Tuesday May 05, 2015

Are you ready to take advantage of Digital Innovation?

By Jo Pugh, Senior Director, Oracle Consulting

As we all know, innovation in IT continues to accelerate exponentially, so how do you deliver these improvements to your business? A business who wants their ideas delivered faster and believes that without them they may not be able to stay ahead of the competition!

A very good report by Forrester highlights that very few organizations are ready!

Using an analogy from another industry. When you last bought a car what convinced you to buy one car over another? I guess it was because one had an innovation that the other didn’t. Maybe it was engine efficiency, maybe new styling or simply that it had a DAB radio and you could listen to a clearer signal on your drive to work each morning.

But what do you think happens to cars and manufacturers that do not deliver innovation?

Back to the IT industry, how are IT vendors and integrators reacting to this demand for greater innovation?

  • Most are trying to convince you that to innovate with speed you need to move to a single, integrated platform.
  • Whether it is based on Oracle’s Digital Business Platform Reference Architecture or a solution from one of Oracle’s partners, it is well documented that migrating to such a platform is the only way to deliver an environment that supports the speed that a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer or Chief Operating Officer demands.

Now that there is broad agreement amongst vendors and integrators that a common platform is needed, what is important is that you engage with a partner who can deliver a complete platform. Whether On-premise or in the Cloud, whether application, platform or infrastructure driven, you need to decide if your partner can deliver such a solution with minimal points of failure. Put simply, a platform in which you have to manage and integrate multiple vendors and products is incompatible with delivering innovation at speed.

Now is the time to reduce the number of vendors and consider if you have the right partner to help you deliver Digital Innovation.

From a business perspective, Customer Experience (CX) is changing and improving the levels of service that you can provide to your customers, Social is changing how you interact with your customers, Mobile is providing customers with 24/7 access to your organization and enabling you to develop new customer interactions, Big Data is providing access to analysis that you never thought was possible and Cloud is enabling your organization to divert IT costs to other areas of the business.

While some organizations, like the UK retailer Tesco, have publically facing Labs looking at these and other IT innovations, many do not. So how do you get started?

Oracle’s Digital Business Platform Reference Architecture takes all of these innovations and shows how they are integrated, not just with other innovations, but also with more traditional solutions, like ERP, HCM, SOA, BI and Document Management. Oracle’s own Consulting team is using this same reference architecture to build prototypes for customers, so not only can you see how innovation can be faster on a common platform, but you can see these innovations in practice.

Remember, to innovate fast, now and in the future – choose a vendor that provides a common Digital Platform, with few points of failure and a team who can help showcase your innovations and importantly help you to rapidly move them into production.

What to know more? Connect with me via LinkedIn or contact your local Oracle Consulting office. 

Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Large Government Agency implements Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to improve Customer Service

By Keerti Deshpande

The sum total of all the interactions a customer has with your brand during their customer lifecycle has become the critical differentiator in today’s hyper competitive, hyper connected Global Marketplace. By monitoring quality across multiple channels, organisations can learn from their customer interactions, leading to better decision making, service and processes. The monitoring, measuring and managing of performance and service quality must remain a priority – but the “voice of the customer” analytics, across multiple channels – is just as important.

Large Government Agency implements Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to Improve Customer Service

A large government agency in Europe, recently replaced legacy systems with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service for more than 3,000 employees to deliver improved services to distinct customer groups and to organizations, including solicitors, financial organizations, and estate agents.

It was key to capture all customer interactions and information in a central resource to gain a better understanding of customer behavior and requirements, including queries regarding property ownership as well as maintain customer satisfaction throughout the project.

As the customer’s Commercial and Customer director quotes, ‘With Oracle RightNow Cloud Service we are seeking to dramatically enhance our knowledge and understanding of our customers to deliver an improved, more consistent customer experience’.

This implementation was successfully managed by Oracle Consulting on time and on budget. Oracle Consulting delivered a successful project within very tight delivery timelines, including a complete rollout within just one month. Oracle Consulting used RightNow Project Methodology to deliver Oracle RightNow using a standard, phased approach.

This is one of many such examples where Oracle Consulting values the “voice of the customer” and maintains customer satisfaction by meeting customer-specific requirements with Oracle RightNow Cloud service. For more information, visit Oracle RightNow Cloud Service page.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

A Roadmap to Cloud Computing

On the roadmap to Cloud computing, there are any number of HCM deployment and product options. Successful HR leaders are finding out that getting to the cloud is not a big bang approach but rather a well thought out roadmap. Find out what solutions innovative organizations deploy to achieve value quickly.


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Thursday Apr 09, 2015

Moving at the Speed of SaaS – Especially for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

By Rich Isola

Moving at the Speed of SaaS – Especially for SMBs

I get great satisfaction when a plan comes together. Oracle Consulting recently launched a new packaged solution that will help make you a hero and an innovator. You can deploy modern Oracle HCM Cloud applications in a few weeks and with an investment that should meet nearly any budget.

The package is called Oracle Cloud Express for Human Capital Management and it works for SMB customers that want to adopt pre-configured, best practice processes. Larger organizations should consider the package for a pilot deployment.

There is something in it for everyone.

Employees and managers get an easy-to-use modern world-class HR application and best-practice business processes that create amazing employee experiences and better enable meaningful careers.

  • Business leaders receive tools to optimize their most important asset – their employees
  • Executives gain confidence that they are positioning their organization with a robust HR solution that will include proven processes that achieve fast time to value.
  • Implementation project teams obtain a clear path to success with minimal time and effort.

How Fast?

We are talking weeks – not months to deploy. One SMB customer in the Oil & Gas industry recently went from start to go-live on the Oracle Cloud Express Solution for Talent and Succession in only four weeks.

If you need to integrate with an Oracle or non-Oracle HR system, we have a package for that as well. It is called a “Co-exist Express Solution” and can be deployed in as little as three to four weeks. We do so by using a proprietary method and tool set created by Oracle Consulting, which standardizes and automates many aspects of the data conversion and integration process.

Next Steps

Oracle Consulting wants to partner with you to help drive success. Please contact your Consulting Sales Representative today to learn more about Oracle Cloud Express Solutions or visit oracle.com/hcm.

Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

Turn Digital Disruption to Your Advantage

Today, cloud, big data, and mobile are transforming the modern business environment. CIOs and CMOs now have the tools and business process to change how their company interacts with their customers, how they manage their business and, just as importantly, how they innovate.

According to Forrester, 73% of companies have a Digital Strategy but only 19% think they have the right technology. Failure to deliver on a successful digital strategy may result in missed benefits, increased costs and a loss in competitive ranking.

Join Oracle experts for a thought-provoking video on how Oracle can Turn Digital Disruption to your Advantage starting today!

Monday Apr 06, 2015

Aggressive Data

By Petr Hosek, www.linkedin.com/in/phosek

We live in times when bold and aggressive statements bear more weight than real deeds. This is also valid for the Big Data world. We hear loud proclamations from players - who just encapsulated a bit of open source code and brought it to the market – how they will save the world!

The trouble is – the majority of these new tools serve usually one purpose: Fast data only. Or web-clicks only. Or Social posts only. Also, most of the new types of data are of low density – that means the ratio between the valuable information and the physical amount of data it is hidden in is rather low.

However, let us take a step back: Where is the most valuable information stored today? It is clearly in relational database systems! With data typically created through enterprise applications, the information density of RDBMS is incomparably higher!

When you discuss today’s major challenges in data and information management, one of the top tickets is data silos! And creating additional ones for big data (social posts; sensory data; location data, etc.) sounds like the worst nightmare to many CIOs!

As a result, the holy grail of Big Data is therefore not to work with the new sorts of data in isolation, but to connect the unstructured or semi-structured data with the existing relational data. In other words, the game is not about Big Data, it is about All Data!

We will for sure see in future a few distinctive data platforms that are tuned for certain type of data. As of today, three of them are clear leaders. RDBMS with its robustness and functionality will doubtlessly sustain its central role in Information management. And we will see more and more data stored on NoSQL and Hadoop stacks. Hence, a typical corporation will entertain a combination of different platforms for a cost-effective store, and will use tools that allow to connect, combine and to correlate all these data no matter where they reside.

In-memory database technology will merge the two traditional data worlds of today, Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing. And we will see more and more tools that encompass the all above mentioned platforms; Oracle Big Data SQL being an example.

Let me finish with a small hint: Whenever you think about Big Data, even if you want to start with a small isolated pilot, always think about a long-term picture and that undoubtedly means about All Data!

To learn more about Oracle’s approach to All Data Information management, read this white paper.

Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

Emdeon Gains Significant Savings and Increases Innovation

With assistance from Oracle Consulting and Oracle Enterprise Architects, Emdeon was able to achieve significant cost savings while dramatically increasing innovation.

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Monday Mar 23, 2015

Improving Sales Is Easier Than You Think

Did you know that 57% of the purchasing process is over before customers ever talk to your sales team?

To increase sales and optimize efficiency, modern sales requires fast and easy tools, mobile productivity, insightful and collaborative selling and an aggressive pipeline. In this informative video find out how to quickly and cost effectively adopt a modern sales solution with reduced costs and minimal risk.

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Monday Mar 16, 2015

How to Avoid Cloud Connection Headaches

How to Avoid Cloud Connection Headaches

Connecting in the cloud makes good business sense. Connections are everywhere. More are coming every day. Inaccurate BI and out of date customer profiles are just a few headaches that can occur from non-standard connection practices.

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Wednesday Mar 11, 2015

Get Smart About SaaS and Cloud

Not all SaaS cloud providers are equal. In fact, some haven't modernized their CRM cloud, their HR cloud or their ERP cloud applications in ages. 21st century cloud technology is changing rapidly. Even the definition of cloud computing is morphing into a more advanced version. It is important to know what questions to ask about modern cloud best practices. Find out 3 important questions you should ask your software as a service cloud provider.

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Monday Mar 09, 2015

Are you leveraging Oracle's database innovations for Cloud and Big Data?

Join Tom Kyte, Oracle Database Architect, and others in the Database Innovation Online Forum on March 18, to learn what’s new in Oracle Database 12c along with the top reasons customer choose Oracle including best practices for optimal performance and availability.

Following the keynote, access any of the 10 breakout sessions, with content specifically designed for:

  • Senior IT Management
  • DBAs
  • Enterprise Architects

Register Now.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

How Government Agencies Are Using Social Media to Engage Communities

by Michael Meldeau, Director - Oracle Consulting

How Government Agencies Using Social Media to Engage Communities

I recently read an interesting post that explained how public sector agencies are using social media to help build brands that reflect the true value of their services and counter the perceptions created through high profile "worst case" news stories found in traditional media.

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Monday Mar 02, 2015

Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?


Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?

by Carlos Gonzalez, Consulting Sales Director - SaaS Business Group, Oracle Consulting

We are constantly hearing about the Internet of Things, Cloud Adoption, Big Data and the huge innovation these technologies represent to businesses. But no matter what you call it, Digital Disruption is real and it’s here to stay. (more)

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

Large Oil and Gas Company on the Fast Track to Attracting Better Talent

by Wendy Leslie, Director of Services Marketing, Oracle Consulting

Large Oil and Gas Company on the Fast Track to Attracting Better Talent

The demand for skilled workers is on the rise. By 2020, companies will be looking to fill 85 million jobs. Studies show that companies that can successfully retain employees will not only survive but they will al so win.

Recently, an independent oil and gas company decided to replace its outdated talent review and succession processes and tools with a modern Oracle HCM for Talent Management in the Cloud. Previously, the company went live on Goal Management in 2012 and Performance Management in 2013. This resulted in significant improvements in its talent review meetings and increased efficiencies when integrating performance and goal data into Oracle Talent Review.

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Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

Managing Public Sector Social Media

by Eliot A. Jardines, Strategic Business Consulting Senior Director

Managing Public Sector Social Media

Social media engagement for public sector organizations presents some unique challenges, as well as an unprecedented means of effective citizen engagement. First, the legal, regulatory and political implications of social media postings can have lasting implications requiring proper vetting by the organization’s leadership and public affairs office. Any public sector social media solution should facilitate a governance process to ensure social media postings are keeping with organizational goals and policy, as well as in good taste. Recent examples of the need for public sector governance of social media postings include the British Embassy in Washington, DC is perceived as celebrating the anniversary of the War of 1812, the London Luton Airport seems to make light of a plane crash in Boston which claimed the life of a child and the often cited #mynypd fiasco. Much like the Hippocratic Oath requires doctors “to abstain from doing harm” so must the governance structure for public sector social media ensure postings advance the agency’s mission and instill public confidence.

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