Wednesday Sep 23, 2015

Finance, The Clash, and Knowing When to Dump Your ERP

Admit it: there are lots of you out there who would like to break up with your current ERP system. It's been a long, fruitful relationship. You've been together through good times and bad. But you've changed and grown. Your ERP hasn't.

Problem is, you've already invested so much into the relationship. Time. Work. Money.  Breaking up is hard. Everyone knows it. They write songs about it. 

Should I stay or should I go?

That's the subject that Oracle's Rod Johnson tackles in his recent Forbes column. Not only does he give some sage advice, but he provides a decision matrix to help you figure out when to modernize your ERP, and whether the time is now:

ERP Cloud Decision Matrix

I find this framework very handy for understanding where your company fits on the scale, and whether it's time to dump your ERP completely or work out some kind of alternate arrangement.

Of course, nowadays, modernization usually means a move to the cloud. For larger companies that are used to running enterprise suites on premise, that means a cloud that can provide all the finance, procurement and project management functionality they're used to. Read more of Rod's article and sound off in the comments.

Friday May 02, 2014

Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist

Guest post by Karen dela Torre, Vice President, Oracle Corporation

We are observing a tangible shift in the finance function. Modern technologies like cloud, mobile, and big data are helping to accelerate the current transformation of the role of finance. In order to gauge exactly where the finance function currently stands and what the future holds, we recently partnered with Accenture on a global research study, “Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist.”

As eWEEK summarized, the study highlights the opportunity for CFOs and other finance executives to be technology evangelists. I recapped this in my previous post, noting the ambition to be a tech evangelist is there, but a gap remains between aspiration and reality.

ZDNet explored this significant opportunity for CFOs. While there is consensus around the finance function leading business transformation, only a small majority is actually leading the way. However, steps are being taken. Baseline emphasized that finance professionals are now bolstering their technical skills while integrating analytical tools and modern applications.

But that’s not all. As Financial Executive discussed, the study also highlighted how the finance function is leveraging modern technologies, like mobile and cloud, to get real-time insights and to drive business transformation forward. In fact, 28 percent of respondents are already using the cloud to support budgeting, planning, and forecasting, and another 34 percent plan to move those areas into the cloud within the next year. That’s a lot of CFO love for the cloud, but I’m not surprised!

As evidenced by the study, the finance function is driving change and taking on the role of technology evangelist in organizations. I think this shift in finance will continue and CFOs will embrace modern technology to gain a competitive advantage and positively impact the bottom line. 

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

Oracle's Leadership in Finance Award Nominations Now Open!

Now in its third year, Oracle’s Leadership in Finance Award is quickly becoming the award of choice for visionary finance executives who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in leveraging Oracle solutions to transform their businesses. Last year’s global winners were honored by Oracle Chairman Jeff Henley at the CFO Summit @ Leaders Circle, and shared their success on stage and in these videos: AT&T CFO John Stephens (North America), Ricoh Europe CFO Ian Winham (EMEA), Grupo Fármacos CFO Otto Kroboth (Latin America), and National Australia Bank Finance GM Gary Lennon (APAC)

Customers, partners, and Oracle employees are urged to submit their nominations now for the 2014 Leadership in Finance Awards before nominations close on June 20, 2014. CFOs, controllers, chief accounting officers, and VPs of finance from North America, EMEA, LAD and APAC are all eligible for consideration, as long as they were directly involved in the success of the Oracle solution deployed. Full details and submission guidelines are available on the Oracle Excellence Awards home page.

Award winners will be announced the week of Oracle OpenWorld and will be honored once again by Jeff Henley at the 2014 CFO Summit @ Leaders Circle.

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Thursday Sep 05, 2013

OpenWorld Attendees: Attend Finance General Session - Empowering Modern Finance

Attending OpenWorld 2013?  Don’t forget to add the Finance General Session to your schedule! Oracle teams up with Deloitte, IDC, and Curse, Inc. to share how disruptive technologies are empowering the modern finance organization. Empowering Modern Finance. (Session ID: GEN8986)

Add it to your schedule today!

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Moving Your Finance Operations to the Cloud – Join us at CloudWorld to Discover Why and How

Under pressure to change your financial business processes and not sure where to start? Is your enterprise resource planning (ERP) delivering on its promise to streamline core business processes or are you saddled with lengthy upgrades, legacy customizations, and complex integrations? You might be wondering whether cloud technology is a viable option – is it able to handle your security requirements for your financial data, your business complexities, and your specific needs for cost reduction. Is it really ready?

Yes, it is… Oracle cloud offers a broad portfolio of software as a service applications, platform as a service, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. It delivers instant value and productivity for finance professionals through functionally rich, integrated, enterprise cloud services.

With Oracle Cloud, you get enterprise-grade application services based on best-in-class business applications. Did you know that more than 25 million users rely on Oracle Cloud every day!!

Learn about the world’s most complete cloud for the enterprise at Oracle CloudWorld and in ONE DAY find out how Oracle can transform your organization! Don’t miss out, register for this FREE event today! 

Monday Dec 17, 2012

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