Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

How Government Agencies Are Using Social Media to Engage Communities

by Michael Meldeau, Director - Oracle Consulting

How Government Agencies Using Social Media to Engage Communities

I recently read an interesting post that explained how public sector agencies are using social media to help build brands that reflect the true value of their services and counter the perceptions created through high profile "worst case" news stories found in traditional media.

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Monday Mar 02, 2015

Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?


Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?

by Carlos Gonzalez, Consulting Sales Director - SaaS Business Group, Oracle Consulting

We are constantly hearing about the Internet of Things, Cloud Adoption, Big Data and the huge innovation these technologies represent to businesses. But no matter what you call it, Digital Disruption is real and it’s here to stay. (more)

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

Large Oil and Gas Company on the Fast Track to Attracting Better Talent

by Wendy Leslie, Director of Services Marketing, Oracle Consulting

Large Oil and Gas Company on the Fast Track to Attracting Better Talent

The demand for skilled workers is on the rise. By 2020, companies will be looking to fill 85 million jobs. Studies show that companies that can successfully retain employees will not only survive but they will al so win.

Recently, an independent oil and gas company decided to replace its outdated talent review and succession processes and tools with a modern Oracle HCM for Talent Management in the Cloud. Previously, the company went live on Goal Management in 2012 and Performance Management in 2013. This resulted in significant improvements in its talent review meetings and increased efficiencies when integrating performance and goal data into Oracle Talent Review.

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Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

Managing Public Sector Social Media

by Eliot A. Jardines, Strategic Business Consulting Senior Director

Managing Public Sector Social Media

Social media engagement for public sector organizations presents some unique challenges, as well as an unprecedented means of effective citizen engagement. First, the legal, regulatory and political implications of social media postings can have lasting implications requiring proper vetting by the organization’s leadership and public affairs office. Any public sector social media solution should facilitate a governance process to ensure social media postings are keeping with organizational goals and policy, as well as in good taste. Recent examples of the need for public sector governance of social media postings include the British Embassy in Washington, DC is perceived as celebrating the anniversary of the War of 1812, the London Luton Airport seems to make light of a plane crash in Boston which claimed the life of a child and the often cited #mynypd fiasco. Much like the Hippocratic Oath requires doctors “to abstain from doing harm” so must the governance structure for public sector social media ensure postings advance the agency’s mission and instill public confidence.

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Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

Oracle API Gateway A Swiss Army Knife In The DMZ

By Ali Sadjadi, Consulting Technical Manager

Contending with Digital Disruption

I have been asked by several people on many different occasions to describe the differences between API Gateway and OWSM (Oracle Web Services Manager). It seems that there is a misconception why an organization needs API Gateway? Especially, if they are using OWSM. Many of the capabilities of Oracle API Gateway are not well known. In this blog I will try briefly to explain all the great capabilities of the product.

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Tuesday Aug 12, 2014

How Public Sector Agencies Benefit from the Oracle Service Cloud

By Pam Rood, Cloud Services Solution Manager

I frequently work with public agencies that are contending with the disruptions of the digital age. Most launched their first web sites over a decade ago, initially as venues to supplement their call centers, direct mail, and other constituent contact activities.Now, with full reliance on the Internet, these first-generation sites are increasingly difficult to maintain.

Moreover, there are growing inconsistencies between information delivered over the web, what call center representatives tell constituents, and what the agencies publish in documents and communicate in email messages. Information specialists often spend a lot of their time on editorial tasks -- synchronizing content delivered across call center, web, and email -- and have few resources left to develop new information that addresses constituents’ concerns.

Fortunately there is a better way – building a constituent-facing contact center, organized around a shared knowledge base. It’s essential to develop the content once, manage it in a systematic fashion, and distribute it across the multiple channels for constituent communications.

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Tuesday Aug 05, 2014

Oracle at the Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas

Last month, Mike Wion, Director of Security Solutions at Oracle, wrote a high profile article and white paper entitled Protecting the Electric Grid in a Dangerous World . The article, published here on Future State, received a sizeable amount of social media interest. In his article, Mike calls out how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires power providers to adhere to a series of standards outlined in a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards mandate. He then points to a free whitepaper of the same name showcasing Oracle’s premier solution.

On Aug 6-7th, Mike will be attending and tweeting from the annual Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas.
You can follow and respond to Mike as he tweets from the show floor. Just follow Mike's handle on Twitter at @MichaelWion1.

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Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

Protecting the Electric Grid in a Dangerous World

By Mike Wion, Director of Security Solutions at Oracle

Protecting the Electric Grid in a Dangerous World

Required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards mandate is sweeping security programs across North America’s electricity industry. North America’s power suppliers and distributors are under intense pressure to protect the bulk electric system (BES).

Web-based portals and applications are essential to business, but open up electricity suppliers to the same attacks that plague financial institutions, online retailers, and healthcare providers. The industry’s efforts at self-regulation notwithstanding, the federal government initially responded to this threat with a set of security standards for protecting cyber assets that comprise the BES, and set an aggressive schedule for mandatory compliance.

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Thursday Jul 17, 2014

Building Dynamic Branded Digital Experiences with Oracle WebCenter

By Ty Duval, Consulting Senior Practice Director, WebCenter, Oracle Consulting Services

A Cost Effective Solution to Securing Retail Data

At the Crossroads

I frequently encounter companies at the crossroads in their efforts to become digital businesses. Their journeys proceed along familiar paths and I can readily anticipate what their next steps should be. To begin with, these firms launched their initial web sites more than 15 years ago, and have steadily added multiple web-based applications (running on disparate systems) to support targeted initiatives. IT and business leaders are certainly web-aware, if not already web-savvy.

Yet a lot has changed over the past decade. Web-powered solutions are no longer nice-to-have additions to enterprise architectures and applications. Rather, these solutions are core capabilities for achieving strategic business objectives.

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Monday Jul 14, 2014

SOA Suite Performance & Tuning in Private Cloud

By Vishal Mehra, Director, Cloud Computing, Oracle Consulting

A Cost Effective Solution to Securing Retail Data

Last month I described how Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) is making the cloud journey relevant. Our Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) offering produces a menu of available services complete with descriptions of standard business functions, service level guarantees, and costs. As a result, enterprises such as 7-Eleven have the agility to provision innovative applications within just 10 minutes.

Rapid application deployment is only one of many benefits of IT transformation in the cloud. Another is the testing and tuning of an enterprise solution at the speed of digital business. Let me highlight what OCS can now accomplish through the SOA Suite Performance & Tuning for application performance improvements.

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Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Optimizing the Data Center with Oracle Cross Portfolio Offerings

By Corneliu Moldoveanu,Consulting Director, Enterprise and Industry Solution Architecture A Cost Effective Solution to Securing Retail Data

With the advent of modern approaches such as virtualization, management layer integration and cloud computing, the data center landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace. While traditional limitations are being addressed through novel approaches, new issues are inherently being introduced that compound the issue, even as business and IT customer expectations have become more sophisticated than ever before. Oracle’s response to these challenges is the Oracle Application Engineered Systems (AES) portfolio, which includes the purpose-built engineered systems (e.g.Exa* product family) and general purpose (e.g.SPARC SuperCluster).

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Monday Jun 23, 2014

How Oracle Enterprise Architecture Supports IT Business Transformation

By Tina Cressia-Thomas, Customer Strategies & Business Development, Oracle

How Oracle Enterprise Architecture Support IT Business Transformation

Oracle just completed its sponsorship of the 2014 Gartner EA Summit. The Summit attracted 800 attendees, a 24% increase over last year. Between Oracle’s booth and session, Oracle attracted 180 attendees and the session attracted 70. Oracle’s booth staff intently engaged with customers and discovered sales opportunities.

Click "Read more..." below to learn more about customer observations from the Gartner EA Summit.  

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Monday Jun 16, 2014

Monitoring IT Operations - a Strategic Necessity

By Avnish Rastogi, Director, Oracle Consulting Services

A Cost Effective Solution to Securing Retail Data

Monitoring is the most crucial aspect of IT operations. Without robust and intelligent monitoring you may be challenged to deal with unplanned outages, higher operational costs and dissatisfied customers.

In the past, your monitoring strategy was sufficient as long as you had a solution to monitor the point-of-failures and notify the IT administrators. However, over time, as with everything in IT, expectations for monitoring have evolved. Today these demands are changing drastically with IT administrators and also from the end-users of the applications. From the IT perspective, one big shift has been to not only notify IT when the system is down, but to also alert IT administrators when the system is about to die. Today, even leadership recognizes that, monitoring is more of a strategic necessity than a tactical need.

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Monday Jun 09, 2014

A Cost Effective Solution to Securing Retail Data

By Mike Wion, Director, Security Solutions, Oracle Consulting Services

As so many noticed last holiday season, data breaches, especially those at major retailers, are now a significant risk that requires advance preparation. The need to secure data at all access points is now driven by an expanding privacy and regulatory environment coupled with an increasingly dangerous world of hackers, insider threats, organized crime, and other groups intent on stealing valuable data. Please click Read More below to learn more about a cost effective solution from Oracle Consulting Services.

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Easing the Journey to the Private Cloud with Oracle Consulting

By Sanjai Marimadaiah, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development – Cloud Solutions, Oracle Consulting Services

Business leaders are now leading the charge on how their firms can profit from cloud solutions. Agility and innovation are becoming the primary drivers of the business case for the cloud, even more than the anticipated cost savings. Leaders need to find the right strategy and optimize the use of cloud-based applications across their enterprise-computing infrastructure. In this article, Sanjai Marimadaiah, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development – Cloud Solutions, Oracle Consulting Services, demonstrates a 4 phase approach to achieving Private Cloud.  

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