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There has been a bumper crop of new customer stories that have appeared in the last few weeks on the customer success website.  It's always an interesting trip through them to see the bewildering variety of ways in which Oracle technology is helping businesses across EMEA in all sorts of ways.  Although Cloud, Social and Mobile figure highly among the hot topics of the moment, it's worth pausing to reflect that the technology doesn't have to be bleeding edge, fashionable and cool for it to make a critical contribution to an organisation's success.  Oracle's portfolio includes a huge breadth of solid business functionality which is underpinning customer success quietly and efficiently.

Take, for example, the Oracle JD Edwards portfolio of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities:

  • In Spain, Original BUFF used Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One to optimize end-to-end manufacturing processes for more than 150 designs in their headwear collection, as well as numerous other personalized sporting-apparel designs. The company was also able to improve inventory and assembly-line visibility, reallocating staff and materials as needed to improve the time-to-market.
  • Reducing administration costs, boosting efficiencies, maximising earnings - these are the kind of improvements that are key to business success.  Atrium European Real Estate, a Netherlands-based leading owner, operator, and developer of shopping centres in Central and Eastern Europe, implemented Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One to achieve all of these.  

Another ERP success story comes from Gulf Air, which operates out of Bahrain and Manama in the Middle East. Having been a user of Oracle Database since 1995, the company has now installed Oracle E-Business Suite.  As a result, Gulf Air can now complete its payroll in minutes rather than hours, and can certify a new supplier in a day rather than a week. 

Even something as basic as intelligent use of the database brings its business rewards.  In Germany, Stifterverband upgraded its Oracle Database to provide an ever-increasing number of administered foundations—currently almost 600—with professional services, including asset management and accounting.  Stiftverband also took advantage of modern Oracle Database capabilities, such as Active Dataguard and parallel backup and recovery, to achieve the performance, availability, scalability, and reliability required to run mission-critical asset- and financial-management applications for hundreds of client.  So now its Oracle Database is the single source of truth which forms such an important basis for its business.  

This "single source of truth" idea is often of critical importance when it comes to organisations getting benefit Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technology:

  • Another story from the Middle East underlines the value of BI.  Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD) collects and analyses .statistics on behalf of the Government of Abu Dhabi. As Mohamed Al Marri, SCAD's Director, Information Technology, put it, "The Oracle business intelligence platform addressed all of our issues—from foreign trade data security and governmental compliance, to the ability to automate a manually intensive reporting process."  SCAD reduced statistics processing time by 60% and also improved overall data aggregation and dissemination.
  • Oracle's BI platform delivered competitive advantage to Indaver, in Belgium, which offers high-quality, sustainable, and cost-efficient total waste management solutions for industrial companies and public authorities in many countries across Europe.  At Indaver, e-service plays a critical role in customer service and the company's commitment to sustainability. With Oracle BI, it delivers richer reporting and insight to its industrial customers; this Business Intelligence capability is the keystone of its customer portal.
  • And BI, in combination with EPM, can deliver significant cost savings, too.  An example of this is illustrated by SITA in Switzerland, a world-leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions (almost every airline and airport in the world is a SITA customer). Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect and Oracle Business Intelligence helped it simplify a complex and fragmented legacy IT landscape by consolidating multiple systems, thereby achieving a 20% cost saving in direct operational costs for the finance department and improved efficiency within the finance function by processing transactions right first time and by eliminating the need to consolidate financial information from multiple sources.

Consolidation was very much the order of the day for Universiteit Twente, another Netherlands-based customer.  The university was faced with an ageing infrastructure, bedevilled by unplanned downtime and performance issues.  It took the consolidation route and replaced 15 database servers with just five Oracle Database Appliance units. By doing this it tripled its database transaction processing capability, improved the stability of more than 50 databases and, so far, has run for over a year without downtime. 

Oracle Database Appliance is, of course, one of Oracle's Engineered Systems, which are proving to be massively successful across the region. Another is Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, which has formed the basis for running the business applications for Banca Transilvania in Romania. There's a very detailed case study description of the success enjoyed by the bank as a result of adopting Exalogic:  a 2-to-8-fold improvement in performance, an uptime of 99.9%, server utilisation down to 35% from 90% and a reduction in CRM application setup time from over a week to just a couple of days.

Staying with the Financial Services industry, it should not be forgotten that Oracle, through FLEXCUBE, offers an industry-leading capability - a comprehensive, integrated, interoperable, and modular solution that enables banks to manage evolving customer expectations.  Two recent examples have been added to the customer success site:

Stay tuned to this blog for some more leading-edge stories about customers across EMEA and their success - but let's not forget that all the modern, hot technologies are built upon decades of solid R&D which have created IT solutions that deliver measurable business success.

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