Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Rendering a feed into HTML with Grazr

While researching this development of my personal feed, I looked for a generic client side javascript to consume and display feeds, a bit like the twitter and delicious widgets in the sidebar, although these gadgets are tightly tied to their authors own feeds. I found GRAZR, which has offers an aggregation service for its members and a widget against any feed for casual visitors. It has a bunch of themes, and I have illustrated one here....

Grazr <script DEFER="defer" TYPE="text/javascript" SRC=""></script>

I was looking to embed some of both my published feeds and those I wish to syndicate, having read, onto my HTML sites. This looks like it might do. The example above is my bookmarks feed from delicious and so doesn't have different icons nor different italicised feed names; it is only one feed. I expect one has to use their aggregator to get different icons.

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Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

Whats wrong with secondbrain

Prior to finding FriendFeed, Richard Morgan pointed me at This is both a personal feed aggregator with a social networking dimension. It has a limited number of services, which given I blog on roller and snipsnap, causes me an issue in that I can't incorporate my blogs into a second brain feed; they don't have services for these blogs. Its also missing a twitter service. Shame really, I wish them well.

See Jonathan's comments, it seems it does have a twitter service; I didn't look hard enough :( .

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Aurevoir Slynkr

While researching an article on personal feed aggregators, I came to the conclusion that I will stop posting to slynkr; the service was built as a prototype/demonstrator, and has become too unreliable, its hardly ever available. I will continue to experiment with it as it remains a useful opensource project that can act as a community focus, having advantages that bulletin boards lack.

I liked its tagging feature, although the retrieval interface for tags was not as good as it might have been.

I may run one up on Things I think interesting and want to share, I'll pump out via my google share, articles I want to tag, I'll use

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Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

My Twitter Manifesto

Twitter birdAfter my trip to Italy, where there was no broadband in my hotel room, I decided to reinvestigate twitter. So I am now broadcasting using it and also following some colleagues and friends.

I do not intend to use it as a microblog, but mainly to let people know about my access to the internet, "Will e-mail work?", and maybe the phone networks, since some places I may be visiting over the next couple of years may not have such great communications infrastructure, although how I do this without phone or web will be interesting. However, it might be useful, if I forget my charger lead. I do not expect to twit every day, so its not a major overhead for those of you who consume twitter on the mobile phone. I have also forwarded my feed to my facebook profile and I have a twitter feed URL, which can be consumed by any RSS reader, although not it seems my Sony Erissson's reader.

I am consuming those I follow's feeds using my phone. This is, as I said, a Sony Ericsson and has a pretty small screen and although it does have a wap browser, the browsing experience is not very satisfactory. If you are a frequent poster, you'd best stay interesting, as one of the reasons I first dropped twitter was that I found consuming it on the phone too intrusive. This time I shall probably stop following those who post to much. I have already tried and stopped using the sun bloggers twitter feed.

Another reason to be mannerly is that as a consumer, one only gets 250 messages/week, at which point one has to restart the feed.  With twitter, we may have returned to the days of Usenet, where authors were asked to consider reader's bandwidth, but its now frequency, not verbosity that's the potential problem.





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