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For the last 3 years I have been working with several major 11i customers across US. One of the common challenges I have come across with Order Management customers is around tracking the Orders as it progresses through the 11i Order Fulfillment cycle...or to take it one step further...Order-To-Cash cycle..

Why do customer's need this information?

11i customers are using Order Management system to receive and fulfill orders from their clients. Let's say one of such customer using Order Management System is Customer ABC Corp. They are major suppliers of network equipments like routers, switches etc... Most of the business they get is either from major distributors or small buyers. Let's say one of such small buyer is a small company (Company A) which provides data centers services to its end customers.

Company A receives an Order from their customer to set up a part of their data center. As a part of accepting the order they committed a completion date....let's say 30days...

Like any other efficient company they(Company A) don't maintain any inventory for network equipments. So when they received the Order...they immediately place an order to their vendor (ABC Corp). Here is the flow to make it more clear...

Customer (new data center)--->Company A(Provider of Data Center Services)---->places order for routers to their vendor(ABC Corp)



Vendor ABC Corp enters the Order for Routers into their E-Business Suite's Order Management System. They are one of the big vendors...and receives thousands of Orders from various clients all over the globe hence very hard to pay attention to each and every order. One of the OM clerk picks up the order and does a credit check.....credit check fails....order is put on a hold....

Company A (Provider of Data Center Services) is waiting for the arrival of the shipments from their vendor....totally unaware of what's going on with the credit hold...on their order...They are now only 15 days away from their committed date...to their customer. Left with no choice they call up the Vendor...Vendor informs them about credit hold on their account....Company A provides the details....and Credit hold is cleared...Order is back on track....

Who is at risk here?

Company A....and of course Vendor ABC Corp

  1. Because of delays from Vendors...customer satisfaction is suffering as they will miss the committed date.
  2. If these issues are notified in time...as and when they happen....Company A can take pro-active measures....and avoid the problem....bottom line unless Company A completes the data center setup ....they can not bill the customer.....Small issue on the vendor site....resulting in delay of "Bill-To-Customer"
  3. Company A may decide not to do business with Vendor ABC...because their system does not notify them of the problems ahead of time...

Order Status?

Its not just about credit hold...Order's can be stuck at many places within the overall Order-To-Cash cycle...

1. Booking
2. Shipment
3. Invoice
4. Payment not received...

For every such situation.………..Order Management System(…and related systems like Fulfillment, Receivables etc..) should provide real-time monitoring of Orders and provide a status to the end customer..……….image.



What's the Solution?

Oracle's Order Management system implements most of its Order functionality through 11i Workflows...called as Header Level workflow and Line Level workflow...These are responsible for completing the Order till its in closed status....

Customer's can take advantage of one of the coolest technology of 11i called as Business Event System to raise events at the appropriate steps during the entire Order-To-Cash cycle....These are real-time events and are raised as and when the order cycle reaches that point of interest...

For example in above scenario...I can raise an event after the "Booking" of the order...I know for sure that...all the order data is validated and order is created within the OM system...External parties can be either notified or they can check the status of their Orders by accessing some Portal UI...cab ne very easily built using Oracle FMW...

More on Solution ...in my next blog


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