OpenDS 1.0.0-build004 is now available

I have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build004, built from revision 2794 of our source tree, to our weekly builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is The direct link to download the DSML gateway is

I have also updated the archive that may be used to install or upgrade OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at Some of the changes that have been incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build003 include:
  • Revision 2567 -- Update the global ACI definitions to ensure that anyone will be allowed to use the password policy request control by default.

  • Revision 2569 (Issue #2061) -- Update the "Who Am I?" extended operation handler so that it works properly in conjunction with the proxied authorization control and alternate SASL authorization identities.

  • Revision 2570 (Issue #2059) -- Update graphical panels to eliminate cases in which some panels used a different background color than the underlying window. Fix a problem in which it was necessary to click a button twice in order to accept a certificate. Make sure to display a more appropriate representation of the certificate fingerprint.

  • Revision 2584 (Issue #752) -- Implement support for subordinate modify DN plugins, which can be used to receive notification whenever an entry is renamed because of of its superiors was targeted by a modify DN operation.

  • Revision 2586 (Issue #1894) -- Provide the ability to clean up replication information in other servers when uninstalling an instance with replication configured. Also, eliminate the statuspanel.jar file to try to keep the total number of JAR files to a minimum (for easier embedded use), and minimize the number of classes that go in quicksetup.jar to reduce the initial download time when launching QuickSetup.

  • Revision 2595 -- Update the global ACI definitions to ensure that anyone will be allowed to use the authorization identity request control by default.

  • Revision 2601 (Issue #2087) -- Implement support for an identity mapper that can use regular expressions to transform the provided ID string before searching for the appropriate matching user.

  • Revision 2611 (Issue #423) -- Implement support for nested static groups. If the member/uniqueMember attribute of a static group references the DN of another group, then the members of that child group will be considered members of the parent group.

  • Revision 2612 -- Provide a new org.opends.server.util.EmbeddedUtils class that can be used to simplify the process of running the server as an embedded application. It includes methods for starting, stopping, and restarting an embedded server, as well as a means of determining whether the server is currently running.

  • Revision 2613 -- Provide a new @PublicAPI annotation type that can be used to tag code to indicate whether we consider it part of our public API, and if so what the stability level is for that code (i.e., how likely the interface is to change in an incompatible manner in the future) and the ways in which it may be accessed by third-party developers.

  • Revision 2614 (Issue #2098) -- Update the DIGEST-MD5 processing code to properly degrade to initial authentication whenever a client attempts to use subsequent authentication.

  • Revision 2619 (Issue #588) -- Implement support for the "list" tag in MakeLDIF. Note that the syntax for this implementation is not the same as the syntax used for the version of MakeLDIF provided with SLAMD, but it is more internally consistent with other tags that are part of MakeLDIF.

  • Revision 2641 -- Migrate to a new framework for message handling within the server. This will provide a much better framework for future I18n support, and moves the default English-language messages to properties files rather than having them embedded in the code.

  • Revision 2648 -- Correct a number of spelling errors identified in the English-language messages.

  • Revision 2650 -- Apply the @PublicAPI annotation to packages and classes that are part of the OpenDS codebase to indicate their anticipated role in our public API.

  • Revision 2660 -- Add a new convenience constructor for the InternalClientConnection class that makes it possible to create a connection authenticated as a given user by providing only that user's DN.

  • Revision 2664 -- Provide a new EmbeddedUtils.initializeForClientUse() method that can be used to initialize the proper internal structures so that OpenDS code can be more easily used for client-side use.

  • Revision 2687 (Issues #788, 791) -- Update the replication mechanism so that it has the ability to automatically repair inconsistencies that may be detected.

  • Revision 2706 -- Add a new internal LDAP socket implementation that provides a mechanism for leveraging third-party LDAP SDKs to perform internal operations in OpenDS. This makes it easier for applications that already support communication with external LDAPv3 directory servers to also interact with an embedded OpenDS instance. This capability has been tested with both JNDI and the Mozilla LDAP SDK for Java.

  • Revision 2707 -- Merge the installation and upgrade utilities into a single application. Now, when you launch QuickSetup via Java Web Start, you will be asked whether you want to install a new server or upgrade an existing installation.

  • Revision 2721 -- Implement support for an attribute uniqueness plugin, which can be used to ensure that the values for a specified set of attributes are all unique throughout the server (e.g., that no two users are allowed to have the same uid or e-mail address).

  • Revision 2736 (Issue #1602) -- Fix a problem in the replication code in which the removal of the entry at the root of a replication domain could cause a large number of changes to be replayed.

  • Revision 2737 (Issue #1804) -- Update the replication code so that the server can generate an administrative alert whenever a replication conflict is detected.

  • Revision 2743 -- Update the import-ldif and export-ldif tools so that they can be used to launch tasks to perform the import and export operations in addition to operating directly on the backend.

  • Revision 2748 (Issue #2134) -- Fix a problem in the configuration of VLV indexes that prevented them from being managed through the dsconfig tool.

  • Revision 2750 (Issue #2097) -- Fix a problem in the replication total update code that could cause initialization to fail if the replication code received any messages that were not related to the total update.

  • Revision 2755 (Issue #2103) -- Fix an issue with log rotation that could cause it to behave incorrectly if the time interval was changed and the new value was shorter than the previous value.

  • Revision 2757 -- Update the backup and restore tools so that they can be used to launch tasks in addition to operating directly on the backend.

  • Revision 2772 (Issue #2135) -- Add a configuration option that can be used to store entries using a more compact encoding.

  • Revision 2780 -- Update the default server configuration to ensure that the uniqueMember attribute type is indexed for equality.

  • Revision 2781 -- Add a tool that can be used to base64 encode or decode data provided as a string, contained in a file, or piped in via standard input.

  • Revision 2783 -- Update the lock manager configuration to provide a property that can be used to indicate whether fairness should be guaranteed for contended locks.

  • Revision 2784 (Issue #526) -- Add a mechanism for generating an RC script that can be installed on UNIX systems to configure the server to automatically start when the system boots. Also, update the stop-ds script so that if the server is to be stopped using a kill but no PID file is present, then the stop script will generate an error rather than trying to stop the server using a task (which is guaranteed to fail, since no credentials will have been provided).


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