Thursday Apr 26, 2012

What is GTAS?

What is GTAS?

GTAS – Government-wide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System

From the Dept of Treasury webportal:

“The Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS) will replace the functionality of FACTS I, FACTS II, IFCS, and IRAS reporting systems as the primary means of reporting agency trial balance data. A single data collection system will pave the way for more consistent and complete financial data and will allow for better analytical reporting. GTAS will go into production December fiscal year 2013. Now is the time for agencies to begin preparing to use GTAS. This Web site will help agencies to identify what is needed for GTAS and to answer questions regarding its use and launch.”

How is Oracle helping it’s Federal customers with respect to the new GTAS functionality?

Oracle is developing to the new GTAS requirements to update and ensure its EBS and PeopleSoft solutions meet the modernization of the Government solutions.

In April’s Federal Financial Board meetings, Oracle stated the goal is to have the GTAS improvements available to all PeopleSoft Federal customers by July 2012.

For its EBS customers, refer to this chart:


Targeted for Patch Availability

GTAS Phase I  (R12) - Configuration

Late April  / Early May  2012

GTAS Phase I  (11i10) - Configuration

Late May / Early June 2012

GTAS Phase II  (R12) - Key Processes

Late July / Early August 2012

GTAS Phase II  (11i10) - Key Processes

Late August / Early September 2012

GTAS Phase III  (R12) - Other Processes/Reports

Late September / Early October 2012

GTAS Phase III (11i10) - Other Processes/Reports

Late October / Early November 2012

The patches will be made available on Metalink.

To meet the requirements necessary to comply and interact with GTAS, Oracle will be adding BETC, Trading Partner TAS, and Trading Partner BETC to POs, AP Invoices, and AR Transactions. In the EBS, GTAS Enhancements include capturing additional information on existing forms, such as:
GTAS Attributes
Define Budget Codes
Define Treasury Account Symbols
Define Fund Attributes
Define Reporting Codes
Define USSGL Accounts
Define Trading Partner TAS
Enter Appropriations
Reprogramming Transactions

Oracle is planning to develop new EBS reports to support GTAS, such as:
GTAS Trial Balance
GTAS Transaction Register

Of course, with the implementation of GTAS, the FACTS I and II forms and reports will be retired from the suite.


For those of you who were unable to attend the Federal Financials Spring Briefing are welcome to visit the Online Resource Center to download the presentations from the event.



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Monday Apr 09, 2012

Announcement: Federal Financial Briefing

Dear Oracle/PeopleSoft Federal Financial Management Customers: Oracle is pleased to announce that we will conduct the next Federal Financial Management Briefing on Tuesday, April 17th from 8:30 am until 2:00 pm at the Oracle Campus in Reston, Virginia. The Registration Link and Agenda can be found at the web site below:

Federal Financial Briefing: Register Here

Directions to Oracle Reston: From the Beltway take the Dulles Toll Road (Route 267 West). Do not get on the Dulles Access Road or you will not be able to exit until you get to the airport. Take the Reston Parkway Exit (Exit 12). At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto Reston Parkway. Make your first right onto Sunset Hills Road. Take a Right turn onto Oracle Way and park in Visitor Parking. The receptionist will direct you to the CAB.

Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector

One thing Oracle never seems to get enough credit for is its consistent quest to improve its products, even the ones as established as its back-office solutions. Here is another example of one of the latest improvements: Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector, or CLM. The latest EBS module geared specifically for the Federal acquisition community.

Our existing customers have been asking Oracle for years to upgrade its Advanced Procurement Suite to meet the complex procurement processes of the Federal Government. You asked; we listened. Oracle, with direct input from Federal agencies, subject matter experts, integration partners, and the Federal acquisition community, has expanded and deepened its procurement suite to meet the unique demands of the Federal acquisition community.

New benefits/features include:

  • Contract Line Item/Sub-Line Item (CLIN/SLIN) structures
  • Configurable Document Numbering
  • Complex Pricing Contract Types ( as per FAR Part 16)
  • Option lines and exercising of options
  • Incremental Funding capability
  • Support for multiple document types (delivery orders, BPA call orders, awards, agreements, IDIQ contracts)
  • Requisition lines to fund modifications
  • Workload assignment and milestones
  • Contract Action Reporting to FPDS-NG

I’ve been conducting many tests over the past few months and have been quite impressed with the depth of features and the seamless integration to Federal Financials, specifically the funds control within the financials.

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Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

Welcome to the Oracle FedApps blog

Congratulations, you have stumbled upon Oracle’s newest blog: The Federal Applications Blog. Periodically I plan to provide some insight into how Oracle’s application solutions are being applied, or how they can be applied, within the Federal Government.

If you are a user of, or just interested in, Oracle’s applications in the Federal space and have questions/topics you would like to see addressed in this blog, please post a comment.

So bear with me as I take a bit of time to refine the content, look and feel of this blog.

-- JMW


The author, Jeff Waterman, has been with Oracle since 1996 in various roles, but always working to apply Oracle Application solutions assist the US Federal Government with fulfilling its mission to its citizens. Presently, he serves as a Master Principal Applications Sales Engineer within North America Public Sector.


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