Tuesday May 22, 2007

Java DB Support

The Java DB (based on Apache Derby) support offering page is now online. Note that you can also consult the Apache Derby derby-user mailing list using Nabble for getting answers or even post your questions to this last one. Apache Derby has a very active community and getting feedback via the mailing lists is a way to participate. In fact, by asking questions on the list, one is in a way adding persistent content that someone might find useful and get to via Nabble at some point ;-)

Monday May 07, 2007

First Commercial Application to run on JRuby also uses Apache Derby

I heard the news from JRuby core developer Olivier Nutter at CommunityOne as I was setting up for my presentation with Kevin Henrikson from Zimbra.

Yes, so ThoughtWorks Studios will have their collaborative development project management solution named Mingle be the first commercially-distributed Rails application to run on JRuby.

Mingle 1.0 which should be released in June 07', will be running with a Jetty web front-end and an Apache Derby database back-end.

InfoQ blog on the subject reports that performance has not been a major concern. The current runtime easily supports hundreds of concurrent users with a simple cluster, and JRuby performance has been getting faster all the time. According to the team, experimental deployments have included 10 JRuby interpreters running in a single JVM process.

Thursday May 03, 2007

Enabling Offline Web Applications with Java DB

As David Van Couvering pointed out in his blog, I will be co-presenting with Kevin Henrikson from Zimbra at CommunityOne and JavaOne 2007 next week. Kevin will especially highlight how they have implemented offline support in their current Zimbra Desktop offering.

We will discuss how today's and tomorrow's Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) can be enabled to run offline and allow the users to keep using the same application, while not being connected to the net.

You can get a sneak peak of what we will talking about based on David Berlind's recent article on the subject of enabling offline Rich Internet Applications using some local storage such as Java DB / Apache Derby and some Local Ajax (LAJAX) or Asynchronous JavaScript technic based on LiveConnect.

Thursday Apr 26, 2007

Apache Derby 10.3 Features List

Here you can find the list of new features and issues to be resolved for the coming Apache Derby 10.3 which is targeted to be released around end of June 07'.

Some exciting additions around security and performance improvements:

- DBA Powers
- SSL/TLS support in Client/Server mode
- Language Based Ordering
- Reduction of CPU usage and improved concurrency in Derby (embedded) core.
- Long awaited ALTER TABLE DROP or RENAME column (great for dynamic schema modifications)

You can find more details here as well as the list of targeted issues to be addressed.

As usual, you can check the latest Alpha documentation corresponding to the Derby Alpha codeline (Trunk).

Open Source Hardware - What is it?

For those of us working on open source software, this article shows an interesting view of what open source hardware is all about.

You can also check OpenSPARC which is Sun's open source hardware initiative, aimed at spawning dramatic innovations around chip design.

All I have to say is that I'm glad to be in Software ;-)


Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

An Apache Derby unBOF at JavaOne 2007

Come learn what's cool and what's new in Apache Derby, the database for Java applications, from Derby committers and community members. This is a great opportunity to meet with the Apache Derby community and Java DB folks. Of course, there will be Beer, wine, soft drinks, and very nice snacks!

\*Tuesday evening, 8 May from 7:00 to 10:00+ pm \*\*
@ Jillian's in the Sony Metreon, right next to the Moscone Center
101 4th Street, Suite 170, San Francisco\*

Monday Apr 23, 2007

FISL 8.0 Conference in Brazil

Simon Phipps has posted a neat picture of Sun's booth at FISL 8.0 (Porto Alegre, Brazil) where I just came back from last week.

As usual and once again, the conference has been terrific - Lots of attendees (5,363) and it is all about free and open source software. It was incredible (even after my second time there) to experience the level of interest from the attendees - Very nice folks and this conference keeps you busy for sure until dusk ;-).

Also, for a "meaterian" like me ;-), it was absolutely awesome to experience the intense BBQ cuisine from Brazil (churrasco)and this area.

I gave a presentation on particular technics on how to enable offline web applications (RIA) using Java DB - I will give a more elaborated talk at JavaOne 2007 where I'm co-presenting with Zimbra on their next-generation suite of collaborative web applications that can operate homogeneously online and offline (Zimbra Desktop), using Apache Derby.

Many thanks to Rafael Vanoni for hosting my talk and speaking Portuguese better than I do ;-)

Obrigado a Todos!

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Ubuntu Users Gets Java DB Surprise and A Lot More Than That...

It has been announced today, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) has been released and it includes Sun's complete Java stack.

This is the first time that an entire, production quality Java stack with tooling is being included in an open source GNU/Linux distribution - greatly simplifying the process for Linux developers and users to access Java technology.

The complete and fully supported components of Sun's Java stack which are packaged for Ubuntu are Java SE 6 JDK, GlassFish v1, NetBeans IDE 5.5 and Java DB 10.2 (based on Apache Derby). (FAQ)

You can also check Tom Marble's blog entry for additional information. This is very exciting indeed.

You can 'apt-get' install Java DB as an optional Ubuntu package such as:
# apt-get install sun-java6-javadb
and it should get installed under '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/db/'

Monday Apr 02, 2007

Google in Corsu

Try "Orsini Corsica" and click on "Mi sentu furtunatu" ;-)

Friday Mar 16, 2007

Sequoia database clustering middleware with GlassFish and Java DB (Apache Derby)

Jagadish Ramu has written a demo and tutorial article to show how GlassFish and Sequoia can be used together to provide database clustering capability with Apache Derby / Java DB.

Sequoia is an open source database clustering middleware that allows any Java application to transparently
access a cluster of databases through JDBC. No code change is required to enable an application to have failover, replication capabilities.

This demo will have the modified sample application from Netbeans, deployed in GlassFish,
interacting with Sequoia controller for database operations with Apache Derby. The only change needed in the sample is to
configure the properties of jdbc-connection-pool to interact with the Sequoia controller.

Thursday Mar 08, 2007

Sun’s Open Source Contribution: $2 Billion, Dozens of Projects and Yes that includes Apache Derby

A nice spotlight on Open Source and Sun's contribution. Dan Roberts, Director of Marketing at Sun, chats with Simon Phipps, Sun’s chief open source officer.

"Did you know that Sun contributes more than $200 million per year of intellectual property to the open source movement, in dozens of open source projects? The company’s historical contribution tops $2 billion."

You can also find more about Sun's Free and Open Source initiatives at http://www.sun.com/software/opensource/

Java DB (Sun's supported distribution of Apache Derby) is one of the projects I'm proud to work on.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

Migrating Your Application to Use Java DB

In this article, a web application that was developed using the Pointbase database is migrated to use Java DB. The web application was originally developed in the NetBeans 4.1 integrated development environment (IDE).

Java DB is Sun Microsystem's supported distribution of the Apache Derby 100% Java database. IF you are using JDK 6, Java DB is included as part of this last one. You can also download the Sun Java System Application Server, which includes Java DB.

When registering the application server in NetBeans 5.5, Java DB will be automatically registered as well. Alternatively, you can download the Java EE 5 Tools Bundle, which includes both the NetBeans IDE and Sun Java System Application Server.. Java DB is fully transactional, secure, and compliant with the JDBC, SQL, and J2EE standards.

Sunday Mar 04, 2007

Sun releases Java Enterprise System 5.0 with Java DB (based on Apache Derby)

"Java ES (Enterprise System) already includes Java DB, Sun's supported distribution of the open-source Apache Derby database. The middleware also supports the PostgreSQL open-source database.

Sun now lays claim to more than 1.3 million subscribers for Java ES compared to the nearly 1 million it declared in October 2005."

Monday Feb 26, 2007

Derby Embedded w/ Eclipse

To follow-up on the Java DB / Apache Derby with Netbeans blog entry that I recently posted, here is another user experience from Paweł Piotrowski who used Eclipse (IDE) to access Derby in embedded mode.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007

Connecting a GUI to a Java DB Database with NetBeans IDE

This NetBeans tutorial contributed by Talley Mulligan guides you through the process of connecting the GUI of an application to a Java DB database. It shows how to add data-aware JDBC components to the GUI that will enable the program to interact with the database.

If you have not seen it already, there is also a "Working with the Java DB (Derby) Database in Netbeans 5.5" tutorial contributed by Brian Leonard.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

ActiveMQ graduates from Apache Incubator and uses Apache Derby

Apache ActiveMQ Open Source Message Broker has now graduated to become a top level project (TLP) at Apache! Congratulations to the ActiveMQ community!

To achieve high performance of durable messaging, ActiveMQ embeds and uses Apache Derby (configured by default), to allow for some very fast persistence via JDBC, coupled along with ActiveMQ's high performance journal.

Friday Feb 02, 2007

Archived Apache Derby Mailing lists - A great resource for Derby Users and Developers

I have been using Nabble for quite some time now and I have to say that it provides a great way to search and browse archived mailing lists.

If you need to get some Derby questions answered, you might want to do a search on the Apache Derby Users mailing list or the developers one, if you want to know more about Derby internals.

Of course, there is additional resources on the Apache Derby website itself.

Thursday Feb 01, 2007

Projects & Products using Derby (Java DB)

If your product is using Apache Derby, I encourage you to make mention of it in the Projects & Products using Derby web page.

Java DB, which is based on Apache Derby and bundled with Sun JDK 6 is using the same database core engine.

Tuesday Jan 30, 2007

Jim Gray missing

Jim Gray has been reported missing from his sailing outing on Sunday.

Weather conditions were apparently mild that day. Hope they find him alive and well.

Jim is a great guy - I had the opportunity to meet him at several occasions. He has written a lot of publications on transaction processing, scalability and performance. One of his famous book and publication is Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques - The bible of transaction processing!

Friday Jan 19, 2007

Jonathan Schwartz: "We almost died"

Robert Scoble posted some video interview of Sun Microsystems' CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, and Tim Marsland, Sun's CTO in charge of Solaris. The discussion ranged from Jonathan's pitch to Steve Jobs as to why Apple should include the Java runtime on the new iPhone to Schwartz' surviving a train wreck back in the 1980s and how that had a profound effect on his leadership skills.

Tuesday Jan 16, 2007

Java TV

Intriguing blog entry title eh? Well, no it's not a new product from Sun Microsystems, neither some TV that can run or deliver some Java...

It a is repository of video interviews around Java posted by Developpez.com, one of the biggest Java developers community in France.

Please note that a lot of the videos are in french but not all of them.

Most recently posted video interviews are of Marc Fleury (JBoss), Vincent Massol (XWiki) and myself (Java DB).

Open Source Report on Apache Derby

David Spector has published an interesting article about Apache Derby on the Open Source Report blog.

Friday Jan 05, 2007

First batch of JavaPolis 2006 slides available

The JavaPolis 2006 conference was a blast - There were more than 2,800 attendees and a lot of interesting presentations. I believe this is the biggest Java conference in Europe at the moment.

A first batch of some slides have been posted at the JavaPolis site.

Many thanks to Mr. JavaPolis, Stephan Janssen and his peers for organizing such a successful event.

The slides for the 2 Java DB quicky presentations I gave should be available in the next batch hopefully.

Pace è salute à tutti per 2007

...and why not celebrating with a bottle of Domaine Orsini from Corsica... :)

Tuesday Dec 05, 2006

O' Corsica Bella

TreakEarth.com has some really neat pictures of Corsica.

Belgudé (which can be translated as 'nice pleasure') is the village where my family is from originally. Belgudé (Corsican) is translated as Belgodère in french.

Belgodère is located at 10 minutes from l'ILE ROUSSE and 20 minutes from CALVI airport.





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