SOA Suite Performance & Tuning in Private Cloud

By Vishal Mehra, Director, Cloud Computing, Oracle Consulting

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Last month I described how Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) is making the cloud journey relevant. Our Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) offering produces a menu of available services complete with descriptions of standard business functions, service level guarantees, and costs. As a result, enterprises such as 7-Eleven have the agility to provision innovative applications within just 10 minutes.

Rapid application deployment is only one of many benefits of IT transformation in the cloud. Another is the testing and tuning of an enterprise solution at the speed of digital business. Let me highlight what OCS can now accomplish through the SOA Suite Performance & Tuning for application performance improvements.

Deep Expertise with SOA Performance and Tuning

To begin with, OCS has extensive expertise with SOA performance and tuning services, experience honed from delivering thousands of Oracle SOA projects over the past 17 years. Running across multiple systems and interconnected over distributed networks, SOA services must be carefully tuned to deliver expected business functionality at enterprise scale.

OCS consultants focus on the testing and deployment of SOA environments. Relying on Oracle Enterprise Manager’s comprehensive management solution for Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and non-Oracle middleware technology, OCS consultants conduct performance monitoring, robust diagnostics, configuration management and lifecycle management across middleware software stack.

Leveraging multiple management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), SOA Management Pack (SOA), Weblogic Management Pack (WLM), Database Lifecycle Management Pack (DBLM) , Business Transaction Management (BTM), Application Dependency and Performance (ADP), JVM Diagnostics (JVMD),and JVM Diagnostics as a Service , our experts analyze and determine bottlenecks in mission-critical business processes. Consultants can ensure the full value of a customer’s investment in the Oracle SOA Suite by reviewing the implementation against the best practices, even as they still need to build and maintain a testing environment separate from the customer’s production environment.

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of the web applications, web services, packaged Oracle applications and Oracle databases utilized in the Oracle lab to manage customer application testing process, validate application functionality, and ensure that applications will perform under load.

A Cloud-Powered Testing Environment

This is where MWaaS makes a difference for performance assessments, tuning, and the business bottom line. The standardized business functions defined by the menu of available services, are essential for rapid provisioning, and are also useful for creating a testing environment through the cloud.

Usually in less than one day, OCS can snapshot and clone a customer’s SOA implementation in an Oracle lab. This snapshot includes:

  • Application servers
  • Applications
  • Configuration files
  • Test data

OCS consultants can test and tune the implementation in a controlled environment, without requiring test environments to be set up by the customer. Consultants utilize specialize testing tools in the lab while having the ability to check parameters and settings running in the production environment as needed.

As part of the SOA Suite Performance & Tuning, OCS consultants ensure that the components work well together in predefined combinations. They can run the full Oracle Unified Method Performance and Tuning Process with customizable workflow and supplemental task guidance. They can stress test the application to accommodate different loads and spikes, as well as monitor end-to-end transaction flows across various systems, services, network protocols, and database access routines.

Rapid Tuning and Refactoring for Business Results

Utilizing OATS, OCS consultants have access to very detailed analysis tools and metrics. When they spot issues within the test environment, these consultants can tune and refactor components to optimize performance. For example, in one case, after three weeks of testing and tuning the application in the lab, OCS was able to increase performance by a factor of 30 for average workloads, and a factor of 70 for peak workloads.

Finally, once they have achieved their desired performance goals, OCS consultants cloned and redeployed the tuned-up environment back into the customer’s environment. The menu of available services available through the cloud works both ways. The customer’s environment benefits from the standardization of components running in the Oracle lab.

In short, SOA testing and tuning is a key benefit of the cloud journey. Through SOA Suite Performance & Tuning, delivered as a middleware service, the metrics can drive the SOA performance assessment. With the right measures in hand, OCS has the technical expertise and know-how to rapidly refactor and redeploy a SOA environment for digital business.


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