OpenDS 0.9.0 is now available

I have just uploaded OpenDS 0.9.0, built from revision 2217 of our source tree, to our weekly builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is The direct link to download the DSML gateway is

I have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at Some of the changes that have been incorporated since OpenDS 0.9.0-build004 include:
  • Revision 2116 (Issue #1596) -- Fix problems in the access control handler in which it was not possible to use the userattr bind target if it contained an LDAP URL.

  • Revision 2118 (Issue #1797) -- Fix problems leading to potential deadlocks in the replication subsystem.

  • Revision 2127 (Issue #1799) -- Fix a problem with the upgrade utility that could cause upgrades to fail if SSL was enabled.

  • Revision 2131 -- Improve the replication monitoring information that the server makes available, particularly in the case of a replication server that is not connected to any directory server instances.

  • Revision 2135 (Issues #1455, 1480, 1575) -- Make a number of changes to the Berkeley DB JE backend, including adding the ability to manage a number of settings with the server online (e.g., indexes, entry index limit, substring length, entry compression).

  • Revision 2138 (Issue #1578) -- Support the use of alternate root bind DNs in the userdn bind target.

  • Revision 2143 -- Update the upgrade process to ensure that any files present in the previous installation's config directory but not in the config directory for the new instance are properly restored.

  • Revision 2144 -- Make the QuickSetup and QuickUpgrade dialog boxes use the same height.

  • Revision 2149 (Issue #1801) -- Improve the error message that is generated from the start-ds script if there is a problem with the Java environment. It should now say "Java 5.0 or higher" instead of just "Java 5.0", and if there is a chance that the problem was with the JAVA_ARGS values, then the message will also indicate that could be the culprit.

  • Revision 2157 (Issue #253) -- Provide a way to control the order in which plugins are invoked.

  • Revision 2161 -- Update the set of plugins included with the server so that they will look for changes to the set of registered plugin types and reject the change if any of the new plugin types are not appropriate.

  • Revision 2166 (Issue #751) -- Update the pre-parse and pre-operation plugin result objects to add the ability to skip core processing without skipping post-operation plugins. Also, make sure that post-response plugins are always invoked for all operations that get far enough in their processing to have called the pre-parse plugins.

  • Revision 2176 -- Add a new configuration option that makes it possible to control how the server should handle changes if it is unable to connect to a replication server.

  • Revision 2186 (Issue #849) -- Update the way that the password policy import plugin encodes passwords during an LDIF import. If an entry specifies a specific password policy, then its default storage schemes will use. Otherwise, it is possible to specify the default schemes that should be used. If all else fails, then the server will fall back on hard-coded default schemes (SSHA for user password values, and SHA1 for auth password values).

  • Revision 2190 -- Fix a problem in the server's configuration handler in which configuration changes made by internal operations may not be persisted to disk due to a failure to close the output stream.

  • Revision 2201 (Issues #292, 579, 1782, 1845) -- Add a new extended operation that can be used to interact with password policy state information, including getting and setting various state variables. Also, add a new manage-account tool that can be used to interact with this extended operation. Finally, fix a bug in which it was not possible for users to authenticate if their account had the pwdReset flag and last login time tracking was enabled.

  • Revision 2202 (Issue #461) -- Update the way that the server handles access control rules that include criteria involving an IP address so that its behavior is consistent with that exhibited by DSEE.

  • Revision 2208 (Issue #1674) -- Provide the ability to cancel install and upgrade processing.

  • Revision 2209 (Issue #1815) -- Fix a problem in which the uninstaller has the potential to remove server configuration and/or log files even if the user selected to retain them.


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