Sunday Jun 15, 2008

Sailing in the Ionian Sea

This holiday had been a long time ambition of mine in order to see Ithaca, the legendry home of Oddessyus from the sea. Actually I wanted to land there and explore, but for various reasons, this didn't happen, and at least I have an excuse to return.

On the Beat

I chartered the boat from Sunsail, as part of their Kalamos flotilla and flew from Gatwick to Preveza in North West of Greece. We arrived in the evening and had a meal in one of the local taverna's in Paleros, a nearby village which also has an ATM. Our route involved sailing from Vounaki to Port Atheni in Meganissi, then onto Kalmos via the north channel, out into the inland sea and back to Port Leone. We then sailed to one house bay and east of Ithaca north to return to Port Atheni. We then sailed around Meganissi to Spartkhori and then back to Vounaki. I prepared a google map...

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I had one of my best beers ever at Port Atheni,

Port Atheni

not because it was a better beer, but because Port Atheni is such a pretty place, the sun was shining and we'd had such a great day. The rest of the pictures are in my Ionian Sea set on, my planning page is on my snipsnap bliki's Greece page.

This article has been backdated to the publication date. It was posted on 20th June.


Saturday Jun 07, 2008

In the path of Odysseus

I am packing for my holiday, I am off to Greece tomorrow, to sail in the Ionian Sea. I will have no access to the internet, hooray! You may catch me on Twitter as I shall have my phone with me. I thought about getting a Nokia N800, but havn't. So I'll have to wait 'till I get home to post my pictures and post about it.

Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

More Holiday ideas?

What a busy week, but I have a day at home writing up today. So the first job is to throw away the weekend's papers! The Guardian's Travel section did an article on Britain's top beaches and I was interested to see that I have been to several of them including Shoreham, Shell Beach, Purbeck, Charmouth and Woolacombe. That still leaves plenty more to visit.  I also found while looking up these links a previously published 10 Coastal Walks article. I'll have to see what we can manage this summer.

I have put some of the other links into my list, which can be viewed at there or in the sidebar at this site.


Saturday Feb 24, 2007

Yesterday in the Guardian

Since it's the last weekend in February, the Guardian has  produced a special supplement on waking the garden up. Over the autumn and winter I have "Ground Force'd" my garden and have written about it on my web site's garden project page, ( see also my garden project page at flickr), and I'm sure the advice and book references will be very helpful.

One of the articles, 'Complements of the season' has a series of pictures, one for a garden 'in a land of hosepipe bans' with poppies and gravel, which looks good, perhaps I'll try some poppies. Another of the articles lists five gardens that are inspirations for the supplement's authors, including Wakehurst Place, part of Kew Gardens which is quite close. Mind you so is RHS Wisley.

The 5Best... this week, lists five best islands. Their No 2 is Iceland and they recommend sailing down the west coast of Iceland in a 60' racing clipper with Borea Adventure.  


Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Getting away for short break [Again]

I have only just had time to sit down and tag last weekends travel Guradian. They ran a 100 holiday ideas around a couple of themes, the omnibus page is here, and they also ran an article on alternative city breaks on an A-Z theme, proposing the seemingly odd Antwerp, Rotterdam (too much like Southampton) &  Belgrade (too much like Belgrade) together with more interestingly places such as Stokholm, Thessaloniki and Zurich, which, my flickr fans will know, I visited last month, and it is well worth the visit. 

The other themes were UK "Home Comforts", "On a shoe string", "Blow the Budget", "Green Boltholes", "active & family breaks" and "scrummy retreats".


Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Inspirations for travel

I have just changed the wallpaper on my computers.


A Casteljo evening...


This is taken and linked to a flickr correspondent called "acampm1", and I have marked it as one of my favourites. It certainly makes me want to go there, and it looks great on a large screen. Other ideas for my holidays were suggested by the Guardian over the weekend and I have tagged them at delicious:holiday. They suggest as an environmentally friendly traveller, that one can go by train to Berlin, Andalusia or Venice. The journey from Paris to Madrid using the TrainHotel sounds both fun and comfortable.


Sunday Jul 23, 2006

Ideas from the Weekend

it seems that I have taken to reviewing my reading of the Guardian each weekend, so here's Saturday's, San Francisco, some reading & Board Games.

Firstly, their travel wiki, "Been There" has been extended to cover San Francisco. I have tagged this with travel & sanfrancisco at Secondly, their "Five Best... was the Five Best Inspirational Reads, which you can find here...


Tuesday Apr 11, 2006

Horses in the Forest

Back from Seville and onto our next holiday plans. Horseriding in the New Forest. So two new tags "equestrianism+horseriding". The research reminded me of Videokidz Sue's holiday in the Andes and so Google "horse riding holidays" with and without "Peru" are usefull queries, the former of which led me to Travel Quest's horse riding directory.


Sunday Apr 09, 2006

A trip to Seville

We got back from Seville on Thursday. What a marvellous place. I havn't been to spain for over 30 years and never been to Andalusia. One of our inspirations to do the journey was the Cafe Mauresque in Canterbury. While there we visited the Alcazar, the Cathedral & the Giralda, the highest point in the city and some of the best views.

The Giralda, Seville

The world famous Giralda.

Patio of the Casas de los Mercederes

We stayed just around the corner from the Cathedral, and also visited the Fine Art Gallery, where one of the finest religous collections in Spain is located. The building is marvellous, a mujedahr two story building built around thee courtyards with gardens and fountains. The last couple of rooms have some more modern pictures of Andalusian life. We also took a boat ride from Torre del Oro to the Calatrava Bridge, which gave us some great views of the city.

We made sure that we visited a fine selection of cafes and tapas bars, guided as ever by "The Rough Guide". The picture above is the patio in our hotel, a nice place to relax, but sadly no bar - room service only.

One of my holiday reviews wouldn't be complete without a comment on the taxi drivers, both of who were bonkers. Actually Seville is not that easy to get to from the UK, only BA & Iberia do the journey directly from Heathrow, and while Seville airport was better than my last experience at Barcelona, there is only one cafe the other side of security barriers so you might want to use the cafe's on the passanger side before passing through security.

I have posted several pictures to my flickr site and created a Seville group. I'll be uploading the rest over the next couple of days. I used the seville tag at to collect my links used for researching the trip.





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