Wednesday Aug 30, 2006

The Beauty of Grass

I visited Bury Court yesterday which claims to have two of the finest contemporary gardens in the country, designed by Christopher Blakely-Hole & Peter Oudolf. It's been explained to me that 'contemporary' means lots of grasses.


Front garden at Bury Court


And a 'Tea House', well that's what I think it looks like and with the pond we get the now mandatory water feature to contrast with the stone of the brick work and paths, the wood of the construction and the metal of the planters and furniture.


Front garden at Bury Court


More pictures in my Bury Court set at my flickr, including some of the non-grass plants i.e. flowers that took my eye, although these also include a Vine!


Monday Aug 14, 2006

A more exciting journey than expected

We arrived after a long and interesting journey. We've done the journey before and so the surprises were all at Gatwick and due to the emergency security processes. We had taken the advice to get their early and so were fortunate enough to be one of the first to be checked in, although somehow we still got seats nearer the back than front.

The security guards were very strict, confiscating throat sweets and a suduko puzzle, but since no-one had any hand luggage (and we were pretty early), the security checks were actually quite quick. We also didn't have to charge onto the plane to make sure that our hand luggage could be fitted in among the bastards that think a suitcase is hand luggage. (If its got wheels, its not hand luggage in my book, put it in the hold and wait for it to catch up with you at the other end. Here's another hint, if you take a bag (or lets face it a second bag) that's bigger than intended, you deny space to others; this is not the behaviour of good neighbours.) Despite not having any hand luggage, sufficient people in front of me found enough to place in the overhead racks to delay my exit from the plane, although why I worried I don't know since my holiday luggage had to catch up with me before I could leave Kalamata.

We travelled from Kalamata to our final destination by Taxi. This was fortunately an air conditioned Merc. So I tried to settle down and admire the mountain and sea views. This is in fact very important since double white lines in the centre of the road do not seem to mean either do not overtake, nor this is the centre of the road. I also started to get worried when our driver started to use his mobile phone, but I soon relaxed when I realised that he didn't use his second hand for steering anyway, so we were in no more danger. NB Its illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving a car in the UK.

Bottom line, Gatwick is always operating at the edge of its limits and it can be quite unpleasant, this was one of the easiest journeys through the airport I've ever had and the flight may not have been the most dangerous part of the journey :)

This was posted on the 24th August and back dated to the day it occurred.


Sunday Aug 06, 2006

More Real Burgers, or is that Realer

I really like Burgers, which as a Brit has been a real problem over the turn of the century. Fortunately, cooks are begining to concentrate on this glorious food once again. I mentioned an article in the Guardian in this blog about 6 months ago and they have had another look in their Readers' Restaurants column.

I will try and tag them over the next day or so with the burger tag. Maybe I should build a Yahoo MapApp of these sites Yeah, right!


Thursday Apr 13, 2006

Clash of the Titans in the UK TV Industry

I have been catching up on my reading over the last few days and was browising the March copy of Management Today, {now linked in my sidebar} in which Chris Allen, the CEO of ITV was interviewed. In the interview he boasted that ITV2 is now the most watched digital channel in the UK, eclipsing Sky One. Its an illustration that something other than channel is important.

He also discussed convergence and defended his purchase of "Friend Reunited" as a platform for convergence. He says,

"Four or Five years from now, nobody will differentiate between the screens in their home - they will do everything"

I do hope so. The home area network is clearly a problem domain requiring solutions design expertise. Now how can I pipe my multi-channel into the bedroom?


Wednesday Apr 12, 2006

Turf Wars!

Francis Dashwood, famous rake and eighteenth century politician, it seems was also a garden designer of note. Dashwood, founder of the Dillettanti Society and the Hellfire club pursued a garden vendetta with the Cobham family , owners of the grounds at Stowe. The National Trust currently manage both properties, and highlight this feud in the current issue of their house magazine.


Tuesday Mar 07, 2006

Transaction to Relationship

I've travelled to Leeds to participate in a Sun "Show & Tell" tomorrow and on the way stopped for a tasty Burger King double whopper. I saw advertised on a poster on the site

It seems to be another site offering the brokerage of personalised number plates, car registrations and/or private number plates. Despite the .com address, it looks like UK only. I checked a couple of plates that might interest me and some of the prices seem a bit steep. Interestingly, the site offers finance on the more expensive plates. An illustration of the conversion of a (brokered) transaction into a long term relationship. Pretty clever!

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Tuesday Feb 28, 2006

about: Yahoo Maps

I've been checking out the Yahoo Maps beta. I've not yet posted an application yet but I have discovered the following links which I need to return to sometime.

Yahoo Maps Beta Demo - San Francisco :: Yahoo! Maps Developer Community, a yahoo group :: Yahoo! - Simple API Reference Manual :: Yahoo! Map Services - Sample App. :: Yahoo's Sample .xml :: GeoRSS.

I also did a query to discover the latitude and longtitude of Oxford, the centre of the UK, and discovered these links. Oxford, Long/Lat @ Google :: Oxford @ Wikipedia :: UK Towns.

These links are posted here to avoid flooding my, but this article will be linked.





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