Thursday Aug 21, 2008

I was checking out some of the pictures from my flickr groups and came across some fantastic pictures of Santorini. On looking at the author's photo stream, I discovered they had created a "cool sign", to decorate their profile page, which I immediately had to check out. So here's mine...

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Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Help with making a personal feed using SaaS

I have for a while tried to create a personal feed of stuff I put on the internet, in the hope that someone might be interested. Historically this has been a planet but I now have a FriendFeed account. I am considering aggregating my bookmarks from into the feed and wonder what my correspondents, that's you that is, think. The reason I worry is that I issue a lot of bookmarks.

The current feed is at My Planet, (hover over the link for a preview). It has been implemented using an old version of planet planet, and so is available in RSS, ATOM and HTML (?). However it has a couple of problems (see below). One of my facebook correspondents pointed me at FriendFeed. Prior to finding this, Richard Morgan pointed me at, (see below). One of the things that makes friendfeed so useful is that it has a generic feed service, so if their specific services, and they have a lot, don't suit then you can use the generic service, which is how I subscribe this blog, and my bliki to the friendfeed.

One neat gadget they offer is a weblog widget, which looks like this...

<script TYPE="text/javascript" SRC=""> </script>

I am currently post into the feed from my blog, my bliki blog, my google reader shares, my flickr and my twitter. The Flickr subscription consumes both my photostream and favourites.

The ones I have syndicated at planet/davelevy and not yet syndicated on friend feed include my bookmarks at, which is the nearest thing I have to a microblog. You have to work at it and it tells you what I'm reading on the internet i.e. what I am thinking about not what I am doing. I also syndicate my digg posts at my planet and I have displayed the digg stories on the full article page.

The final feed consumed at my planet is my slynkr posts. I have decided to stop using this. See Au revoir Slynkr, below.

This leaves my plazes feed as unforwarded. Since I use the plazer, each time I move computer or network, it generates a new plaze. This can lead to many entries for the same place on a single day. I expect that people want to track location, and most importantly timezone, not my connections. The plazes feed needs a filter to restrict the feed to first of day and change of location and I have considered using planet or venus to do this.

The one feed that I think would add to the Friendfeed is my bookmarks. On some days, when researching something I may write number of bookmarks in quite short periods. Is this a burden to my correspondents?

When done, I can pump friend feed back through planet for any legacy users. Perhaps I should check its actually used by anyone other than me.

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Rendering a feed into HTML with Grazr

While researching this development of my personal feed, I looked for a generic client side javascript to consume and display feeds, a bit like the twitter and delicious widgets in the sidebar, although these gadgets are tightly tied to their authors own feeds. I found GRAZR, which has offers an aggregation service for its members and a widget against any feed for casual visitors. It has a bunch of themes, and I have illustrated one here....

Grazr <script DEFER="defer" TYPE="text/javascript" SRC=""></script>

I was looking to embed some of both my published feeds and those I wish to syndicate, having read, onto my HTML sites. This looks like it might do. The example above is my bookmarks feed from delicious and so doesn't have different icons nor different italicised feed names; it is only one feed. I expect one has to use their aggregator to get different icons.

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