Monday Apr 20, 2009

And a surprise on my arrival home

Travelling home today; the hotel had one internet terminal in the lounge so I have been out of contact during the weekend. We visited the sites and some of my pictures, including this one are uploaded into my barcelona set at flickr.

Sagrada Familia

I was in the air as the press releases about Oracle and Sun were circulating. I got a text message when I landed. Twitter had turned itself off while I was abroad and this is probably a good thing, but it was old fashioned SMS that let me know and now like you, I just have to wait and see what happens.


Thursday Sep 18, 2008

Easy Peasy, ezweb and ubuntu

I have EZweb, see also ezweb, fast new dynamic mashups, running inside an Ubuntu 8 VM on my windows Laptop.

{short description of image}

The installation instructions were almost perfect, now I need to see how permit the VM to serve external systems. Also I am using Django not Apache, so I need to understand

  • how to invoke a start/stop script for it
  • or how to allow it to run in an apache server
  • or how to permit apache to act as a proxy for Django.

The later will hopefully be very similar to making snipsnap work behind apache, which I have done on the Qube.

Now to build an Application?


Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

ezweb, fast new dynamic mashups

The real reason for meeting with the Telefonica reresentative was to gain some familairity with the NESSI project they lead, called EZWeb. This is hosted on the Morfeo Project site, and these projects have significant support from the Spanish Government. EZ Web has an english language installation & documentation page and for Ubuntu there is an apt script, documented on the web. I am just booting my Virtual Box Ubuntu VM to see if it works.

It requires Postgres or MySQL, Python and Django, documented on itsother operating systems page, I'll may check this out and see how hard it is to install on my Open Solaris VM, or I may bring up another Nevada VM.

Juan Jose demonstrated the ease of use of the mashup tool, and it'd be cool to have a go. This may even by the tipping point/use case that gets me to move off the Qube onto something better.


Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Spanish Medicine

After the coffee break, Dr Joan Bigora spoke about IT adoption in Barcelona City Hospital.

He is the Managing Director and has an interesting view on what he needs to know about IT as the MD of a hospital. I was speaking the day before to a Sun colleague, about CEO's saying suppliers need to talk their language; they are not interested in IT. It's clear to me that IT is the business of a growing number of CEOs. Unless they understand both the problems it can solve and the capability of the technology, they'll get their key investments wrong. So when I say he had an interesting view, he obviously felt he needs to know this stuff.

Medicine is the obvious ultimate knowledge industry. IT can thus add tremendous value in many areas. This is the third presentation I have had from spanish people about IT in healthcare, specifically examining the success of remote healthcare systems, using new age monitors and video conferencing for case care work and even remote diagnosis. They may have something, and it is remarkable how simple some of these initiatives are. I expect that third wave medical systems will need to deal with massive scale and some very interesting provisioning and change management problems, and even the spanish seem not yet to be at this point yet, which Dr Bigora acknowledged.


Sunday Oct 28, 2007

Another look at Seville

Over the weekend, the Guardian Travel Section revisited Seville. In an article called "You want Moor!", they review things to do and see, places to stay, drink and dance.


Patio de las Doncellas, Real Alcazar


The Patio de las Doncellas in the Real Alcazar, taken on my visit last year.


Sunday Jun 18, 2006

Visiting Spain

The final article from this weekend's Guardian worth remembering was a sponsored editorial advert by the spainish tourist board (their Uk web site) called, "Historic Spain, Explore the world heritage cities. I shall be filing this away and using it to plan one of my holidays sometime soon. The hyperlink is not to the editorial, which I can't find, but to the Tourist Board's "World Heritage Cities" web page.


Sunday Apr 09, 2006

A trip to Seville

We got back from Seville on Thursday. What a marvellous place. I havn't been to spain for over 30 years and never been to Andalusia. One of our inspirations to do the journey was the Cafe Mauresque in Canterbury. While there we visited the Alcazar, the Cathedral & the Giralda, the highest point in the city and some of the best views.

The Giralda, Seville

The world famous Giralda.

Patio of the Casas de los Mercederes

We stayed just around the corner from the Cathedral, and also visited the Fine Art Gallery, where one of the finest religous collections in Spain is located. The building is marvellous, a mujedahr two story building built around thee courtyards with gardens and fountains. The last couple of rooms have some more modern pictures of Andalusian life. We also took a boat ride from Torre del Oro to the Calatrava Bridge, which gave us some great views of the city.

We made sure that we visited a fine selection of cafes and tapas bars, guided as ever by "The Rough Guide". The picture above is the patio in our hotel, a nice place to relax, but sadly no bar - room service only.

One of my holiday reviews wouldn't be complete without a comment on the taxi drivers, both of who were bonkers. Actually Seville is not that easy to get to from the UK, only BA & Iberia do the journey directly from Heathrow, and while Seville airport was better than my last experience at Barcelona, there is only one cafe the other side of security barriers so you might want to use the cafe's on the passanger side before passing through security.

I have posted several pictures to my flickr site and created a Seville group. I'll be uploading the rest over the next couple of days. I used the seville tag at to collect my links used for researching the trip.





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