Wednesday May 15, 2013

Time for Quality Pizza!

I think you are ready for that now... Give it a try... Click on the Pizza, it's the original Italian certified recipe!
Your Customers will be satisfied for sure... Follow the process and the deliverable will be valuable...

Monday Mar 11, 2013

Quality brings benefits to the Company and to the Customers

This is not me saying that... There are tons of case studies and reports, for instance have a look at this article.

External Audit in Italy: Country-wide certification maintained

After an intensive week full of interviews in our 4 sites (Rome, Milan, Padua and Turin), Oracle Italy has confirmed and maintained its ISO-9001 certification.

It can be seen as "obvious" but that's not the case, because if a serious non-compliance is found the certificate can be suspended and cannot be used in any formal communication to Customers and (negative impact on business) can't be handed over to Customers asking for it in a bid or public tender.

So, well done to all the team in Italy! For CSS/ESS we had the following people involved in the interviews in Milan last week:

CSS Premier Support Sales Mgr 
Marco Landoni
CSS ACS – Sales
Matteo Trimboli
Brunello Monaco
Stefano Piazza

Thanks also to Ottavio who was with me in Milan assisting to the audit. We've been audited as well on the Quality management side.

We have received a non-compliance that will be reviewed with local management and if needed escalated to EMEA, once the audit report will be received in the next few days we'll work at its resolution. Nothing serious but it must be addressed. I'll post the details on non-compliance, of course.

Monday Feb 11, 2013

The real quality is here!

I can't say anything, I'm an amateur in quality looking at what has been produced here...
A must have for everyone! How could you live without this stuff?

Beam N Read LED Hands Free Light
(about $ 26, grandma not included)

The Cabin Pillow (about $ 29)

To be (qualitative) or not to be (qualitative)?

Some breaking news from CNN... After reading, let me know if my "Amatriciana" is more appetizing or not... Dear fellow colleagues from Japan, please advise, as well!

It reads like a palate-pleasing menu...

You start out with a truffle soup, followed by oysters and then a main course of flounder with risotto and vegetables. There's a side of potatoes and you finish it off with a scoop of ice cream.

Here's the twist -- this all comes with a generous helping of dirt. Not normal, backyard variety dirt, special nutrient-rich soil.

The unique tasting menu is the creation of Toshio Tanabe, a former gymnast and boxer turned culinary inventor. Tanabe says the dirt menu was a logical addition for his quaint restaurant, Ne Quittez Pas, which is located in Tokyo's Gotanda neighborhood.

"This is a seafood restaurant, so we have the flavors from the ocean," he says. "I was also looking for flavors from the earth."

But this is not the typical dirt you'd find it your backyard. It comes from a garden wholesaler, which provides the high quality soil, taken deep beneath the earth's surface -- 10 meters down, in fact.

Germaphobes can take some comfort, perhaps. Tanabe tells us the soil is first lab tested, and then heated to extreme temperatures, to kill off any bacteria. After that process is complete Tanabe will work it into his menu.

This special fare is certainly not dirt cheap. The set course is about US$110 per person.

And how does it taste? According to one adventurous eater, who wished to remain anonymous the night of our visit, "I didn't think it would be real dirt. I was a bit nervous. But it was a subtle taste."

Friday Jan 25, 2013

Quality KPI's

Yes, we also have our own KPI's, like any other business at Oracle, of course ours are very qualitative but I'd say also based on actual facts & figures!

You can find them explained on our EMEA Quality Portal under the link KPI's Definitions, while the actual figures by Fiscal Quarter are under KPI's Reporting.

Should you have any question or suggestion for improvement please don't hesitate to contact me! 


Wednesday Jan 23, 2013

Annual review meeting with Bureau Veritas

The annual ISO review meeting, which is an ISO-9001 requirement, has been performed on Friday January 18th in TVP, in a very hard day for the Country due to the heavy snowfall... Here is how TVP was looking like at around 2pm... We were missing only the elfs and Santa...