Sunday Aug 30, 2009

Au Revoir

This is my last blog article here; Friday was my last working day at Sun Microsystems, and Monday/tomorrow is the last day they're paying me. Its been fun, most of the time, but I am looking forward to something new. I have not yet set up a new blog, and am unsure what I am going to do about it. I hope to set up a wordpress blog inside the domain, where I have a place holder at but until then you can follow me at

Interestingly the English have difficulty with “Hope to see you soon”; unlike our European colleagues we don't have a single word but I am sure this is not Goodbye, merely Aurevoir.

Thanks for reading this blog over the last five years. I wish my friends who are staying to work for Oracle and Sun's customers all the best over the coming future. Finally, thanks to all the customer's I've worked with in making their IT better than it was.

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Thursday Jul 02, 2009


I have reduced the number of tags available in the banner. You can still use Google, or the Yesterdays Words page here which has a number of search tools for this blog.

Thursday Apr 02, 2009

More news and where to find me

Despite not writing here, I have been busy, you can follow me, if you really want at, my friend feed or slightly less completly at my secondbrain. You can see both there and here, that I am finding the tendancy to microblogging too strong, although twitter's discipline of 140 characters is often a challange.

There is more, but not much


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Monday Feb 02, 2009

And then it snowed, a lot! (Picture Blog)

On Monday, I woke up to the heaviest snow fall I'd seen in years. I live in the south of the country and we don't often see snow at all, and even less frequently in the cities. I tried to take some pictures which I have posted at flickr.

Snowing in the morning  Snow 2009  Snow 2009  Trees  Snowy Roofs

Fortunately, Sun's work from home policy means I didn't have to travel; since the bus and trains were both severely disrupted, travelling by car would have been horrible.

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Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Busy Blogging

Today has been one of my busiest blogging days for a while, which you'll see if you subscribe to this via a feed [atom | rss], since I have published a number dated today. I have also posted five new articles in November, finishing off my write up of ICT 2008, with articles on 26th & 25th about Managing Tomorrow's Clouds and european economic competitiveness. On the 19th, I comment on the EU's FP7 Call 4 for Projects and earlier in the month, finish off my notes for data centre ambassadors conference with articles on the 13th about the SuperNap, which has an embedded video about this amazing data center and on the 6th about Project Eucalyptus which is an open source implementation of Amazon's EC2. I have backdated these to the dates they happend and this is to let HTML readers know to go back to November.

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Sunday Dec 28, 2008

Notice: New media=print rules

All weblog views on this blog can now be printed, the banner and sidebar will not be shown in the printed version. This has been tested using Opera's print preview, and should work for the weblog, tag, category, date and comment views. It has not been set for the "About Me" page, nor "Yesterday's Words".

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Wednesday Dec 17, 2008

More about Shanghai Jiao Tong University study on University excellence

I have just blogged my notes from the first morning of ICT 2008, and backdated it to about the time of its occurrence. In it, I mention the Academic Ranking of World Universities, produced by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in China. This survey is also referenced at Wikipedia as well, and the wikipedia article has a table with macros displaying the table in different sort orders. The methodology they use is questioned by some.

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Impressions of the Citie International

Among the things to do better should Sun come to ICT again, is that the hotel should be booked in advance. Its a real pain being so far from my hotel room; I can't return to my room for either power or privacy. The commute is a time consuming pain; I am staying in Vienne which is about 30 minutes away, although the journey takes much longer. The journey in both directions was made harder by a strike on the trains, it was just like old time in England being picketed by the CGT. I hope it's easier today.

The Lyon convention centre is enormous and very good. If we could justify a Sun global training event in Europe, it'd be excellent, I wonder if they rent parts of it?

International Conference Centre, Lyon

Even at this conference, they 'ushhered' people to sit below the main walkways when using the main auditorium for break out sessions. Having said it'd be excellent, are there enough hotel rooms in Lyon, as I said I booked late and AMEX couldn't get me in (to Lyon), but it could always be AMEX's fault. The number of breakout rooms might be a constraint and the wireless was poor in a number of rooms and unlike Palau de Congressos de Catlunya in Barcelona, there is no power available in the conference rooms and halls. They claimed 4500 delegates at ICT 2008.


Sunday Nov 02, 2008

Back in the USA, part II

I shall be in the USA for the election, which could be fun, but certainly interesting.


Monday Aug 11, 2008

simplifying my roller blog

I have removed the 'More tags and links' page from this site. I am looking to improve the theme in several ways and the the "More tags...." page only added only a view of my delicious tag cloud which can be seen at, and sometimes at my bliki's tag page. The price of this was several theme files which I will be removing to simplify the task of moving forward. Both features require encapsulating everything in <DIV> tags, so the less to do the better.


Sunday Jul 20, 2008

A day at home, a view of Brussels

I have been busy travelling the last couple of weeks and returned to my home office to do a pile of filing. You can see from my my feed some of the places I have been and also some stuff thats been on my desk waiting to be bookmarked or otherwise dealt with.

Over the weekend, I was looking at Firefox add-ons.

I was fortunate enough to stay at the Sofitel Europe in Brussels last week which was having a cheap week, or maybe day; it is close to my meeting's location, this is at the north end of the 'Place Jourdan', and the location of the finest chip shop in Bruxelles.


Place Jourdain


Saturday Jun 07, 2008

In the path of Odysseus

I am packing for my holiday, I am off to Greece tomorrow, to sail in the Ionian Sea. I will have no access to the internet, hooray! You may catch me on Twitter as I shall have my phone with me. I thought about getting a Nokia N800, but havn't. So I'll have to wait 'till I get home to post my pictures and post about it.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

The photo in my banner V2

Several months, or maybe longer, I changed the banner picture from a duck in a pond to the picture above which was taken by Simon Phipps. Simon's pictures can be seen at, or at I didn't accurately amend the copyright statement and flagging in the banner. I have now. To be clear, the picture on this site, is not to be copied or re-used. The original is on Simon's Flickr site, and published under the creative commons, by-nc-nd.


Tuesday Apr 01, 2008

Using the HTML Version of this blog page

I have added a twitter gadget to the sidebar on this blog. I am not planning to use it as a micro-blog, but it will say a bit about what I'm doing, particularly if I am having problems connecting to the internet; it allows me to use my phone to post short messages to my twitter feed and followers.

I also reduced the listed back catalog to 64 articles, which at my current publication rate means it shows articles up to about six months old. If you want older stuff, use the tag cloud above, the word search gadget or the date index in the sidebar, or go to the "Yesterdays Words" page.

Obviously the navigation instructions above won't work if you read this via an RSS feed.

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Thursday Jan 03, 2008

Happy new Year

A happy new year to all my readers and friends





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