Tuesday Jan 01, 2008

Upgrading a Linux Server to OpenSolaris

Upgrading a Linux (OpenSUSE) Server to OpenSolaris[Read More]

Friday Nov 30, 2007

Simple Live Upgrade Example For Fun and Profit

Simple example of using Live Upgrade (LU) to clone a root filesystem to create a second Solaris boot slice (Boot Environment or BE).[Read More]

Sunday Oct 21, 2007

Toorcon 9 Computer Security Conference (2007)

Toorcon 9 (2005) computer security conference notes[Read More]

Friday Oct 12, 2007

WiFi (WPA) with Solaris Express on my Thinkpad laptop

Setting up wireless with Solaris SXDE 9/07 on a x86 laptop.[Read More]

Saturday Sep 01, 2007

Ebook File Creation from HTML

Automatically generating ebook file formats from HTML. That is, generating Plain Text, PDF, PalmOS DOC PDB, zTXT, and Plucker from HTML on Solaris or other UNIX-class system[Read More]

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

The Wrong Stuff

Book about Randy "Duke" Cunningham, convicted ex-congressman and Federal prisoner[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 20, 2006

American Accent

Quiz that determines your American English accent.[Read More]

Sunday Dec 03, 2006

Solaris Wine

Solaris wine[Read More]

Sunday Nov 26, 2006

Using CUPS Print Server for Solaris 10

Using CUPS printing software with Solaris 10[Read More]

Solaris laptop battery status

How to display the battery status from laptops running Solaris.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 16, 2006

Mounting a Linux NFSv4 filesystem on Solaris

Fix for mounting a NFSv4 filesystem from Linux on Solaris (NFSv4 is broken on Linux)[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 31, 2006

The Signature Collection

A collection of email signature tag lines, several with ASCII graphics[Read More]

Tuesday May 02, 2006


Origin of the computer term "cookies"[Read More]

Sunday Apr 16, 2006

Hotel San Diego Implosion

Hotel San diego, NE corner
Before: Hotel San Diego, Northeast corner, May 2002

Yesterday, the historic Hotel San Diego was demolished. The seven-story hotel lived on 339 W. Broadway in downtown San Diego, California. The hotel was built in 1914 by John D. Spreckels, who made his riches from Spreckels Sugar and shipping. Spreckels moved out of San Francisco after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (100 years ago today) to someplace safer and nicer.

The hotel was built by architect Harrison Albright and is one of only three that remain (now zero of two). In recent years, before the Hotel was closed in 2002 Hotel San Diego became a ran-down, dirty residential hotel, occupied mainly by elderly and low-income residents on a weekly or monthly basis.

The hotel was demolished for a Federal Courthouse annex. The Federal Courthouse is on overload to take care of all the drug smugglers and illegal immigrant smugglers being hauled into court—we are on the Mexican border after all.

Hotel San Diego demolition, April 15, 2006
After: Hotel San Diego after demolition, Northeast corner, April 15, 2006

Historic preservationists wanted the hotel exterior preserved. The interior could have been gutted, earthquake retrofitted, and renovated for courthouse space. That way, we would have kept an historic and attractive building, yet still be functional. However, Federal rules require a large setback from the street to keep terrorists (both domestic and foreign) from blowing up the building. The new courthouse annex will be a 22-story (and probably sterile) building. I see their thinking about a setback, but isn't it ironic that we're blowing up a building in the name of homeland security?

More information

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Friday Mar 31, 2006

Another fake photo by Howard Kaloogian?

In my Congressional District we're having a special election to replace disgraced Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. One of the 18 candidates running is former Republican State Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian. He recently got caught for posting a scene of a street picture his group took showing how peaceful Baghdad is, that turned out to be suburban Istanbul, Turkey. (This was originally discoverd by anthonyLA and jem6x of Daily Kos.)

Kaloogian also was caught for claiming false endorsements from the California Pro-Life Council, Center for Reclaiming America, and State Senators Tom McClintock and Bill Morrow.

Anyway, here's another fake photo. On Kaloogian's campaign website is a photo of him posing with President George Bush, in a rotating "Flash" slideshow. (Here's a screenshot in case it's taken down or you don't have Flash). Why is it fake? Well, both Kaloogian and Bush's shoulder's merge into each other. This is more evident from a fuller-length photo on Gabrielle Reilly's website. (Here's a copy in case it's taken down). Here's another version of the short Kaloogian photo. Observe how Kaloogian and Bush merge into each other: Kaloogian's left shoulder appears to be behind Bush, and Bush's right arm appears to be behind Kaloogian! Also Kaloogian is shorter in the Gabrielle photo than his campaign photo.

By itself, not a biggie, but with two fake photos and at least four fake endorsements, what can you believe?

Update: Problem solved. a reader found a comment from Republican political strategist Matt Rexroad who was at the photoshoot. He says the photoshoot was real, although at least one photo is obviously doctored for height and taken when Bush was governor. He has some unkind words to say about Kaloogian, such as a false endorsement and Kaloogian endorsing Bush and Bauer in 2000 at the same time.

Update 2: Yet another fake photo: A reader points out yet another fake Iraq photo was actually taken at MacDill AFB, Florida.

Howard Kaloogian 'posing' with George Bush (screenshot of fake photo) Howard Kaloogian 'posing' with George Bush (fake photo)

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