Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

The New DirTracer (DT7) and Pkgapp (3.4) are here!

Just in time for the holidays!

I am pleased to finally announce new versions of not only Pkgapp, but DirTracer as well.Photo © Lee Trujillo

Updated: March 03, 2011 with the Oracle Support Doc ID's for these.

  • DirTracer7 (DT7) - Oracle Support Doc ID 1291443.1
  • Pkgapp 3.4 - Oracle Support Doc ID 1274584.1

Both products have gone through some serious revisions to make them not only easier on the processes being tracked, but also to make their captured data slimmer. Here is a complete list of the changes to each product.  Please see the included Reference Guide for more detail.

DT7 (DirTracer 7.0)


  1. Directory Server 7 compatible. DT7 can work with directory server versions 5.1, 5.2.x, 6.x as well as 7.0.
  2. Data capture size reduced by ½. Disk usage with a Basic Capture in DT6.0.7 was 4169 kb.  The same capture size is now 2191 kb.
  3. Internal tar files removed.
  4. Safer when used against ds processes...removed pflags, pldd, pmap, pfiles as they can create locking issues with the ds process on some os versions.  Currently the only use of these proctools are against gcores or cores if provided.
  5. Checks available databin space when a gcore is requested.  Will disable GRAB_GCORE if space is needed.  Helps customers from inadvertently filling disk space to 100% with a gcore.
  6. New validate data script provided.  Checks the manifest against the captured data.
  7. Now uses Pkgapp 3.3.
  8. Pkgapp captures are now included with final tar.  Customers no longer have to upload a second file for data analysis. 
  9. DT7 now has an epoch check feature alerting the user if the DT7 version being used is more than 120 days old.   A simple alert to have the customer check Big Admin for a newer version.
  10. Renamed the databin from a numbered path to include the name dirtracer.
  11. Changed the name of some config parameters.
  12. Changed how the high cpu tracking is seen.
  13. New data captured.
  14. Added an overall timer which is displayed at the end of the DT7 run.
  15. Renamed the README.dirtracer to README.changelog
  16. Created a text based README.FIRST.  This is a Quickstart Guide if you don't have time to read the full Reference Guide.
  17. Renamed the command file from "dirtracer" to dt7.  Also renamed the config file from "dirtracer.config" to "dt.conf" to make commands easier to type.


  1. Fixed the nsds50ruv search to be a scope sub search as opposed to one.
  2. Fixed (enhanced) the Control C feature so users can Control C once to exit the Main Loop; this advances DT7 to the Post Loop data gathering phase.  Control C a second time allows the user to exit even the Post Loop.
  3. Fixed a minor issue with how the values were store in the dt.conf.last file for the GATHER_N_XXXXX_LOGS parameters.
  4. Fixed the paths to check “carpet” type for Directory Server 7.
  5. Fixed an issue in Configurator which wouldn't return the stty echo if you used Control C.
  6. Fixed an issue where DT7 couldn't derive the correct bit mode (32 or 64bits) when SERVER_DOWN=1.  Both DT7 and Configurator ask the user for this information if it is not available.
  7. Fixed an issue where Pkgapp isn't gathered if DT7 is set to capture 2 gcores and is exited before the second gcore is gathered.

Pkgapp 3.3


  1. Added a new parameter -l.  This takes a known good pldd text file to be used in place of either a pldd against the pid or the core.  This allows admins to use a previously generated pldd text file, instead of attaching to the live pid or a possibly bad core file.
  2. Changed the overall usage. Both can be used on Solaris but the -p <pid> is now required on Linux.  This is due to a limitation of the ldd command and lack of pldd on Redhat and SuSE linux.  ldd misses most libs that a real process runs with. -p is now used for the <pid> and -c is now sed for the <core>.
  3. Added an Epoch (date of the first run) check to alert users when their pkgapp version is 120 days old.   Just a simple reminder to check if a newer version exists.
  4. Uses the /proc file system to quickly gather library names instead of using pldd etc (when a pid is used).  Solaris - uses pldd on the core if available. Linux - requires a pid to use the /proc fs as ldd is not accurate.
  5. Created a file which can be used to validate all the libraries gathered (as seen in the manifest) in the capture paths.
  6. Now copies the library-list and a README to the /var/tmp/pkgapp-history/
  7. Updated the post-run NOTES: section to include new links and information.


  1. Fixed bug 6881865: 6881865 Pkgapp 3.2 fails to exec gb when pkgapp is run from outside its install path
  2. Fixed bug 6882174: 6882174 Pkgapp 3.2 fails to gather jstack/jinfo

What is next?

Due to time constraints (my regular job, etc.) I had to cut development of DT7 off as DS7 was released.  I had a bigger list of the enhancements I wanted to add but ran out of time.  Here are a few of them I want to explore for DT7.1.

  1. Anonymizer. Data anonymizer for sensitive customer data.
  2. ReptopCk inclusion
  3. Search Debug Feature. Set debug: 4 on, play SRCH/MOD etc, set debug off. Great for debugging problem searches/mods.
  4. Add precise timing for all DT executions. Would get the date before each command ever done as well as adding it to a you can see each command executed in a linear list.
  5. For DS6 and 7 do an ls -laR on the CARPETPATH and INSTANCEPATH
  6. Rewrite the config file processor
  7. Add a new command processor. This would allow for more flexibility to run a specific search or use a Dtrace script.

More on these later.

I hope the new versions help you out, and remember you can always send me feedback for new improvements or for issues encountered.

 Happy Holidays and Regards,



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