Wednesday Sep 16, 2015

SOA BPM Event Schedule for FY16 Q2

Nov 11th & 12th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Reston for PS, HE and HC Customers

 Nov 19th - BPM 12c Workshop for FEMA in Reston 

For more information please contact Gwen Richardson at

Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

WebCenter and BPM Solving Business Process Challenges Webinar with Apps-Systems LLC.

Oracle Gold Partner Apps-Systems LLC will deliver a webinar on Wednesday Sept 23rd noon EDT to 1pm.

This Webinar is about how they used the WebCenter and BPM Suites to solve a Government Business Process Challenge and how that challenge could be solved using Process Cloud Service (PCS).

A little Bio on Apps-Systems LLC:

Apps Systems is a dynamic  product and services firm with extensive experience in the Oracle stack. 

They have deep expertise in visionary and sector leading technologies in this area, including  all aspects of Fusion Middleware and Database. They have extensive experience with developed IP and accelerator toolkits in Business Process Management, SOA, Portal, Content Management, Identity Management and ADF. 

 They have been engaged with these technologies and products from their initial blueprint stage. Their experience and engagements enables them to bring processes, methods and tools to the table, which will make your projects and targets achievable, predictable and successful. They integrate technology at the enterprise level with products and tools to deliver fast ROI and immediate business value. They build platforms that enable our customers to deliver Interactive, Secure, Social and Immediate information to their clients.

 We help our clients build customer loyalty via personalized, interactive, online experiences and work with them to build innovative platforms with composite, collaborative and contextual information.

The details and Agenda for the Webinar are listed below.

The Oracle WebCenter and BPM Suites solving Government Business Process Challenges



•Current operating processes & challenges

•A case study in successful automation of a complex federal system

•Oracle solutions and operating in the cloud



   Webcast Date: 23-SEP-15

   Webcast Time: 12:00:00 EDT

   Duration: 60 MINS



WebEx Registration Link:

   WebEx Password: web1

   WebEx Meeting Number: 598 924 396



   Participant Line: 1 877 698 7943

   Password: web1

For more information please contact Gwen Richardson -

Thursday Mar 19, 2015

PS Cloud Customer Tech Day in Reston - Wednesday May 6th

Please join Oracle & Sofbang on Wednesday May 6th for our Public Sector Oracle Cloud Customer Tech Day in Reston.

This Tech Day is designed with you the customer in mind. Come learn and share with other customers. Want to learn more about Oracle's Cloud Strategy? Is your Organization interested in Mobility? Does your organization have business challenges? Are you wondering how your Organization is going to pivot to the Cloud? Come to the Customer Tech Day to hear and learn more about these and other hot topics.

Sofbang is an Oracle Platinum Partner specialized in providing Oracle Fusion Middleware, Mobile & Oracle Cloud solutions to clients in the Government, Education and Utilities sectors, as well as the mid-market commercial space. Sofbang provides customers with dynamic business process extensions, enterprise mobility and cloud solutions which extend, integrate and simplify enterprise business applications across an organization. We design solutions with Scalability, Flexibility and Extendibility in mind. We call this concept Designed for Change. Sofbang has received awards and recognitions for developing innovative solutions and delivering outstanding value, including being recognized by CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising Campus Technology Providers of 2014. For more information on Sofbang, please visit

To confirm your attendance at this Event, please email

                   9:00 - 9:30     Welcome/Registration/Introductions

                   9:30 - 10:15    Cloud and Mobile Case Study - Sofbang

                  10:15- 10:55    Oracle Cloud - Craig Brasuell

                   10:55 - 11:25  Sec Case Study - Sherrie Johnson

                   10:25 - 12:10  Process in the Cloud (PCS and BPM in the Cloud) - Linus Chow

                   12:10 -12:45   Networking Lunch

                   12:45 - 1:25    Integrating With the Cloud - Steve Anderson

                   1:25 - 1:55      Cloud Reporting - Lydia Patterson

                   1:55 - 2:45      Mobile Strategy and Mobile Cloud Service - Lauren Collett

                    2:45 - 3:00     Wrap-up/Final Thoughts 

Refreshments and a Light Lunch will be provided by Sofbang

Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

SOA BPM Event Schedule for FY15 Q4

Apr 16th - BPM Workshop at Dallas ISD in Dallas, TX

Apr 30th - BPM 12c Presentation and Demo Day in Ottawa for PS Customers

May 6th - Public Sector Cloud Customer Tech Day in Reston sponsored by Sofbang

May 12th & 13th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Seattle for PS, HE & HC Customers

May 19th & 20th - 2 Day BPM Workshop at the Judicial Council of CA

May 27th & 28th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Reston for PS, HE and HC Customers 


TBD - Process Cloud Event 

For more information regarding these events please contact:

Gwen Richardson -  or

Linus Chow -

Friday Jan 30, 2015

Public Sector FMW Digital Solutions Forum - Sponsored by Oracle Gold Partner 3Di Systems

Please Join Oracle and 3Di Systems on Wedneesday, March 11th for our first Public Sector Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFMW) Digital Solutions Forum in Reston.

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome / Registration / Introductions

09:30 – 10:30 An Overview of Successful Digital Solutions

10:30 – 11:00 User Experience (UX) driven approach for developing portal and mobile applications

11:00 – 11:15 Break

1:15 – 12:00 BPM, IDM, SOA, ECM, Portals – Glue for business processes automation

12:00 – 01:00 Networking Lunch

01:00 – 02:00 Mobile Solutions & Cloud strategy

02:00 – 03:00 Legacy to Modern: Leveraging your Oracle Forms in the Digital Age: Mia Urman, CEO of AuraPlayer and Oracle ACE Director 

03:00 – 03:30 Wrap-up and Final Thoughts

For more information and to register, please contact Gwen Richardson ( or

Linus Chow (

Friday Jan 16, 2015

Oracle Platinum Partner Sofbang Lauded by CIO Review

Oracle Platinum Partner Sofbang is recognized by CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising Campus Technology Providers of 2014. Kudos to Sofbang! See link below for more details.

Thursday Dec 18, 2014

BPM 2014 Award Winner: Chicago Parks District Video is Available!!

The Interview Video is now available for the 2014 BPM Award Winner Chicago Parks District.

The video can be accessed one of two ways:

A. Youtube:

B. Oracle Media Network:

For more information please contact Linus Chow at


Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

BPM Award 2014 Winners

Great News! Oracle Customers Seattle City Light and Chicago Parks District are both Winners of the 2014 WfMC Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow. These prestigious Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives.

Check out

For more information contact Gwen Richardson ( or Linus Chow (

Monday Dec 08, 2014

BPM Workshop Schedule for FY15 Q3 & Q4

Feb 18th - BPM Workshop for PS, HE and HC Customers in Denver

Feb 24th and 25th - 2 Day BPM Workshop at The City of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Mar 11th - Digital Solution Event in Reston with Oracle Partner 3Di

Mar 25th - BPM Workshop for PS & HE Customers in Atlanta - sponsored by EMS Consulting

Apr 7th & 8th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Victoria, BC

Apr 21st & 22nd - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Jacksonville, FL for PS, HE & HC Customers

Apr 29th - BPM 12c Presentation and Demo Day in Ottawa for PS Customers

May 12th & 13th - 2 Day BPM 12c Workshop in Seattle for PS & HE & HC Customers

Future Events -

BPM 12c Workshop Launch

BPM 12c Workshops - Reston, Denver, LA, Albany - TBD

For more information please contact Gwen Richardson (

or                                                         Linus Chow (

Thursday Aug 21, 2014

Public Sector FMW Customer Tech Day in Reston, Tuesday Oct 7th

Have your heard? There is another PS FMW Customer Tech Day scheduled in the Oracle Reston office at 1910 Oracle Way, Reston, VA 20190

                                                 Event Time 9:00am to 3:00pm


                                          Fusion Middleware Customer Tech Day


                                                       October 7, 2014



Please join Oracle & Sofbang on Tuesday October 7th for our second Public Sector Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFMW) Customer Tech Day in Reston.


This Tech Day is designed with you the customer in mind. Come learn and share with other customers. This event will be centered on Mobility, App Advantage, WebCenter, SOA, BPM, Security and FMWaaS.


Sofbang enables customers to create, integrate and run agile intelligent business applications leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware. Based out of Chicago, IL, Sofbang is recognized as an Oracle Platinum level Partner in the Oracle Partner Network. For more information on Sofbang, please visit


To confirm your attendance at this Event or for more information, please email  























Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Adaptive Case Management

Check out the following link for the latest information on Adaptive Case Management -

Friday Feb 07, 2014

Upcoming SOA BPM Events in FY14 Q4

Are you interested in learning about all of the new great features in SOA BPM PS6? There is a lot of excitement around the new WebForms, Process Player, Simulation and the new features in the BPM Composer. During FY14 Q4 there will be a number of SOA BPM Workshops available. Space is limited.

Upcoming SOA BPM Workshop and Events Schedule:

 May 13th - PS6 Workshop in Reston for PS Customers sponsored by Sofbang

Future Events -

PS6 Roadshow in Atlanta - TBD

PS6 Roadshow in Tampa - TBD

PS6 Roadshow in Phoenix - TBD

SOA BPM 12c Roadshow coming soon...

For more information please contact: or

Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

Alaska Dept of Retirement Benefits - Video

Check out what our newest SOA BPM customer Alaska DRB is saying about their success with Oracle Technology!

Alaska DRB manages over 16 Billion in Assets for over 60K members. The strategic vision of the agency director is to have an agile plateform to support six sigma lean for more efficient and effective member self service. The challenges were:

         Can't keep up with retirement Tsunami of Baby Boomers

         Paper-centric, legacy infrastructure and highly accountable

         Poor performance due to lack of automation and integration

         Needed Complete, Integrated Agile Solution

The Compelling results are:

         Integrated BPM/WebCenter/UCM with Process Accelerators and the new BPM PS6 Collaborative Features as an enabler for Six Sigma

         Lean success.

         Development of 1st Project completed in only 4 weeks!!

           Check out the Video below - Chrome or Firefox only!!


Thursday Nov 14, 2013

Mobile Work Order Management using SOA BPM & eBusiness Suite

Have you heard? Oracle Platinum Partner Sofbang along with their partner Blue Dot Solutions have created a Mobile Work Order Management Solution using SOA BPM, eBusiness Suite and Mobile Technology. Check out the 2-minute video and case study below. Over the coming weeks there will be more information provided.

Here’s a 2 minute animated video, more focused on the business benefits of their solution:

Here’s a GovTech Article on it as well:

Sofbang helps the Chicago Park District (CPD) Master Project Coordination:

Monday Sep 23, 2013

Oracle BPM Video w/Open-XDX

Check out the latest Video showcasing  SOA BPM working with Open-XDX

In case you don't know what Open-XDX is here is a brief overview:

Open-XDX is an all new component designed to deliver rapid Open Data APIs. It's integrates into Oracle Fusion Middleware foundation and Database products.

Open-XDX uses XML configuration templates and code-less methods and open source NIEM tools. It allows  plug-and-play delivery for Oracle customers and applications. 


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