Friday Dec 21, 2012

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Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Accelerate Policy Compliance Without Slowing Down Your Business!

I had an interesting chat with one of our Oracle partners the other day because he told me about some of the novel and creative ways Oracle customers are using their advanced financial control solutions. In particular, how companies are using advanced financial controls to ensure their business processes are complying with corporate policies.

This raised an intriguing question whether the lack of policy compliance is a serious problem or not. I then spoke with one of my colleagues on our sales team and learned that all too often their prospective customers have significant challenges in this area. One problem is that as policy compliance gaps increase, companies have to divert more resources from running the business to enforcing policies through such manual controls as developing and reviewing reports.

Thankfully advanced financial controls in Oracle GRC can help enforce corporate policies, without slowing down businesses. By continuously monitoring configurations and transactions for exceptions and anomalies, advanced financial controls can significantly close the policy compliance gap.

If you have any examples how you are using your advanced control solutions to close the policy compliance gap, please share them with our community. Or if you have current business challenges in this area and would like to learn more about how Oracle can help, post your comments and I will respond with my thoughts.

Also, here are a couple of new documents you might find interesting and that are available on

· Solution Brief: Oracle Advanced Financial Controls

· White Paper: Optimize the Procure-to-Pay process with Advanced Financial Controls

Monday Dec 17, 2012

Become a Member of our new LinkedIn group - Oracle Office of Finance Solutions

Join our new group on LinkedIn -- Oracle Office of Finance Solutions!  The group will provide finance professionals with the latest highlights on Oracle solutions for the Office of Finance, industry trends, and upcoming events.  Find us on LinkedIn, join our group today, and enjoy the opportunity to network with others.

Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

Join the Cloud - Just Like Lending Club

See why Lending Club, the leading platform for investing in and obtaining personal loans, selected Oracle Fusion Financials to help improve decision-making and workflow, implement robust reporting, and take advantage of the scalability and cost savings provided by the cloud.

Watch the Lending Club video.

Additional Resources:

Monday Dec 10, 2012

Red Robin is Serving Up an Unbridled Experience of Burgers & Fries using Oracle Cloud Solutions

Looking to make investments in the core systems that speak to the heart and soul of their business, Red Robin chose Oracle Cloud Solutions.  Now their team can focus on business transformation, manage food costs more efficiently, and reduce the amount of hours spent on inventory and production planning. Listen to their story here.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

The Challenges of Corporate Financial Reporting

Many finance professionals face serious challenges in managing and reporting their company’s financial data, despite recent investments in financial reporting systems. Oracle and Accenture launched this research report to help finance professionals better understand the state of corporate financial reporting today, and why recent investments may have fallen short.

The study reveals a key central issue: Organizations have been taking a piecemeal—rather than holistic—approach to investing. Without a vision and strategy that addresses process improvement, data integrity, and user adoption software, investments alone will not meet the needs or expectations of most organizations.

The research found that the majority of finance teams in 12 countries—including the U.K., USA, France, Germany, Russia, and Spain—have made substantial investments in corporate financial management processes and systems over the last three years. However, many of these solutions, which were expected to improve close, reporting, and filing processes, are ineffective, resulting in a lack of visibility, quality, and confidence in financial data.

Download the full report


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