Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

The right to be wrong in public

Reading the New Statesman, over the last few days, and they state that in the UK, journalists can defend themselves against the allegation of inaccuracy. Judges will test them on how hard they worked to verify the quality/accuracy of the information, was there an urgent need to publish, did the journalist/publisher present it as fact or with caveats and was the other side of the story presented. (I hope the permalink is "Truth, Lies & Fools".)


Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

The biggest wine rack in the World

I went down to the Mandalay Bay again to visit the Aureole. This is a wine bar with a four story wine rack. The bar staff use a trapeze to retrieve the wine. It has to be seen to be believed.


The Wine Rack at the Aureole


And now, you can see it! It claims to have 69,000 wines. As you can imagine a hard copy wine menu would be a bit of weight, requiring the restaurant to employ the world's strongest man as somelier. However, they use a tablet pc as the wine list, not quite web 2.0 but cute all the same. The service was immaculate and the company at the table can be pretty fussy. I thoroughly recommend you visit this place either for a "sharp one" or for dinner.


Beyond the strip

I popped out to Henderson to visit a friend of my father, which gave me two views of Las Vegas, the suburbs and the strip from ground level. I only had my phone, which I know is pointless for pictures like this. Next time!


Wrapping Up

I participated in Constantine's wrap of the show as the stage came down.


Last Words at CEC 2007

Onto, the final general session which stars Don Grantham, Executive Vice President for Global Sales and Services. He talked about the progress over the last 15 months, and the revised focus for the next 12 months. While David Brent gets confused whether a companies greatest asset is its customers or people, and Dilbert's boss thinks its the paper clips, I believe Don Grantham's commitment to talent in people is real, substantial and genuine. One of the things that CEC reminds one is that we have great people, just imagine what we can do if we're equipped and empowered appropriately.

While doing the Q&A, Dan Berg, the CEC host and my new boss, stated that the CEC messaging team would produce a White Paper, documenting the CEC Messaging Platform. While no-one likes to be bounced, this is something we should do and I know that the two key developers are happy to do this. I'll keep you in touch.


Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

On the way to CEC

I am in California at a pre-meeting for Sun's field premiere training event, Customer Engineering Conference, this is in Las Vegas and I shall be travelling there on Thursday. Its not the first time I've been there and I am looking forward to returning.

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Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

Explosion in New York

I was 200 yards away and 31 stories high when the explosion in New York happened last night. It was jolly noisy. I looked out my window and the building next door was shrouded in steam.

 I thought "That's not meant to happen! I might be safer on the ground floor." So that's where I went. The area around Grand Central was closed down and the police and building security people were directing people away from the site, so it took me 30 minutes to get the Bogarts, which had reopened. So I had a couple of beers.

The BBC reported it here....


Monday Jul 16, 2007

Going to NYC

I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go. I am off again across the Atlantic, but this time to New York, so I'll miss the London Open Solaris User Group meeting tomorrow. 

I'll try and take some pictures; its been seven years since I last visited NYC.

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Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

Back in May...

I have just uploaded my pictures from Firenze & the Project Black Box tour, so I have been able to publish my blog article about the Black Box truck's visit to Camberly & London. See here.....

I back dated it to 18th May, which is when I did the shows.

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Monday Mar 26, 2007

The Future of Solaris, by the man that makes it happen

Jeff Jackson, VP of Solaris opened our conference. He's now been in the job for a while and is beginning to stamp his own ideas on the future of Sun's implementation of OpenSolaris. He characterised his view as moving from function to velocity; velocity has a direction. He wants Solaris releases to meet a customer constituency rather than become the result of a race between his developers.

Another key direction, in meeting our "best on Solaris" goal, his different teams are being asked/told to align with each other, commit to and utilise each others products to ensure our most committed customers get synergy from our developers and development budget.

He announced that Sun is going to place more of its system software into open source, including both Sun Ray & Cluster and that this should be happening soon.

He spoke about the need to strategise around open source. I'm not a fan of the word strategy, it tends to be overused and is often very obviously about knowing what you want and measuring your actions against it. However it also means understanding your choices and their consequences; we need to know what are we looking for, how do the communities govern themselves, how do co-developers join in, how do we empower our customers and collaborators & how do we monetise the open source.

Jeff spoke to us about the consequences of the Sun/Intel agreements. Intel are going to OEM Solaris and they endorse it as the operating system of choice for mission critical applications. This would be less important if Intel weren't the source of the infamous white boxes. Its obvious that their competitors will need to respond and we should watch this space.

It's clear to me that Rich Green, who is interviewed here on www.sun.com is beginning to make a difference, we're finally fixing our arrogance, a fact re-inforced by Ian Murdock, who recently joined Sun, you can't have missed it and also spoke this a.m. He emphasised that he's hoping to help Sun learn from the Linux community because people still choose it and there remain some good reasons to do so. It worked for me; on reflecting what he said, I came to the conclusion we need to do better. Its about substance not presentation.


Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

about my banner tag cloud

I have adjusted the inclusion threshold for the tag map above to three, now five i.e. Only tags that occur more than three, now five times will appear in the banner cloud. If you want the whole tag cloud try "Yesterday's Words".

amended to five on March 15th. 

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Tuesday Mar 13, 2007

Will the EU follow Norway in restraining the iPod?

The EU Consumer Protection commissioner, Meglena Kuneva has spoken out against Apple bundling their DRM software with hardware.  The norwegian courts are considering this issue at the moment and have ruled that it's a monopolistic, anti-competitive action. Norway, of course, is not a member of the EU, but its interesting the way the wind is blowing in Europe. [ Reuters | VNUnet ]


Monday Mar 12, 2007

The Embankment

It was a nice walk across Jubillee Gardens, and one of the protest groups has hung a banner from one of the cranes by the parliament building.


The Embankment & Paliament, London



Fantastic Day

OpenSolaris: Innovation Matters I'm just setting off to Sun Live, and I'll be dropping in to the London Open Solaris User Group (losug) at about 6:30 pm at the Westminster Central Hall.

Sun Live, is tag lined as "Evolution + Innovation = Revolution" and the revolution starts here. I always thought is was Electrification + Soviet Power; but we live and learn.

I publish on San Francisco time, the event is taking place on Tuesday 13th. 


Wednesday Jan 31, 2007

Changing my version of the Currency theme

I have just made a few changes to my blog roller theme. I have moved the tag cloud into the banner; if like me you often look at the blog on a laptop, there's not much room for what I'm writing after the duck and tag cloud and all the navigation widgets.

This isn't ideal. I have played with the new opacity feature to see if I can get a better answer, but this is about as good as it gets. There is a text background on the the tags, so each one can be read as you move the mouse around the cloud. Ideally, I'd like to have a text background which was an opaque white for the tag cloud, or even declare the table cell in which the tag cloud was displayed as having a background of opaque white so that the text would stand out more. I suppose I could change the hyperlink colours, but I'm not sure what'd go well in front of my duck. Instant Color Schemes at http://www.gpeters.com may help, and I found cssplay.co.uk/opacity/  useful in experimenting with opacity.





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