oracle Sun Strategy Webcast tomorrow (Jan 27, 2010).  Lots of energy, anticipation and enthusiasm for the event.  Tomorrow is going to be very busy with Oracle senior management outlining strategic directions with the Sun  acquisition.  I will be online with Skype, IRC, text messages and email with Sun employees, dolphins and customers.  I can't wait to hear the Oracle announcements.  Then from Steve Jobs I will find out if I should be ordering a new Apple.  At end of day I can sit down for some milk and cookies and the US State of the Union.  Definitely a full day. 

 Agenda: Oracle Sun Strategy Webcast

  • 9:00 a.m. Safra Catz: Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Charles Phillips: Oracle + Sun: Transforming the Industry
  • John Fowler: Hardware Strategy
  • Thomas Kurian: Software Strategy
  • Edward Screven: Operating Systems and Virtualization Strategy
  • Juergen Rottler: Customer Service & Support Strategy
  •  12:15 p.m.  Lunch break  
  • 12:45 p.m.  Safra Catz: Software. Hardware. Complete.
  • Larry Ellison

Sunday Jan 24, 2010

Oracle wins unconditional approval from EU for the Sun purchase

Oracle winning the  unconditional approval for the Sun purchase definitely made for an active week.    With Sun employees waiting since last September for the EU approval, it was nice for this step in the process to finally complete.  Sun merchandise has been selling like hotcakes.  Especially the new designs shown last week.  I'm definitely going to need to get a couple of coffee mugs and a tshirt.  Everyone is looking forward for the rest of the acquisition steps to complete and the Oracle/Sun strategy event on January 27, 2010.   The Oracle IOUC meetings happening at Oracle corporate this week should make for a lot of fun discussion among the user groups.

Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

Sitting in on Sun Exadata Storage Engine Class

I recently sat in on a Sun Storage Exadata Storage Engine class focusing on the Sun hardware.   It was great to sit in on a class where you could listen to Sun SEs talk about the hardware and to get their insights.  As a DBA it always helps to have a deeper understanding of the environment surrounding an Oracle database server.

Everything surrounding this design is about incredible speed and scalability.  Databases in general when they need to get a record, actually load an entire block or page into memory. Each block can range from a 2k to a 16k block.   Letting the storage services load the record needed instead of the entire block it resides in is incredibly important in this age of rapidly growing databases.   A few components and features that stand out:

  • Runs on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle 11gR2
  • Smart Flash Cache
  • Infiniband connectivity
  • Excellent redundancy across ports, power supplies, striping, etc.
  • Impressive hybrid columnar compression
  • Query processes done on storage side instead of server side.  Smart scans and storage indexes greatly reduce I/O.
  • Hybrid columnar compression for 10 to 50 times greater data compression
  • Smart Scans on compressed data for even faster query execution
  • Storage Indexes to further reduce disk I/Os
  • Uses ASM for storage
  • Offloading of query processing to storage using Smart Scans

It was fun to listen to debates and discussions on different topics such  as who should manage the ASM storage: Oracle DBAs, storage team or Unix administrators.  :)   Excellent class and instructor.

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Just Got Accepted to the Sun Ambassador Program

Just found out I was invited to join the Sun Ambassador Program.  This is a Center of Excellence group for Sun's application platform that you have to be voted in by your peers, so I am especially excited to be part of the program.

As a leader in the Oracle User Community and an Oracle ACE in the Fusion Middleware area, Oracle DBA for 20 years and MySQL background I hope to use these along with my Sun background in Solaris and Java to provide strong leadership in creating a great environment for exchanging and sharing ideas in Sun Application Platform and middleware space.  Migrations, ETLs, interoperability are all really hot areas among Sun customers and I plan on jumping in with both feet.  :) 


The Application Platform Ambassadors are chartered with evangelizing the unique value created through our application platform architectures and product offerings. The Application Platform Ambassadors will bring together thought leaders to collect, develop and disseminate content, and provide a formal conduit to share ideas, issues, and opportunities with the Application Platform engineering organization with the singular goal of improving Sun's focus and sales growth in this market area.

Application Platform Ambassador Scope

The Application Platform Ambassadors focuses on the following technologies:

  • MySQL
  • Glassfish
  • Java, JavaFX
  • Identity Management

Saturday Nov 21, 2009

Virtualization Bootcamp at Collaborate 10 - April 18, 2010 Las Vegas

Virtualization Bootcamp for Oracle Technology Professionals

Collaborate 10 - Oracle User Conference  April 18, 2010

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Virtualization Bootcamp on Solaris Containers

Presenters: George Trujillo (Sun Microsystems) and Steve Lemme (Computer Associates)


Attendees can bring their own laptop and use a Sun Virtual Box solution on their own machine to configure and manage a Solaris virtualized environment.  A laptop is not required if an attendee would like to watch the workshop demonstrations instead of doing the hands on labs.

Presentation Abstract

In supporting and managing new technology,  administrators and DBAs are increasing virtualized environment deployments with production applications, web servers and databases being moved into them.  Virtualization is one of the  hottest areas in database environments for reducing the total cost of ownership and optimizing operations.   Virtualization offers, speed, flexibility and agility in managing systems, databases, application servers. and applications.  Beyond the driving factors, what do you need to know to be successful in supporting and managing virtualized environments?   Join your peers in this bootcamp designed to help you increase your skills,  learn virtualization fundamentals as well as management essentials.  Virtualization is increasing its role  and is a stepping stone for cloud computing and automation in the data center.


  • Virtualization opportunities and challenges
  • Benefits of virtualization
  • Industry terminology
  • Virtualization role in Cloud Computing
  • Types of virtualization technology available
  • Server consolidation
  • Working with virtualization technology such as Sun Solaris Containers, Logical Domains,  Zones, VMware and Oracle VM
  • Virtualization architectures
  • Set up and migration to a VM
  • Configuring a Solaris Zone
  • Zone administration and management
  • Creating backups in zone environments
  • Migrating a zone
  • Installing packages in zones
  • Configuring zone resources
  • Database considerations in a VM environment
  • Database management through virtualization
  • Cloning databases
  • Database backups in a VM
  • High availability in a VM environment
  • Testing and deployment
  • Essential roles and skills for virtualized envionments
  • Virtualization management
  • Virtualization best practices

Learning Objective 1

Industry trends, terminology, features, challenges and benefits of virtualization

Learning Objective 2

Key fundamental skills in virtualization through Solaris containers and logical domains.

Learning Objective 3

The opportunity virtualization and cloud computing provides and how you can take advantage in your own project work


A background in database and/or Unix operating systems.


Some of the technical topics may be modified as we get closer to the bootcamp start date to make sure the latest information is covered.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009

Received the Socrates Award

I recently received the Socrates award from the MySQL education team.   As a "maven"  I took special pride in the award.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

The Importance of Peripheral DBA Skills

At I've written a blog on the importance of peripheral DBA skills. In the Solaris world, the following peripheral skills are very helpful for managing database environments:
  • Solaris administration.
  • ZFS.
  • Containers and Zones.
  • Dtrace.
  • Application Servers - knowledge of Oracle, Apache, JBoss, LightHTTP, connection pooling, etc.
  • Monitoring skills - OEM, Enterprise Monitor, Nagios, Cacti, etc.
  • Ability to support developers - PHP, Java, .NET.
  • Networking skills.
  • Storage.
From my perspective, the one area DBAs should learn more about is in storage.  It's not about being a storage expert, its about understanding the basics and being able to communicate with storage teams and system administrators.

MySQL DBA Training Team One of Best in Industry

The MySQL training team I would challenge as being one of the best training teams in the IT industry.  In terms of experience, communication skills, camaraderie, focusing on team goals and building a great working team they are incredible.   This team grew out of the MySQL and open source culture that was built with great management and a very profitable training model.  This culture was based on working together, sharing and being humble.    It's been great to see in today's wild corporate world that there are still companies out there that can build a culture than can bring out the best in individuals and teams.

It's been an amazing run of putting together a Swedish corporate culture with team members from Germany, Sweden, Finland, United States, China, etc. to build one of the best teams in the industry.

I would highly recommend any organization focused on building a highly profitable training organization look at the training model that was put together by MySQL.  This model shows that putting a very heavy emphasis on building a quality organization versus just trying to deliver training at the lowest price still makes a difference to customers.

Important Sun Blogs for Oracle and MySQL DBAs

Here are some outstanding blog sites that I would highly recommend for DBAs to visit.  Thanks Rick, Yousuf, Satyajit and everybody for sharing.

Friday May 08, 2009

Oracle DBA's Journey in the Sun Comes Full Cycle

An Oracle DBA's Future is So Bright They've Got to Wear Shades

As an Oracle DBA (18 years) focused on enterprise management (OEM) across the Oracle Infrastructure  (Database Server and Fusion Middleware) I ventured into open source with MySQL and joined MySQL AB.   With the Sun acquisition of MySQL and the possible Oracle acquisition of Sun I will have come full cycle.  I am so excited about the potential merging of Oracle and Sun technologies. In terms of sharing knowledge  I feel it is important to write some white papers on performance tuning Solaris platforms for database servers.  Solaris has a number of very cool features for optimizing and diagnosing database servers.

So my continued journey into the Sun is going to take into some areas that maximize my background:

  • Unix/Solaris/Red Hat administration for 20 years back to the SunOS days.
  • Oracle Database Server High Availability (RAC, Data Guard, Streams).
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (J2EE, BPEL, SOA, XML, Web Services, Oracle Business Rules).
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (Grid Control).

So I plan on writing some white papers and blogs focusing on the following areas of Sun technology:

  • Containers and Zones.
  • Solaris optimization for Oracle.
  • ZFS best practices for Oracle.
  • Dtrace for DBAs.
If anyone has any additional areas they would like to learn about related to Solaris and database servers let me know.

Wednesday May 06, 2009

3D Teaming Project in Second Life

 I am excited about joining a 3D teaming event on how teams work in Second Life.   I have been teaching technology classes for over 12 years and was amazed with how much I learned in our first event meeting.   A lot of great things stood out in this event that I will be able to take about to my professional job.

I thought this event by Duke was extremely well organized.  I was very impressed with the professionalism and skill of our facilitators and coaches.

Tuesday May 05, 2009

Collaborate 09 - George Trujillo

Most of my blog entries this week are going to be at  since I'm at the Collaborate 09 Users conference.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

What every Unix/Linux administrator needs to know about MySQL: Sun Solaris Campus Event

Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus 

This virtual world presentation will be delivered at the Sun Microsystems Islands on the Solaris Campus.  Here I'm chilling at the Solaris Campus on one of the Sun virtual islands.

Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus

The MySQL open source database continues to increase in popularity with usage estimated at 12 million database servers worldwide. This presentation will help Unix/Linux and storage management administrators  understand the reasons for the growing popularity of MySQL.  Topics will include:

  • Positioning MySQL in the database market.
  • How is MySQL different than
  • Understanding the MySQL architecture.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of MySQL.
  • Key features of MySQL.
  • Understanding the storage engine story in MySQL.
  • MySQL strategic directions.

The focus of this presentation is on  helping attendees understand the philosophy, features, benefits and popularity of MySQL.

Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators: Sun Solaris Campus Event

Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus  May 5, 2009  9:00 am PDT

This virtual world presentation will be delivered at the Sun Microsystems Islands on the Solaris Campus.   Information on the SL Solaris campus can be found at  The SLURL is:


Here I'm visiting the Solaris Certification Center.

Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators

George Trujillo (Ty Valdez) and Steve Jones will be presenting a Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators the week of  May 4, 2009 in Second Life.  This presentation is a very detailed technical presentation designed for experienced Unix/Linux administrators to understand installation, configuration and management of MySQL on Solaris platforms.  MySQL best practices along with Solaris features that can leverage database management such as ZFS will be included.  Topics will include:

  • Strategies for laying out database servers on Solaris (Unix/Linux) platforms.
  • Understanding the MySQL architecture.
  • Installing MySQL using MOCA (GOCA) for best practices.
  • Starting and stopping the MySQL database server.
  • Top ten things to configure after creating a MySQL database server.
  • Using MySQL with ZFS.
  • Managing MySQL on a Solaris platform.

Monday Apr 27, 2009

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09: Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09 Week of May 3, 2009

I will be presenting two presentations at the IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference in Orlando FL,  the week of May 3rd 2009.   Here is one I have been asked to present.   This presentation is a very detailed technical presentation designed for experienced Oracle professionals to get an understanding of the MySQL database server under the hood.

Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers Tues @ 9:45am - 10:45am, 224A

George Trujillo continues his popular demystifying series that started with Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middleware, to now include a MySQL demystifying series.    This presentation will use George's MOCA best practices blueprint for installing, configuring and tuning a MySQL database server.  This fast paced detailed technical presentation will cover:  MySQL Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Key Features, Security, MySQL Tools, Storage Engines, transactional capabilities and strategic directions.  This is a can't miss presentation for any Oracle DBA wanting to understand MySQL.

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09: What every Oracle Professional needs to know about MySQL

George Trujillo at Collaborate 09 Week of May 3, 2009

I will be presenting two presentations at the IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference in Orlando FL,  the week of May 3rd 2009.   Here is one I have been asked to present.   This presentation is a non-technical presentation talking about MySQL positioning, strengths and strategic directions.

What every Oracle Professional needs to know about MySQL Mon @ 3:45pm - 4:45pm, 240CD

The MySQL open source database continues to increase in popularity with usage estimated at 11 million database servers worldwide. This presentation will help Oracle professionals who are considering the addition of MySQL or just getting started with MySQL:  how the MySQL database can be utilized, MySQL strategy and architecture, and key functionalities.  Similarities and differences between database vendors and best practices will be included. The focus of this presentation is on  helping attendees understand the philosophy, features, benefits and popularity of MySQL.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Working with a Great Team

One of the great personal rewards in a career is the ability to work with a great team.   I have been extremely fortunate to work with some fantastic teams in my career, but one of the best teams I have ever worked with is the MySQL training team.  It's hard to describe this team without getting corny.  Our MySQL training team has great leadership, incredible camaraderie, selfless team members always focused on the goals of the team along with incredible and unique talent.  On the business side this team has been extremely profitable and focused on business objectives.

When I look at how this great team was created, I have seen a number of very unique events that occurred to create this great team.  It's like building a great sword.  A great sword requires the best materials, the ability to put the materials together in exactly the right way, a love and passion for excellence and a master sword builder to create it.  Our team had all of this.   The ingredients included:

  • A great vision by the MySQL leadership (Marten, Ulf, and Marc).
  • A Swedish culture mixed with cultures from around the world that is humble, believes in challenging the status quo and the importance of speaking up and voicing your opinion.
  • A passion for creating and maintaining excellence (Marc).
  • Great ingredients (unbelievably talented team members).
  • A selfless team that is completely focused on team goals and keeping the focus on team goals and not just individual goals.
  • The ability to excel (extremely high profit margins and one of most successful training models in the technology industry).
  • Tight integration of courseware development, sales and delivery.
  • Constant practices and methods in place to always demonstrate that the company is committed to high quality and excellence.   This I felt was one of the most important ones.  All companies say they are about high quality.  Great teams are part of organizations where they see the commitment to maintaining high quality.

There are great teams in Sun and in other companies.   I would be extremely interested in learning and sharing ideas and thoughts of how great teams are put together and maintained.  During the Collaborate 09 conference next week I plan on talking to a number of user community leaders and getting their insights on great teams and how they were created.

On to Collaborate 09 - Orlando, FL

Now that the MySQL conference is over, it's time to focus on the Collaborate 09 Oracle Users conference.   The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) is a user community focused on the technology side of Oracle.   This is an excellent organization to be  a part of if you are an Oracle technology expert.    I will be wrapping up my current term on the Board of Directors after serving two terms.  While serving on the board has been a fantastic experience I am so involved in Oracle HA, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Open Source and Virtual 3D training that my time is being spread too thin so I figured its time to step down from the board.  However, I still plan on staying very involved in the Oracle user community.  I cannot recommend highly enough for someone to get involved in the technology user communities.  In the last few years I have been involved in the following groups and the personal and professional rewards and the ability to give back to the user community has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career.  These groups include:

  • Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)
  • Oracle Fusion Council
  • Oracle Beta Leadership Council

As I step down from the board of directors for the IOUG, I do hope this gives me more time to get involved in the virtual 3D training community, open source user community, ODTUG, Java user community and local Oracle users groups.   My personal interest in Oracle Fusion Middleware that includes Java, Web Services, BPEL, SOA, XML and application servers I am sure is going to take me on some fun journeys over the next year.  Whew, I think I just wore myself out.  :)

As an Oracle DBA for 20 years and an Oracle Ace in the Oracle Fusion middleware technologies I can tell you the IOUG is a great organization to be a part of if you want to maintain your personal technical skills, network with the largest technical Oracle users group and see the top Oracle user community leaders present on Oracle technical topics.

The IOUG at the Collaborate 09 conference is a very important conference for me.   My focus for the last ten years has been focusing on high availability across multiple tiers of the Oracle architecture.  With my background in RAC, Data Guard and Oracle streams and Oracle Fusion Middleware  it is important I maintain my skills and stay in touch with what others are doing.  In the last two years I have gotten involved in high availability across open source tiers of MySQL, Apache and PHP now allows me to talk to customers that are implementing Oracle and open source solutions.  So one of the places I go to sharpen my skills and make sure I am up to speed on what others are doing is to be a part of the IOUG.

I hope to see you at the IOUG conference in Orlando!

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

MySQL Users Conference 2009 - Day Two Another Big Announcement

The Continuing Disruption in the Database Industry:

Everyone recognizes the tremendous growth and adoption of the MySQL Database Server in the marketplace.   On the second day of the MySQL Users Conference 2009 in Santa Clara, CA , the power of combining Sun expertise with MySQL innovation has been shown to the IT industry.  Today Sun Microsystems introduces the MySQL 5.4 performance release.   Sun and MySQL teams have addressed all the doomsayers and analysts spreading FUD with an exciting new version of MySQL.  This release includes some excellent patches from the user community showing the continuing importance of the MySQL user community.

Key Features of the MySQL 5.4 Release 

Performance benchmarks have shown  MySQL 5.4 to run up to 60% faster than 5.1. Some of the key new features of this performance and scalability release include:

  • Architecture enhancements to support significant increase in scalability supporting up to 16-way x86 servers and 64-way CMT servers.
  • Improved default configuration out of the box.  Default parameters are much better initial values.
  • Significantly improved locking concurrency capability with InnoDB.
  • Improved metadata with enhancements to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.
  • Key performance additions to subqueries and joins improving performance up to 90% for some queries.
  • Enhanced diagnostics with Dtrace runtime monitoring.
  • Expanded SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS output.
  • Performance optimizations to leverage MySQL on Solaris.
  • New performance status variables.
  • Configurable read (INNODB_READ_IO_THREADS) and write threads (INNODB_WRITE_IO_THREADS) allow MySQL to leverage hardware capability.
  • Significantly enhanced I/O with InnoDB.
  • Improvement of stored procedures with SIGNAL and RESIGNAL additions.
Initial releases support Solaris, MacOS and Free BSD.  MySQL 5.4 will be available in the future to Solaris, MacOS, popular versions of Linux, Free BSD, HP-UX and AIX.

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Oracle announcement to purchase Sun makes IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference a very hot ticket

The Oracle announcement to purchase Sun Microsystems makes the  IOUG Collaborate 09 Conference (May 3-7 2009, Orlando FL) a very hot ticket.    The IOUG conference will bring together the top Oracle technology leaders in the user community.    You can expect a lot of great discussions and interactions discussing the potential of the Oracle acquisition with Sun within the Oracle user community.

Oracle and Sun employees cannot discuss the potential of this acquisition, however the top industry leaders in the Oracle user community and Oracle 3rd party vendors and partners will definitely be discussing this interesting news.

The IOUG is the largest Oracle user technology user group in the world.  Whenever you bring the top Oracle technology leaders in the user community you can expect a lot of discussion and interaction between these leaders.   I don't think I've ever gotten more voice mails and emails in one day.   So the buzz is definitely at the highest level.

 This will definitely make the Collaborate 09 conference in Orlando a very dynamic week among the Oracle user community.  The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) can be a very strong  resource to the Sun Microsystems community.  The IOUG focuses on the technology side of Oracle. 

So when you look at some of these areas of the IOUG you can see why the IOUG Collaborate 09 conference just got a lot more exciting:

  • Operating systems, security, storage and all technology components surrounding the Oracle Database Server
  • Oracle Database Server - RAC, Data Guard, Streams, High Availability, Performance Tuning and Backup/Recovery
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware - Java, BPEL, SOA, Web Services, XML, application servers.
  • Identity Management

Oracle announcement starts MySQL Users Conference with a bang!

Oracle's announcement of its intention to purchase Sun Microsystetms definitely started the MySQL Users conference with a bang.    The MySQL conference is always one of the best conferences to attend for the year, so people attending will definitely be having a lot of discussions and interactions. 

It will make it very interesting to have a number of the open source leaders all together for the conference to exchange a lot of ideas.  Some of the most exciting conversations are definitely going to be occurring this week.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

Oracle agrees to buy Sun!

Today's announcement that Oracle has agreed to buy Sun does not come as a surprise to anyone. 

  • Oracle announcement:
  • Sun announcement:

I really can't speculate or offer an opinion at this time.   However, there are a lot of insights offered by the industry analysts that are an interesting read.

For me personally this acquisition is great news if this moves forward.   It brings together the two company's technologies where I have spent most of my career working with.

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Corporate Cultures

An organization's corporate culture has a very strong impact on the success of an organization through the values, beliefs, work ethic, camaraderie,  decision making, behaviors and interactions of people.  Through my career I have seen a number of different corporate cultures.[Read More]

Career Day for Kids

Career days for kids can be an incredible experience for all participants.[Read More]

Friday Feb 27, 2009

Sun's Strategy is Working and the Growth is Exciting!

The potential for Sun's open source strategy has incredible potential if implemented successfully.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Sun Second Life: New MySQL Campus space coming soon.

Sun's activities in Second Life continue to evolve and mature.   Next on the list is a Second Life campus for MySQL.[Read More]

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Open Source a Continuing Explosion

Sun's strategy is working with open source.  Open source offers tremendous revenue opportunities for Sun and significant cost savings for customers.   I am seeing a constant explosion of open source everywhere I go.   I not only see more companies looking at using MySQL but lots of organizations are looking at open source solutions for all kinds of areas where they previously used proprietary software.   Here is a great list of open source solutions.

[Read More]

This blog is my perspective of Sun in relation to Oracle, MySQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Education and Virtual Reality platforms. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


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