Thursday Jul 30, 2009

DirTracer, Pkgapp and SLX

Alo all,

I received good news from the Big Admin admins today, the new DirTracer and Pkgapp versions are online!

The following versions are now available here on Big Admin. For information on the latest changes in this update, please see my previous blog - DT 6.0.7 Coming soon!

DirTracer 6.0.7 Photo © Lee Trujillo

Pkgapp 3.2

I have also released the SLX 02 DirTracer Quickstart on SLX (Sun Learning Exchange) - "This video is a Quickstart guide to getting DirTracer6 running in a short amount of time using Configurator 6. I also step through a real example of how DirTracer runs using the config file created by Configurator."

Finally, I am in production of the latest DirTracer SLX video "Server Impact".  Using Slamd, Cacti and DirTracer I plan on showing exactly what impact a Directory Server will see from DirTracer runs based on different run/problem types.  More on this later.



Tuesday May 26, 2009

DirTracer now DS7 compatible!

 Yes it's true!  DirTracer now works with DS7!It's the Tubes

I was fortunate to get access to DS7 during the Directory Masters event in New Jersey.  While there I was able to quickly install DS7 and migrate an old dead DS6.2 instance.  I ran DT 6.0.6 against this new instance and was ecstatic to see it ran with 0 errors.  In reality DS Development had moved two commands but DT had used its defaults to guess things like install type (zip/native) and where the dsrk's ldapsearch and ldapmodify were located.

Today I decided to revisit these two items and found it was easy as pie to change; only took a few minutes.  I had to copy/paste and change approximately seven lines of code (mostly path based) and that was it. 

To mirror the DT version I used when DS6 was released, I will now re-version this as DirTracer 7.0.0 or DT7.  While DT7 works perfectly with DS7,  I'm not saying DT7 won't change.  In fact I'm planning many new features for DT7 for its first

Sun Microsystems dirtracer 7.0.0 Solaris Sparc                        05/26/2009
\* Checking Config File                  [success 1211182548 != 3006111464]
\* Using config file                     [./dirtracer.config]
\* OS Type and Version                   [SunOS 10 sparc]
\* Dirtracer mainloop will run for       [1 sec.]
\* Databin parameter check 1             [success]
\* Databin parameter check 2             [success]
\* Databin Found                         [/var/tmp/dtcapture]
\* Databin used is                       [/var/tmp/dtcapture/052609-02]
\* Relocating runtime log                [success]
\* Case Number                           [NOT AVAILABLE]
\* User is root. Continuing...          
\* PID Check     (18925)                 [success]
\* Process State                         [not hung]
\* High CPU tracking                     [off]
\* Mem Leak tracking                     [off]
\* Config Only Capture                   [on]
\* Pstack Force (-F)                     [off]
\* Instance Name is                      [/opt/dsee62/ldapinst3]
\* Using host name                       [s-6000a-t6300i-zone8-sca11]
\* Using host id                         [84aaaac8]
\* Ldap Tools Path                       [/opt/dsee7/dsrk/bin]
\* DS Version                            [7.0 - 64 bit - zip install]
\* Backends Found                        [sun]
\* Transaction log location              [/opt/dsee62/ldapinst3/db]
\*   Solaris tar found                   [/usr/sbin/tar]
\*   gzip found                          [/bin/gzip]
\*   elfdump found                       [/usr/ccs/bin/elfdump]
\*   pstack found                        [/bin/pstack]
\*   prstat found                        [/bin/prstat]
\*   netstat found                       [/bin/netstat]
\*   iostat found                        [/bin/iostat]
\*   vmstat found                        [/bin/vmstat]
\*   mpstat found                        [/bin/mpstat]
\*   ldapmodify found                    [/opt/dsee7/dsrk/bin/ldapmodify]
\*   ldapsearch found                    [/opt/dsee7/dsrk/bin/ldapsearch]
\* found                        [/opt/dirtracer/dirtracertools/]
\* Access/Error Logging                  [left as is]
\* Audit Logging                         [left as is]
\* Iostat available.     Executing...    [success]
\* Vmstat available.     Executing...    [success]
\* Mpstat available.     Executing...    [success]
\* (pmonitor) executed            [success]
\* interval(1) x checks(1)      [ run time (1 sec.)]
\* Entering Main Performance Gathering Loop
\* Loop 0 - 090526-132724                [pstack/prstat override on]
\* Exiting Main Performance Gathering Loop
\* Done gathering stats                  [ iostats vmstats etc]
\* Access/Error Logging                  [left as is]
\* Audit Logging                         [left as is]
\* Logging level                         [left as is]
\* Gathering needed customer defined configuration
\*   ls -laR of slapd Instance           [success]
\*   nsslapd-db-home-directory           [success]
\*   nsslapd-db-logdirectory             [success]
\*   nsslapd-directory db                [success]
\*   nsslapd-directory sun               [success]
\* Gathering Other Environment Information
\*   ns-slapd version                    [success]
\*   nsds50ruv dc=sun,dc=com             [success]
\*   cn=config search                    [success]
\*   rootdse search                      [success]
\*   idsktune                            [not found]
\*   dirtracer7.0.0                      [success]
\*   /etc/release                        [success]
\*   /etc/system                         cp: cannot access /etc/system
\*   /var/adm/messages                   [success]
\*   uname -a                            [success]
\*   uptime -a                           [success]
\*   date/time                           [success]
\*   ifconfig -a                         [success]
\*   mount -p                            [success]
\*   ps -aef                             [success]
\*   pflags                              [failed]
\*   pldd                                [failed]
\*   pmap                                [failed]
\*   pfiles                              [failed]
\*   prtconf -v                          prtconf: devinfo facility not available
\*   showrev -p                          [success]
\*   swap -s                             [success]
\*   pkginfo -l                          [success]
\*   df -k                               [success]
\*   logs - access: gathering 1 files   
\*       access                          [success]
\*       access rotation                 [success]
\*   logs - error: gathering 1 files    
\*       errors                          [success]
\*       error rotation                  [success]
\*   logs - audit: gathering 1 files    
\*       audit                           [success]
\*       audit rotation                  [success]
\*   config dse.ldif's                   [success]
\*   schema                              [success]
\*   shared mem files                    [skipped]
\* [ALERT 1] Shared Mem files were not included in the dirtracer tar file and were NOT copied/saved to the databin.
\*   ds lib files cksum                  [skipped]
\*   ds lib files elfdump                [skipped]
\* Writing used dirtracer.config.last    [success]
\* Copying dirtracer.config.last         [success]
\* Writing manifest-090526-132724.log    [success]
\* Packaging files                      
\*   Preparing files - pstack            [0 files]
\*   Preparing files - prstat            [0 files]
\*   Preparing files - netstat           [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-config-data    [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-logs           [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-mmap-files     [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-srch-monitor   [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-srch-cache     [success]
\*   Preparing files - ds-txnlogs-data   [success]
\*   Preparing files - os-info           [success]
\*   Preparing files - gcore             [0 files]
\*   Preparing files - crash             [0 files]
\*   Preparing Main file                 [success]
\* Leaving my temp files intact         

Operations Complete
1) Dirtracer capture data located in directory [ /var/tmp/dtcapture/052609-02 ]

Upload "only" this file to your cores directory at Sun

        [ dirtracer-84aaaac8-s-6000a-t6300i-zone8-sca11-090526-132724.tar.gz ]

                                Thank you.
                                Sun Software Technology Service Center (STSC)

1) You can check for updates to this script here:
        BigAdmin -

2) Release Notes and Guides located here:
        Docs -

3) GDD information located here:
        Docs -

4) Please send all Bugs and RFE's to the following address:
        Subject "dirtracer bug/rfe" -

5) Please send all other questions etc to:
        Subject "dirtracer feedback" -


ALERTS ENCOUNTERED: See /var/tmp/dtcapture/052609-02/ALERTS-090526-132718.log

1) Shared Mem files were not included in the dirtracer tar file and were NOT copied/saved to the databin.

As I mentioned two blogs ago I was preparing to start releasing DT Video (pocasts?) on the Sun Learning Exchange (SLX).  The first draft is complete for my first video titled "DirTracer Overview".  I will start production of the video later today or tomorrow and hope to release it to SLX quite soon.




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