Thursday Jun 01, 2006

New Age Industrial Plant

I also had a quick run through some of the Media projects incorporated in Media Architecture & Technology project including the open source DRM efforts and a Sun micro (and therefore disruptivly cheap) set-top box. Again I didn't spent enough time to really understand how my current customer can really obtain value from these projects, so some more research is required. These projects have both been raised with me since my return to the UK.

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Thursday Apr 13, 2006

Clash of the Titans in the UK TV Industry

I have been catching up on my reading over the last few days and was browising the March copy of Management Today, {now linked in my sidebar} in which Chris Allen, the CEO of ITV was interviewed. In the interview he boasted that ITV2 is now the most watched digital channel in the UK, eclipsing Sky One. Its an illustration that something other than channel is important.

He also discussed convergence and defended his purchase of "Friend Reunited" as a platform for convergence. He says,

"Four or Five years from now, nobody will differentiate between the screens in their home - they will do everything"

I do hope so. The home area network is clearly a problem domain requiring solutions design expertise. Now how can I pipe my multi-channel into the bedroom?


Tuesday Mar 14, 2006

Doing more with the Phone

I also went to a presentation entitled "Connected Life" given by a spokesman for Yahoo!. While much of what he spoke was a 'pitch' for Yahoo's new mobile portal "Go! Yahoo", he did have some interesting insights into how people may come to use the internet. I still believe that the screen size and resolution of today's phones seriously inhibit they're use as internet access devices for web content. Lets face it, I'll often print documents onto A4 paper to read it, but Yahoo are offering services around multiple access devices, so if you need a keyboard, use one, if you're on the road use a phone. I am slowly returning to Yahoo using their Groups, Instant Messenger and as documented here..., their portal's RSS integration and am looking at Yahoo Maps. (See my blog here...). I am just getting a new phone, with a Java VM, so I'll wait for their Java launch and see if its usefull.

I went for a quick trip round the exhibition stopped by at the three Sun stands, advertising ourselves as experts/providers of Business Grid's and optimised Data Centre architecture and technology. There were a bunch of Sun's Galaxy and SPARC systems on display, including UltraSPARC T1 based systems, I finished the day visiting the "BT in Finance" stand.

Again, written after the event and uploaded on 21 March 2006 and back dated to the time of occurrence. Sorry its taken me so long to post this.

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Monday Mar 13, 2006

Game Playing on the Move (with EA)

Lincoln Wallen, the CTO of Entertainment Arts Mobile and interviewed recently at spoke to the "Telco & Media" breakout session, at the best attended session of the day. I checked out EAs job site a couple of years ago and discovered a vacancy for "Vice President (MIS)" which sounded pretty impressive, but as I read more about it, it became clear that this job was not the No 1. It made me wonder what the CTO of an organisation like EA did and needed to know. Well, now I've heard him speak.

Lauren's presentation (not available publicly) reviewed both demand and supply factors to their organisation, and touched on his companies positioning and the competitive dynamics. He placed demand in the context of multiple channels, including retail, broadcast and mobile. Given EA is a content publisher, it was a very technology orientated presentation, exploring what tomorrows devices would look like and the impact these technology changes will have on the market. It reminds me of the disappointment I felt when reading an interview with one of the authors of the original Doom who banged on about pixel rendering and density rather than story development, depth and what made the game a great playing experience. Despite this personal reprise, Lincoln, maintained a relevance reviewing and forecasting market trends and suggesting (maybe hinting) at his organisations response. He also ensured we never forgot that playing experience is key to success. One interesting feature is that he produced some charts talking about the number of hours spent on multi-media leisure consumption. It just makes me wonder where the hours come from, I expect I'm paying for it. Interestingly, he did not necessarily talk about if the new technologies and processing capability would change the nature of content, although he did suggest that surfing Google is a leisure activity for some - I'd have expected E-Bay, but the interesting thing is the recognition that games/video have non-game/video competition, and that consumer's time, not budget may be the constraint. (This is similar to one of their most successful game franchises, "The Sims", where time is the key constraint.)

Again this was written after the event and uploaded on 21 March 2006 and back dated to the time of occurrence. Sorry its taken me so long to post this.

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