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BRM Patch Set Documentation: What You Might Not Know

About Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Managment (BRM) Patch Sets

Today's blog is about BRM patch sets and was written by Venkat Dharmapuri, Principal Technical Writer on our India team. Venkat is the Project Lead for BRM 7.4 and 7.5 patch set documentation so is perfectly positioned to provide this content. He works with various writers, editor/architects, and the project team to define the documentation strategy and deliver to plan. Thanks to him and everyone he works with for ensuring our documentation stays in sync with the product patches.

Cheryl Lander, Oracle Communications InfoDev Senior Director 

What are BRM Patch Sets?

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) patch sets are planned releases that follow an approximate three-month delivery model. The Patch Set release includes features and bug fixes. The management team decides on the features targeted for a particular patch set release based on customer requirements and feedback.

How Does the Oracle Communications InfoDev Team Contribute to BRM Patch Sets?

InfoDev supports BRM patch sets by doing the following:

  • Writing new content for the new features.
  • Updating existing content for the updated features.

The BRM documentation package includes BRM core documents and BRM patch set documents. Detailed information about the new or updated features is directly added or updated in the BRM core documentation,  including concepts, procedures, opcode and storable class specifications, and online Help. A short summary of the feature is added in the BRM Patch Set Release Notes to make the changes for each patch set easier to find.

Along with a short feature summary, the BRM Patch Set Release Notes includes the description for the customer-reported issues that are fixed in the current release and the known problems in the BRM patch sets.

What Does the BRM Documentation Package Contain?

The BRM 7.4 documentation package includes 44 documents including seven HTML-only reference documents, a Patch Set Installation Guide, a Patch Set Release Notes, and Oracle Communications Pipeline Configuration Center documentation.

The BRM 7.5 documentation package includes 37 documents including six HTML-only reference documents, a Patch Set Installation Guide, and a Patch Set Release Notes.

How to Identify if a Document Was Updated in a Patch Set?

To identify the document updated for each patch set, the document part number is revised. This revised part number is used on the document title to identify the document revision. The Document Revision History table in the document’s Preface lists the history of the document revision and the changes made in the document for each patch set release. Typically, the information in the table contains a link to the new or updated section to help the customer go to that section; for example:

Document Revision History
The following table lists the revision history for this book.





November 2011

Initial release.


May 2012

Documentation updates for BRM 7.5 Patch Set 1.

Minor formatting and text changes.


August 2012

Documentation updates for BRM 7.5 Patch Set 2.

Added documentation for the "load_brm_pricing" utility.

How Did the BRM Documentation Strategy Evolve?

The strategy of adding the detailed feature information into the core documentation and short feature summary in the BRM Patch Set Release Notes was first implemented in BRM 7.5 Patch Set 1. Readers can get all the information required to use the patch set features in one documentation set. This strategy has been used for all BRM 7.5 patch sets released.

This strategy was first introduced in BRM 7.4 Patch Set 17. Prior to that, new feature documentation was maintained in the BRM 7.4 Patch Set Release Notes.

Where Can You Access BRM Documentation?

BRM documents are available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web page and Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC) Web page.

You can download the documentation package from OSDC.

And you can also read online or download the docs from OTN:

What Are We Not Including in the Documentation Package on OTN?

Starting with BRM 7.5 Patch Set 4 and BRM 7.4 Patch Set 17, we are no longer posting the following HTML reference documents on OTN:

  • Opcode Flist Reference
  • Storable Class Reference
  • Event Notification Reference
  • PCM C++ API Reference
  • PCM Java API Reference
  • Customer Center SDK Java API Reference
  • Content SDK Java API Reference

If you need this reference material, you can download the documentation package from OSDC.

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