3 Awesome Marketing Moments Inspired By Data

The great thing about being a data-driven marketer is having the ability to recognize and capitalize on trends, as they happen. And sometimes, the results of having such accurate, updated information on consumer trends can be unexpected! Here are three ways that data helped marketers gain more insight into their customers:

Longchamp Paris retailers find that their less expensive items sell the best
Longchamp Paris sees results from online shopping data

In 2013, French brand Longchamp Paris’ worth topped $1.5 billion according to Forbes. That has to be from their sales of high-end designer clothing and accessories at high-end prices – right?

In a surprise twist, Data provided by fashion ecommerce platform Lyst to fashion publisher Racked shows that the less expensive “Le Pliage” bag is the most searched-for and purchased bag within the Longchamp category.

Priced from $95 to $145, the Le Pliage bag is a popular choice for both celebrities and every day fashionistas. With ten of these nylon and leather totes sold every minute, Longchamp sees an increase in sales each and every year. With data to connect the dots, the company can capitalize on growth from an iconic bag that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Music artists see increased sales after the Grammys

Grammy winners see online boost in salesAccording to Marketwired, it would seem that “you are what you watch,” when it comes to Grammy award winners.

EchoRank, a platform that measures viral content across social media and digital channels, found that in the hours immediately following the Grammy’s, Meghan Trainor saw 11.9 percent growth in viral shares on iTunes, and Ed Sheeran saw 25 percent growth. In addition, Grammy winner D'Angelo’s song "Black Messiah" grew 147 percent as well as ranking No. 2 on iTunes viral ranking.

A “Grammy sales bump” has been commonplace even before online music sales, reports NPR, but harder to track. Now, thanks to data, marketers can see a clear-cut cause and effect between watching network TV to digital sales.

Arsenal uses social to confirm fan loyalty

Arsenal Football understands fans through socialIf you’re a UK football fan, you may already be tweeting this. New data from Twitter shows that most of the top tweets and re-tweets in the footballing world are related to Arsenal fans, reports the Mirror.

Arsenal’s win against Leicester in February was the most tweeted about moment of the 2015/16 Premier League season to date, with around 51,000 tweets per minute.

“We ran a couple of tests and we saw we we’re getting the views,” said Michael Antwi, Social Media Producer at Arsenal Football Club in an interview with The Drum in 2015. “We want to give our fans as much access to the club as we can… if it’s where our audience are and we can use it effectively that’s where we’ll be.” Sounds like Arsenal will be utilizing data from social for some time to come!

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