Friday Aug 15, 2008

Rethinking Twitter

I have been arguing with Constantin Gonzalez about the best way to use twitter. He ended one of his mails to me with the advice to get a better phone and/or client. Yesterday twitter announced that they were terminating SMS transmissions in the UK. Oh Hoorah! So it looks like I need to take his advice.

I use a Sony Ericsson K610i, which I have also been advised to change and so I have the choice of using a WAP service or looking for a Java application. So far I have found

The twitter blog article offers some other advice including, this looks neat but does anyone know what their business model is? It also suggests looking at a page on getsatisfaction, where a lively discussion is taking place.

I have had a quick look at the two wap sites. looks OK, but how shall I get it to discriminate between those I want on the phone and those I don't. Its font size is smaller than twitter's, so harder to read, but more white space.


Tuesday Jan 16, 2007

Snipsnap v1.0b3

I've finally upgraded my wiki to the most recent version. I'm using snipsnap and have written about the upgrade to the Java version 1.0b3 and implementing a backup at their site [ Upgrade Snipsnap | Automated Backup]. I had previously been using version 1.0b2 running in tomcat.

It has also fixed a couple of other problems, the proxy server now works properly and the database is no longer port aware, the article RSS feeds are now available.


Tuesday Nov 14, 2006

Java goes open source

Java went opensource over the weekend under the GPL. Its now free to read and change; its been free to use forever!

I wonder if it'll make "Duke" more popular. I wonder if it'll save me from having to install Java on my Linux systems when I go through my regular rebuilds. :)

Here's an affinity button:-


Get the Source


You can get them here....


Friday Jun 02, 2006

Slot Car or SPOT car?

We finished the day by checking out a SPOT managed slot car. This combines Real Time Java with the Sun SPOT sensors to manage a slot track racing car. This is a development of this year's Jave One Slot Car Racing Programming Challenge, which has photo's and an excellent description of the demo.

The sunweb Open House Page also has a picture.


Thursday Jun 01, 2006

The Technology behind Virtual Worlds

I popped in to see Jeff Kesselman (who blogs here...) & Seth Proctor (blogs {occassionally here...) at their Project Darkstar demo. There's no question but that Project Darkstar demos always make an impact. Project Darkstar is a java based server platfrom designed for writing massively scalable games. We're seeking to offer our unique technology platform for applications developers a proposition to games authors and hosts. You can see their sites; a project dashboard or a Sun Labs spotlight article or their project page at I didn't and havn't spent the time getting to know the project, the queues are usually so long, but as Telco's move from "triple play" to "quad-play", it'd be good to learn more.

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Friday Mar 10, 2006

Green Robot on SnipSnap

I showed a screenshot of a snipsnap theme based on the colour green and bluerobot here.... The exported .xml file is available at my Snipsnap site here... and now also at here.... I shall probably upload it somewhere more obvious when I get round to it.

I'd be grateful if someone tested it for me, and let me know.


Sunday Jan 29, 2006

Qube Diaries!

I've finally got an instance of Snipsnap running on my Qube and I've mucked around with the look and feel to give it my "Green Robot" look which my home site also has, if you like it, you can go there and download it.


screen shot of my snipsnap front page


I have used the .war version of snipsnap and have thus had to install Java, tomcat and snipsnap; the Qube's Linux does not come with any of these! Once I got the downloads to work correctly, this is fairly simple.

Java went on easily as you'd expect. I just followed the installation instructions at I took the full J2EE SDK pack for Linux. With tomcat, I took the binary distribution (V4.1) for Linux from the apache tomcat site. (I can't rember why we only took V4.1, there was a reason; it might be because of the oldness of the linux distro, or it might be Snipsnap thing.) Anyway the install is just a cp [copy] command. I then wrote a rc.d script for tomcat which needs to know where the ${JAVA_HOME} directory is but otherwise I have invoked the start and stop scripts distributed with tomcat. (They're in the ./bin directory). I also had to dick around with the tomcat-users.xml file. Installing Snipsnap was even simpler, with the .war version, you just need to upload this using the tomcat manager screen. When I uploaded the .war to tomcat, I had renamed the .war to snipsnap.war. (I think this is where it inherits its namespace root from, but anyway, you don't want all that version stuff leaking into the database structure.) All that's left then is amending the CSS to develop a new theme. Again Snipsnap's documentation is quite good and my only problem was my own CSS coding.





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