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About me and this site

I work for Sun and am now working as the Chief Technologist for Global Sales & Services covering Europe. Prior to that I worked in the UK organisation since joining Sun in 1997. While in the UK, most recently, I worked with the JP Morgan Chase and the BT account teams, and prior to that led the technology team in the Data Centre Practice, where the team developed expertise and methodology consulting on Data Centre Economics. Before that I was a member of the UK's Professional Services team, working out of its City {of London} office as a firstly a Consultant and then latterly as the City and Investment Banking consulting team leader. My time in the City and Data Centre practices has led to me working with many of the world's leading companies, and so have worked with the UK's leading Banking, Broking and Media companies.

I have spent over 25 years in the IT industry working in Government, Banking, Insurance and IT supply. Over this period, I have acquired massive experience in technology solutions design & development, primarily using RDBMS software with UNIX computers. You can read more at http://www.davelevy.info/professional.html

This blog is series of articles about my job at Sun, some serious, some less so, covering Business, Economics, Management, Technology, Culture & Silliness. These articles are written for grown ups, although the material is mainly professionally relevant, and as such boring to the young and impressionable. Ocassionally I may breach the grounds of good taste.

Some of these articles may even contain original thought, views and ideas. I do hope so!

I have been tagging these articles at technorati, since technorati introduced them, and am now tagging them inside roller. My roller tag cloud is displayed on my Yesterday's Words page.

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