OpenDS 1.0.0-build005 is now available

I have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build005, built from revision 3056 of our source tree, to our weekly builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is The direct link to download the DSML gateway is

I have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

NOTE: -- Even though it is displayed as an option in the QuickSetup installer, we do not support upgrading from previous OpenDS builds to the 1.0.0-build005 release. There are some changes in this release that are not backward compatible with the configuration used by previous releases, and these changes may cause the upgrade process to fail.

Detailed information about this build is available at Some of the changes that have been incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build004 include:
  • Revision 2796 (Issue #2030) -- Update the filesystem entry cache to provide the ability to use a compact entry encoding.

  • Revision 2804 (Issues #2104, 2162) -- Update a number of the command-line utilities so that they operate in interactive mode rather than non-interactive mode by default.

  • Revision 2806 -- Update the account status notification handler API so that it is possible to provide additional properties along with the notification. This makes it possible to develop account status notification handlers that can act more intelligently and/or provide more useful information.

  • Revision 2811 (Issue #2097) -- Fix a problem in which total update initialization can fail to send a message to the replication cache.

  • Revision 2820 (Issues #43, 72) -- Implement support for the numSubordinates and hasSubordinates virtual attributes. Also, provide a new dbtest tool, which can be used to perform low-level debugging for the backends using the Berkeley DB Java Edition.

  • Revision 2824 (Issue #581) -- Provide an SMTP account status notification handler that can be used to send e-mail messages whenever an account status notification is generated. The notification message can be sent to the user that is the target of the notification and/or a specified set of administrators. The messages that will be sent are generated based on user-editable templates.

  • Revision 2843 (Issue #1831) -- Implement complete support for an interactive mode for dscfg. The tool now provides a menu-driven interface for examining and updating the server configuration.

  • Revision 2856 -- Update the CreateRCScript tool so that it provides the ability to specify the user that the server should run as, and also lets the user specify the JAVA_HOME and JAVA_ARGS settings that should be used. Also, update the start-ds and stop-ds commands to support a "--quiet" argument, which causes them to not generate any output. This mode will be used when starting and stopping the server through the generated RC script.

  • Revision 2877 -- Fix a memory leak that can occur when a backend based on the Berkeley DB Java Edition is disabled.
  • Revision 2879 (Issue #2180) -- Fix a problem in the JE backend in which contention on an index key might cause that key to contain an incomplete or incorrect value.

  • Revision 2882 (Issue #2205) -- Fix a problem that caused replication to behave incorrectly when a replicated change included an attribute type that was not defined in the schema of the target server.

  • Revision 2889 (Issue #2158) -- Add support for storing compressed schema representations in the JE backend and re-enabled the compact entry encoding by default.

  • Revision 2894 -- Add number of new configuration definitions for objects that were previously using "generic" definitions. This will help make it much easier for users to create new instances of these kinds of configuration objects.

  • Revision 2899 -- Add new directory environment properties that can be used to indicate whether the server should maintain a configuration archive, and if so the maximum number of archived configurations that should be maintained.

  • Revision 2900 (Issue #1945) -- Update the server so that it has the ability to save a copy of its current configuration into a ".startok" file whenever it starts successfully. Also, expose an option in the start-ds script and in the directory environment configuration that provide the ability to start the server using the "last known good" configuration rather than the current configuration.

  • Revision 2904 (Issues #1481, 2031) -- Add the ability to set any Berkeley DB JE property in the server configuration, for both backends based on the Berkeley DB Java Edition and the filesystem entry cache.

  • Revision 2913 (Issue #257) -- Implement support for a plugin that can be used to maintain referential integrity within the server. Whenever an entry is deleted or renamed, then any references to that entry in a specified set of attributes will be removed or renamed accordingly.

  • Revision 2921 -- Update the LDAP connection handler to explicitly close the selector when it is disabled or the server is shut down to prevent problems with being unable to re-bind to that port when the server is restarted.

  • Revision 2926 (Issue #139) -- Implement support for a maximum blocked write time limit in the LDAP connection handler. If an attempt to write data to the client is stalled for too long, then the client connection will be terminated.

  • Revision 2932 (Issue #261) -- Implement support for a 7-bit clean plugin, which can be used to ensure that the values of a specified set of attributes will only be allowed to contain ASCII characters.

  • Revision 2933 (Issue #2218) -- Update the LDIFPluginResult object to provide a mechanism that can be used to indicate why an entry should not be imported/exported.

  • Revision 2935 (Issue #1830) -- Implement support for secure communication in the dsconfig utility.

  • Revision 2950 (Issue #2216) -- Implement support for an LDIF connection handler, which may be configured to watch for new LDIF files to be created in a specified directory and have changes defined in those files automatically applied in the server through internal operations.

  • Revision 2955 (Issue #2181) -- Implement support for delete and modify operations in the task backend.

  • Revision 2961 -- Update a number of command-line tools that can be used to perform operations either directly against a backend or through the task backend so that if a port number and/or bind DN are provided, then the tool will default to using the tasks interface.

  • Revision 2966 -- Implement support for encryption and authentication when using replication.

  • Revision 2974 (Issue #2155) -- Update the server configuration so that a password storage scheme is referenced by its DN rather than the storage scheme name.

  • Revision 2986 -- Update the replication changelog database so that it implements the backend API. This provides the ability to backup and restore the changelog database, and provides a groundwork for future LDAP access to the changelog contents.

  • Revision 2998 (Issue #1594) -- Provide the ability to expose a monitor entry for the server entry cache.

  • Revision 2999 (Issue #2057) -- Update the server to provide a basic framework to control when plugins will be invoked. In particular, this adds the ability to indicate whether a plugin should be invoked for internal operations, and it also adds the ability to have plugins that are notified whenever changes are applied through synchronization. The unique attribute plugin has been updated so that it can detect uniqueness conflicts introduced through synchronization and generate an alert to notify administrators of the problem.

  • Revision 3006 -- Make a number of minor changes to improve server performance.

  • Revision 3008 -- Update the server configuration handler to fix a problem in which some change listeners may not be notified when the associated entry is updated.

  • Revision 3024 -- Make a number of additional changes to improve server performance.

  • Revision 3031 (Issues #1335, 1336, 1878, 2201, 2250) -- Provide new utilities that can be used to configure the server to participate in a replication environment.

  • Revision 3033 -- Upgrade the Berkeley DB Java Edition library to version 3.2.44.

  • Revision 3044 -- Make a couple of minor changes to improve server performance.

  • Revision 3048 -- Add a new tool that may be used to manage tasks defined in the server.

  • Revision 3051 (Issue #2059) -- Display SHA-1 and MD5 digests of a certificate fingerprint instead of the complete certificate when prompting the user about whether the certificate should be trusted in the status panel.

  • Revision 3054 -- Update the server so that it is possible to call EmbeddedUtils.startServer after having previously called EmbeddedUtils.stopServer. Previously, the server shutdown process did not leave the server in a sufficient state to allow it to be restarted in the same JVM.


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