Saturday Aug 29, 2009

url aliases

I mention in the last article, that url aliases/shortners make calculating an inlist sort-order harder, it's curious to me that Google don't have a url shortening service. (I suppose the domain name google doesn't lend itself well to being part of a short name.)


Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

I can't get online...

However, I can't believe that the hotel only has dial up in the room; I don't have the cable, nor the dial up agents to use this. Something to fix, as well as bluetoothing my mobile. The hotel has wi-fi in the Lobby and bar, but need to see my passport so that they can tell the police. I know that in the UK, we have some stupid rules about what we can and can't do without proving identity, but this strikes me as particularly foolish.

The upside is that I was able to use Twitter to let my twitter correspondents know about this and to text or phone me if they required urgent attention. I thought that this was useful, as opposed to the views I expressed last year, and so turned Lou Springer's feed back on to my phone. In future, I shall be using Twitter as a backup to chat, and for occasional broadcasts when the chat or mail is unavailable. If this sounds useful, follow me at Twitter or Facebook, where I also post my twits.

I wonder if I can consume my twits into my planet.


Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Three into two wont go

One needs to bear in mind that no flat screen computer can present a 3D world.

tags: silly

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Queueing to ask Questions

We had a couple of services minders to help us understand the value of the questions. I have to say that volume is often a good guide, and we may have buried some good/important questions, but John Greaves and Ian White asked people to use the floor mics, and some good questions came in. This re-inforces the fact that many services staff do not have company laptops or mobiles.

Actually I am not happy with this; our experience is that many questions from the floor are self indulgent and of, at the best, minority interest. Have you noticed how they always introduce themselves? Actually the ones I hate are ,

"Hi, my name is xxxxxx xxxxxxx, I agree with everything you say, please could you say some more"

and my second most resented quesion is,

"Hey dude! What are you doing about the stock price?"

The best answer to this that I have heard is,

"What are you doing? I have stopped selling it!"


Tuesday Mar 13, 2007

Inappropriate Behaviour

Robert Hamilton told a story about a company that prohibited instant messenger because it permits inappropriate behaviour. His reply,

I can behave inappropriately with a pencil!


Friday Mar 09, 2007

What's my blog worth?

Another blog valuation at Dane Carlson's blog been pointed out to me by FlexRex.So here's mine.

My blog is worth

How much is your blog worth?


This uses the technorati api to query the technorati ranking, which undervalues a roller blog because technorati treats the long and short names as seperate blogs.. However, the html above is not dynamic and so I have done two queries and added the result. The number above is Dane's view of how much my blog is worth today.  (His link to the backing research is  a bit out of date. Tristian Louis' researc
has now been archived.

An alternative valuation is made at Blogshares, which values the blog at $15,000. @ blogshares



Listed on BlogShares


Although, I really should learn how reindex it as I havn't done this  ever. If you know how to do this, I suggest you post a comment and buy some of my shares. 


Wednesday Jan 03, 2007

What kind of Superhero are you?

At the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz..., it seems they think I'm Iron Man with a score of 70%, oddly followed by Spiderman and "The Flash", despite saying I can't run fast! At least it got my sex right!

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Monday Dec 25, 2006

Some machinima viewing...

Recovering from Xmas day excesses and I thought I'd share some internet fun. In business everyone's trying to get aboard the user generated content thing and we have an exciting collision of trends, the declining cost of video capture, the declining cost of the bandwidth to distribute it, and the games industries growing tendency to enable scripting and video screen capture.

These trends offer a new and accessable mass media form, with very low cost barriers to entry. For those who don't know, the art form of story telling within a game engine combined with video distribution is known as "machinima" [wikipedia:machinima].

So here are a couple, two of my favourite machinima videos are

For those for whom the virtual world just makes you into Lardarses, we have a unique mashing of music, dance and treadmills.

and a sci-fi tribute to what the Guardian describes as the best political drama of the year

You might like to also see Sun's Big Mashup, which isn't quite as funny &, one of the leading community sites, well at least it got the name first and some of the tools are the dogs'.

Don't forget the Edwin Beekveld's Hobbits. I have put the links in my front page sidebar.


Friday Sep 29, 2006

Residual Values

Phil Harman has just turned up and after we exchange traditional greetings of scorn, he shows off his Acer Ferrari Laptop. I'm not bitter that I won a Cobalt Qube last year, when several colleagues were bought these laptops, no no, I am not bitter - but when Phil told me that he sold his Qube on Ebay for 300 quid, which is more than I got for my Alfa 155, I was a bit taken aback.


Thursday Jan 05, 2006

Ringtones & Work

While Scott McNealy, in better times, when he had time to worry about minor issues, said he found personalising the ringtone on a phone a bad thing. He is in dubious company, Norman Lamont, when Chancellor of the Exchequer famously decided to tax phones; he was interrupted at dinner in a restaurant. Anyway I don't agree, neither of them work in open plan or use trains. I reckon being able to recognise your phone by hearing it, if you are in a space with many phones, is productivity enhancing, despite the fact that some people have some desperately annoying ringtones.

Given their price I'd spend my own money on them for the convenience.

Now, if I could only find Mott the Hoople's "Golden Age of Rock & Roll"


Wednesday Sep 14, 2005

Exposing the Galaxy

Allegedly, some of the US press won't carry Sun's latest adverts for our newly announced x64 Opteron Servers. You can see the content here..., and the Register's story here....

I'd have rejected it; you don't spell ASS that way!

They've decided that the Ad I commented on was correctly rejected by the press, its no longer there! The link takes you to some tamer adverts that are still claimed to be risque!


Friday Aug 26, 2005

They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard

NB I have categorised this article as silly, you have been warned.

Edwin Beek's Home Page, hosts an innovative version of the symphony to "The Lord of the Rings", entitled "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard". The hyperlink to the video is in the right hand panel towards the bottom of the page, in the Links, Stuff category.


Wednesday Jun 08, 2005

Roller's Smileys

Roller has some smileys. You can find them at Up 'till now I have used a smily from cybergifs (see my Blog, here...), who among other things have an unusual juxta-position between christian iconography and stripping girls, so I'm happy to change.

Here are the roller .gifs (7th June '05)

15 19Mischievous/Mysterious (20)28angryangelicblushBoredbucktoothclowncrydepresseddevildohdrooldrunkgrinhandkisslaughloverolleyessadshushsicksleepSmilesmirkSmugsunglassessurprisedthinker, YeahTonguewhisperWink

I particularly like Confused SmileyV. confused? (15), Mysterious SmileyMischievous/Mysterious? (20), angryangry, angelicangelic (yeah, like I'll use this a lot),blush blush, depresseddepressed, grinGrin, smile Smile, smirkSmirk, smug Smug!, sunglassesSunglasses, tongueTongue? , winkWink


Tuesday May 24, 2005

Yet more South Park

South Park Me!A bunch of the Sun bloggers have been using a "What you'd look like in South Park!" tool hosted here... to make images of themselves, or occasionally others. My younger son made this for me.

Also check out the host site's right to use statement. We (i.e. sun bloggers) have also been talking about how, if and what copyright rules we should or can apply to these blogs. I suspect that Sun's preferred remediation will be less drastic. :)


Tuesday May 03, 2005

Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...

Reading Dan Gilmore's "Good Morning Silicon Valley", and he cross referenced this. "Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...", its written by a women and Geek's & Nerd's good qualities are finally recognised.

Our mystery correspondent writes, "They’re (i.e G+N) more romantic than they’re given credit for. Ok true, their idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such... but hey. It lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends. "

For more (but funnier) go here.... Must show it to my wife!




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