Wednesday Mar 27, 2013

PeopleSoft 9.2 is Here!! New Features. More Functions. Lower TCO.

Oracle's commitment to PeopleSoft continues. Building off a proven 25-year history of best-in-class solutions, PeopleSoft 9.2 delivers revolutionary innovation by creating an improved user experience that fundamentally changes how users interact with PeopleSoft. In addition to over 1,000 new features and enhancements that make it a robust solution and lowers the total cost of ownership, PeopleSoft 9.2 takes the user experience to the next level—with a more intuitive, easy-to-use interface that incorporates the consumer internet experience.

Don't Get Left Behind

Don't Get Left Behind

65% of PeopleSoft customers are using PeopleSoft 9.1. Protect your PeopleSoft investment—start your upgrade today.

A Whole New User Experience

PeopleSoft 9.2 users navigate effortlessly with a global, free text search and have the ability to act directly on the search results. Information is presented in the most visual manner possible, making it easy for casual users to navigate and work faster. Out-of-the-box WorkCenters help high frequency users dramatically boost productivity by consolidating user tasks, exceptions, alerts, links, reports, and queries into a single, secure, role-based, cockpit-style “command center” that can be personalized.

Over 1,000 Enhancements

In addition to an innovative new user experience, PeopleSoft 9.2 delivers comprehensive business and industry solutions designed to address the most intricate requirements in HR, financials, and supply chain management, including:

  • New mobile capabilities for requisitioning, inventory, and company directories
  • Smart HR template-based transactions
  • Mass GL Journal approval

Did You Know?

Did you Know
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Reducing the Cost to Stay Current

PeopleSoft 9.2 transforms the maintenance process. PeopleSoft Update Manager helps minimize costs and disruptions associated with applying maintenance and maximize the impact of desired updates. With it, customers can:

  • Tailor the scope of maintenance to meet specific needs
  • Apply maintenance on their schedules
  • Get current regardless of prior maintenance levels

Invest in Innovation: Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2

Oracle is continuing to invest in PeopleSoft applications and technology to deliver value to PeopleSoft customers around the world. Don’t get left behind. Protect your PeopleSoft investment.

Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

Best Kept Secret How to Improve Your Organization’s Bottom Line

If your organization is like most, you have devoted enormous resources to optimizing business processes. From utilizing shared service centers, to automating workflow approvals, no doubt your processes are in great shape.


Less understood but even more problematic is process activities that negatively impact your organization’s bottom line. Affectionately referred to as financial or cash leakage, organizations are starting to realize that they are losing literally millions of dollars each year to cash leakage.


Financial leakage comes in three basic forms: 1) activities that directly impact the bottom line, 2) activities that indirectly the bottom line, and 3) activities that negatively impact cash flow and that impact on the bottom line.


Fortunately the word is getting out that Oracle’s GRC advanced control solutions are helping organizations of all sizes to dramatically reduce financial leakage. For example, duplicate vendor invoices are a major problem that directly impacts the bottom line. Advanced controls continuously monitor both supplier records and supplier invoices for potential duplicates, then alerts management about questionable invoices.


In future blog postings we plan to share intriguing ways that organizations are using their advanced control solutions to reduce financial leakage and improve their bottom line. In the meantime, we encourage you to provide comments with any use cases with your business peers.

Friday Mar 01, 2013

FASB and IASB Set Effective Date for New Revenue Recognition Standard: January 1, 2017

An update from our resident IFRS expert, Seamus.....The FASB and IASB met on February 20th and put the finishing touches to the new US GAAP and IFRS Revenue recognition principle, Revenue from Contracts with Customers.  As they say on their websites, all that remains is for the staff to begin drafting the final standard.  They decided on the effective date of the standard for new transactions: January 1, 2017

Both the FASB and the IASB are in agreement that early adoption will not be permitted. There are now three arrangements organizations can use during the transitional period, between now and 2017:

1)  Retrospective reporting, where each revenue transaction is tracked under both the old and the new in full
2)  Retrospective reporting exploiting the permitted optional practical expedients previously published
3)  Apply the standard to new post January 2017 initial revenue items, recognize the impact of the change as an adjustment to opening 2017 balance, and disclose the changes

It will be interesting to see how these options are explored by practitioners and professionals.  They have substantially updated the disclosure requirements, introducing some qualitative elements, eliminating the onerous obligation disclosure, and adding some assumptions and methods disclosure.

Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Know a CFO using Oracle that deserves recognition at Oracle OpenWorld 2013?

Oracle's Leadership awards recognize exceptional executives who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and technology vision in the successful deployment of Oracle products and services to simplify IT, power innovation, and drive transformational change in their respective lines of business or entire organization.

Winners will be selected based on the impact of their leadership on a transformational IT project, the uniqueness of their business case, the degree of innovation in the solutions and change management methodologies employed, and the business benefits realized to their respective lines of business or entire organization.  An example includes CFOs using performance management or business intelligence solutions to identify new revenue or cost-saving opportunities. Award recipients from North America and Latin America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific will be honored at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2013.

Nominate your qualifying CFO for the Leadership in Finance Award now at

Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Searching for the Role of Finance Process Excellence?

As companies grapple with the aftermath of the financial crisis and a two-speed global economy, they want leaders who can act as agents of change, provide comfort and confidence in an uncertain world. With their unique combination of analytical, technical and strategic capabilities, CFOs are very well placed to provide that.  And, as the scope of CFO responsibility broadens to include oversight over IT, HR, Procurement, and other areas in the post-recession economy, many CFOs are becoming corporate catalysts for change, heading up transformational projects that increase efficiencies, lower costs, and improve business agility to better address ongoing economic volatility and uncertainty….all to achieve finance process excellence. Find out more by reading the white paper, The CFO as Corporate Catalyst: The Role of Finance Process Excellence, and discover the next catalyst for change in your organization.  Visit, C-Central, our website for CFOs, for more information on trends and challenges in the marketplace.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

Reap Significant Cost Savings during ERP Projects with Oracle’s GRC Advanced Controls

Are you planning an ERP upgrade in the near future? Or is your organization about to embark on an ERP implementation? In either case, did you know that Oracle’s GRC advanced financial controls can play a vital role in the success of your project? Whether your goals are to accelerate project activities, or achieve lasting benefits after the project is completed, advanced financial controls will improve your organization’s bottom line.


But don’t take my word for it. Instead, read the Optimizing E-Business ERP projects with GRC’s advanced financial controls white paper and then ask yourself whether it is worth the risk to not use GRC’s advanced financial controls. Our esteemed colleagues at PwC wrote this white paper and provide great insight into the many challenges that confront organizations during ERP projects. They also highlight some compelling case studies such as how one company leveraged GRC’s advanced financial controls to achieve an estimated 20-percent cost savings by accelerating their configurations during an Oracle upgrade. Click here to access the white paper.


If you know about one of the successful organizations that have leveraged Oracle GRC’s advanced financial controls during an ERP project, please share your success story with the Oracle community by posting your comments to this blog.

Friday Jan 18, 2013

Seadrill Automates Last Mile of Manual Spreadsheet Controls

Are you looking  to automate the last mile of manual controls?  If so, look to the advanced financial controls in Oracle’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Application Suite just like Seadrill did.  Seadrill, the experts in off-shore deep water drilling, was managing their controls in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  Realizing the need to automate their controls and achieve a high-level of global standardization, they implemented the Oracle GRC suite.  Their internal audit teams can now spend more time on analyzing and understanding results of their data instead of spending time on manual controls.  Hear their story.

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Moving Your Finance Operations to the Cloud – Join us at CloudWorld to Discover Why and How

Under pressure to change your financial business processes and not sure where to start? Is your enterprise resource planning (ERP) delivering on its promise to streamline core business processes or are you saddled with lengthy upgrades, legacy customizations, and complex integrations? You might be wondering whether cloud technology is a viable option – is it able to handle your security requirements for your financial data, your business complexities, and your specific needs for cost reduction. Is it really ready?

Yes, it is… Oracle cloud offers a broad portfolio of software as a service applications, platform as a service, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. It delivers instant value and productivity for finance professionals through functionally rich, integrated, enterprise cloud services.

With Oracle Cloud, you get enterprise-grade application services based on best-in-class business applications. Did you know that more than 25 million users rely on Oracle Cloud every day!!

Learn about the world’s most complete cloud for the enterprise at Oracle CloudWorld and in ONE DAY find out how Oracle can transform your organization! Don’t miss out, register for this FREE event today! 

Friday Jan 11, 2013

Join our London Seminar - Improving Business Performance with Advanced Controls

Come join Oracle, Smiths Medical, and PWC at this exclusive financial executive briefing.

What if you lost a tenth of a percent of your vendor spend to cash leakage?

It may not sound like much at first, but the losses quickly add up. Consider a firm that spends £1 billion and has a 5 percent profit margin. It would take an additional £20 million in incremental sales to recover cash lost due to leakage every year.

But what can you do? If you’re like most organisations, you’re already devoting too much time to manual tasks such as reviewing vendor invoices for errors, checking user access, and detecting unauthorised changes. Oracle recognises that this remaining element of manual controls presents an untapped opportunity for your organisation.

There’s a better way. Oracle offers advanced financial controls to help you:

  • Reduce cash leakage by automatically detecting duplicate vendor invoices
  • Improve working capital with insight into sales invoice exceptions and customer account write-offs
  • Ensure financial reporting accuracy by delivering consistent data to the consolidations process

Hear first-hand from Steve Ogilvie, Director, Governance and Security the benefits achieved by Smiths Medical from implementing Oracle’s GRC technology.

This is a must-attend event for finance executives who are ready to learn how they can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their process controls. And if you are considering an ERP systems upgrade, this is an even more opportune time to learn how advanced financial controls can improve your bottom line.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST

Register now.

Creating a 21st Century Finance Organization

What is it that CFOs need to create a successful twenty-first century finance organization?

CFOs must become more strategic in their use of technology and even become a catalyst for change. Becoming a strategic CFO necessitates a greater focus on leveraging IT— looking forward as well as looking backward, focusing on the non-financial as well as the financial elements of critical decisions, and operating with an external and internal orientation. Read our executive strategy brief and explore how CFOs can develop a twenty-first century finance organization by getting the basics right, being more strategic, and becoming a catalyst for change.

Download the Twenty-First Century Finance executive strategy brief.

Friday Jan 04, 2013

ERP in the Cloud: CFOs See the Value

Still working on your new year's resolution? If you are a CFO, you might be thinking about finalizing the approach you’ll use to move your confidential finance and operations functions to the cloud. On the other hand, you might be unsure about whether you and your company are ready to take that leap of faith into the new technology. You might be wondering whether the cloud technology is able to handle your security requirements, your access rules, your business complexities, and your specific needs for cost reduction. Is it really ready?

Well, Steve Miranda, EVP, Oracle Applications Development, has an opinion to share with you. In its 2013 Looking Forward issue, Financial Executive magazine covers an article by Steve entitled “ERP in the Cloud: CFOs See the Value of Running Enterprise Applications as a Service.”  In this piece, Steve states: “The fact that traditionally risk-averse CFOs are open to moving their mission-critical ERP systems into the cloud should be a clear indication to all companies that ERP cloud services are fast becoming the go-to strategy for finance executives looking to access the latest technologies quickly and cost-effectively to support their corporate objectives.”

In the article, Steve talks about Oracle ERP customers, such as Carrie Dolan, Chief Financial Officer of Lending Club and Dan Knutson, Chief Financial Officer of Land O’ Lakes, making cloud and managed cloud choices.  

Read more of Steve’s opinion and Oracle customers’ perspective here.


Steve Miranda, EVP, Oracle Applications Development

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

Happy New Year -- Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! At the start of every new year, many of us decide to make a few ‘resolutions’ hoping to bring some change for the good to both our personal and professional lives. Personally, I've resolved to be more active and have signed up to run a 10K race as part of the Long Island Marathon Weekend here in New York in May…so let the training begin!

Professionally, I've resolved to be more active in social media and provide more insights to those of you searching for financial solutions, tips, and interesting events to attend. To begin with here's some insightful videos from a few CFOs who shared what they are going to focus on in 2013. Listen as they discuss everything from Cloud, GRC, Big Data, Talent and Consolidation.

CFO Insights: Interview with Land O' Lakes CFO Dan Knutson

CFO Insights: Interview with AutoTrader CFO Dallas Clement

CFO Insights: Interview with Big Data Expert Andrew McAfee

Have you made your resolutions for 2013?  Start by joining our new Linked In Group – Office of Finance Solutions – and begin networking with other finance professionals in 2013!

Friday Dec 21, 2012

Registration is now open for Oracle CloudWorld! Come see the Cloud in action in Los Angeles, CA - January 29th

Is your enterprise resource planning (ERP) delivering on its promise to streamline core business processes or are you saddled with lengthy upgrades, legacy customizations, and complex integrations?

Learn about the world’s most complete cloud for the enterprise at Oracle CloudWorld and in ONE DAY find out how Oracle can transform your organization! Don’t miss out, register for this FREE event today! 

Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Accelerate Policy Compliance Without Slowing Down Your Business!

I had an interesting chat with one of our Oracle partners the other day because he told me about some of the novel and creative ways Oracle customers are using their advanced financial control solutions. In particular, how companies are using advanced financial controls to ensure their business processes are complying with corporate policies.

This raised an intriguing question whether the lack of policy compliance is a serious problem or not. I then spoke with one of my colleagues on our sales team and learned that all too often their prospective customers have significant challenges in this area. One problem is that as policy compliance gaps increase, companies have to divert more resources from running the business to enforcing policies through such manual controls as developing and reviewing reports.

Thankfully advanced financial controls in Oracle GRC can help enforce corporate policies, without slowing down businesses. By continuously monitoring configurations and transactions for exceptions and anomalies, advanced financial controls can significantly close the policy compliance gap.

If you have any examples how you are using your advanced control solutions to close the policy compliance gap, please share them with our community. Or if you have current business challenges in this area and would like to learn more about how Oracle can help, post your comments and I will respond with my thoughts.

Also, here are a couple of new documents you might find interesting and that are available on

· Solution Brief: Oracle Advanced Financial Controls

· White Paper: Optimize the Procure-to-Pay process with Advanced Financial Controls

Monday Dec 17, 2012

Become a Member of our new LinkedIn group - Oracle Office of Finance Solutions

Join our new group on LinkedIn -- Oracle Office of Finance Solutions!  The group will provide finance professionals with the latest highlights on Oracle solutions for the Office of Finance, industry trends, and upcoming events.  Find us on LinkedIn, join our group today, and enjoy the opportunity to network with others.


Focusing on solutions for the Office of Finance, this blog will highlight key financial management market trends, events and other news of interest.


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