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Flisol 2009 report, part II

Continuing with the report of FLISOL 2009, now comes the time to talk about Colombia & Venezuela.


We should first say, that in Colombia there are 3 CA that are doing an awesome job. In only 8 months, with their hard work they got to build +40 groups in OSUM, and a community of +1800 members

Colombia is a country with a fast growing open source community, and FLISOL is the reflex of this.  This year Colombia Enjoyed FLISOL in:





19.San Gil.

Our 3 CA ambassadors has done 4 tech demos, in 3 cities, and got more than +900 new contacts to invite them to our OSUM community. In Bigota, the account manager for GHE helped the CA to get a T2000 server to act as the official repository for the install fest, this is a interesting and important way of collaboration in this kind of events, because the open source community start seeing us a truly open source collaborator, and they are finally giving a chance to OpenSolaris and more

BOGOTA, report by Sandra Uribe

It is a pleasure to be able to share with you that Sun Microsystems was a sponsor of FLISOL 2009 in Bogotá, the main support of the event in terms of network and electrical wiring. 38 points were installed to the network event so installers can have access to carry out its work: installing free operating system, and also placed 108 points of electrical connection in the area and 22 other facilities in the area of the stands the sponsors and partners. In addition, Sun Microsystems was also present with the loan of one of its T2000 servers, which were housed in repositories and GNU Linux distributions. We also made some demos with OpenOffice, with a big attendance.

From the above, I emphasize the important work by Sun Microsystems because many attendees were excited with our OpenSource Operating Systems, so I witness the great strides that Sun Microsystems is giving on the free software community.
I can tell you that there were exactly 2960 people at Bogota FLISOL 2009, excellent participation from the people. It was about 3000 or more, but the surplus in some way to call people who were not registered and only went to watch.

We had the opportunity to make new contacts and to ensure our participation in other events.

No more than I can thank people who made possible our participation in the event:

Greesy Corredor -  Without her, we couldn't done such a big deployment
Carlos Burgos - Our financial support.
Sergio Pedraza  -  Installing the OS on the T2000 server, with us in much of the day.
Alvaro Riveros.
Germán Corredor - CA and collaborator

From the SLS Sun Team group of Colombia, I would like to thank:
Alvaro Daniel Guauque - Universidad Distrital - agua.
Mauricio Parrado - Universidad Distrital - andresmaucho.
Jeffrey Steve Borbón - Universidad Distrital - Comunidad de Software Libre - eljeffto.
Erika Tatiana Luque - Universidad Distrital - Comunidad de Software Libre - ruri himura.
Miguel Angel Guerrero - Universidad Distrital - Comunidad de Software Libre - kortux.
Hans Osorio - Universidad Nacional.
Davil Eljach - Universidad Nacional.
Leandro Liu - Universidad Nacional.
De la comunidad de Software Libre agradezco a:
Daniel Aristizábal - cronopio.
Andrés Villarroel - andres.via.
Diana Milena Posada - dimi.
Maria del Pilar Sáenz - befana.

Thanks to all of the people who supported me, helped me and gave me the strength to represent Sun Microsystems in this great event, thank you very much.

Medellin, report by Santiago Builes

On April 25 we did a big step in Medellin-Colombia, I could talk about and show the people many sun technologies, and I was all day at a stand telling the people the advantages of osum and sai, and had the opportunity to do some tech demos, including an OpenSolaris introduction, osum and sai.

The event was a complete success, we just impact more than 2000 people and I wanted to share some pictures with all of you. 

More info here


Venezuela has not been an easy match to play in LATAM. The CA team has changed in the last months, and they have to deal with political and social conflicts all the time, which make lot of noise in the university's activities. Despite all this, our CA are trying to change all this panorama with hard team work

Caracas, report by Daniel Moros

In the Caracas event, I did a presentation called "Introduccion al OpenOffice", a nice introduction to the OpenOffice platform, where I develop all the content of the presentation. I got an assistance of 60 people (the class was small and we couldn't bring more people because of the limited space)

Also, I helped the people from VOSUG (Venezuela Open Solaris User Group) giving a tech demo introducing OpenSolaris to all the FOSS community,  where we had an attendance of 40 people

Encuentra más fotos como ésta en Open Source University Meetup

Valencia, report by Fernando Fuentes

  • We had an assistance of more than 200 people.
  • We have generated more than 60 new invitations to the osum group
  • I gave a tech demo about OpenSolaris

I would like to highlight:

  • The number of people who attended this year FLISOL was higher than in past years (according to information from the organizing committee VaSLibre)   
  • Many people were interested in OpenSolaris packages to install them on their laptops (10 to 15 people addressed the board asking questions about OS and asking them to schedule more OS talks for next year)


  • Proactivity in the FOSS community of Valencia
  • With the help of the VaSLibre organization, I can get more access now to other universities in my city. (Thanks to this, I have already done a "NetBeans and PHP" presentation in the IUTEVAL 
  • People really liked the giveagays from the Sunwear


  • I didn't receive all the OpenSolaris disc I needed. I tried to record some locally, but I couldn't make a big number of them, and we got out of CD's quickly in the event
  • The physical space was relatively small so we were forced to conduct the event, one talk at a time, and so there where not many talks in the agenda.
  • We didn't get too much media material, the committe was a small group, and we only took photos in our free time in the event

Video of my tech demo

You can find more photos of the event here

lunes may 25, 2009

Flisol 2009 report, part I

FLISOL  is the acronym for Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de SOftware Libre. is one of the biggest open source event of the world, and the most important in LATAM. It has been conducted since 2005 and last year, more than 200 cities in 18 countries celebrated FLISOL the same day

Its main aim is to promote the use of free software, giving the general public to know the philosophy, scope, progress and development.

With this purpose, several local communities of free software (in each country, each city / locality), simultaneously organized events in which it is installed, free of charge and completely legal, free software on the computers that carry the audience. Furthermore, in parallel, offers lectures, presentations and workshops on topics of local, national and Latin America about Free Software in all its range of expression: artistic, academic, business and social. You can imagine that this is massive event, and every year is getting bigger, and for the first time, this year Sun Microsystems was an official sponsor, with the help of the LATAM CA team

There isn't a global FLISOL organization. Every country, has his own government when planning FLISOL, but there is a written constitution in the official site: that every team must respect. What's more, in every country, a city council decides every year, where to celebrate it, what activities should do, what speakers can participate, what Operating System distribution they deliver, and so. This open source city council is composed of  GNU/Linux and other free software groups.   

I have participated as speaker 2 times in my life (one in 2008 as a CA) and I have to tell you that sometimes it's not easy to be part of this with the logo of a big company in your back. But last december with the CA LATAM team, we decided that this year we had to make the difference. We wanted that our Open Source Community Meetup (OSUM) finally reach all the free software communities in latam, including those extremists groups that would not cooperate with an open source community, sponsored by a company.

The 29 Ambassadors from Latin America (including Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia & Mexico) over the past 5 months have been organized to be involved in 32 events. Some have been coordinated to participate in teams, others have sought help from local OSUG and JUG groups to gain access to the authorities and won a place for talks and a booth to hand out CDs and other giveaways. After several months, many meetings with the organizers, and despite the fact that many events where delayed or canceled in Mexico because of the FLU, we managed to get:

  • Participation in 28 cities
  • 70 tech demos, including OpenSolaris, VirtualBox and OpenOffice
  • +5000 new contacts that are being invited to join OSUM
  • 13976 attendances, who saw our tech demos, and of course, received info about OSUM and SAI

What's more, with our new OSUM LEADER Collaborative model, we have been able to help osum leaders in countries like Uruguay, Ecuador and El Salvador (places where we don't have offices or CA), where they gave Sun's open source tech demos, and presented the OSUM community.

In the next posts, I will try to share with you more details about this. It's important to say that we had the help and support of great people in this team:
  • Tzel Anselmo Ramos, who supported us helping with the delivery of massive amount of giveaways to our CA and osum leaders
  • Collin Cup, who built us posters for FLISOL, a great video with James Gosling, and some T-Shirts and 2 routers to collaborate in some events in Chile and Mexico


    Mar del Plata, report by Ezequiel Aranda

    I was in Mar del Plata, the event took place in the Technical school number 3 (between 10 am and 6 pm) and consisted of an install-fest of a number of Linux distros, and a series of lectures around the theme of the free software, both technical and philosophical information. Within this set of talks was mine about JavaFX, which was attended by 25-30 people. Additionally, I showed the video with Gosling, and it was a great success
    From a table which can be viewed at any of the photos, handed out CDs of OpenSolaris and NetBeans. OpenSolaris was tested and some kids tried on their machines (and a couple of machines that were free to use), and I was chatting about several topics with attendees.
    Regarding the number of attendees, there is no official figure, but estimated about 200 people

    • Several people tried OpenSolaris (worth to watch this video where one of the assistants did not get to run any linux distro but he could make it with OpenSolaris)
    • I was invited back to talk about JavaFX once again in the context of a refresher course for teachers of computing, giving at the school where the event took place (one teacher was in my talk).

    I met a person who had last year who told me through my talk (in the previous year) had been persuaded to use OpenSolaris, and now all the servers running OpenSolaris in their work (I am trying to crawl). We pass the info on matching grant, said that because I wanted to buy equipment, and apparently worked in the datacenter of a college or something similar.

    Cons: there were not many, maybe a couple of questions on the "acquisition subject", plus a few other fundamentalist's comments about "how much OpenSource is Sun, or something like Linux Vs OpenSolaris" ...

    photos and videos:

    Quilmes and Berazategui, report by Paola Gutierrez

    First I went to Berazategui, it was in a club, I got many contacts and business people working in the municipality. All the talks where held in a period of 3 hours,  very general topics, and some technical, more oriented towards questions of how to adapt these technologies to companies that had not yet incorporated. My talk was at 12 and last about half an hour, by what I saw there were people that came to event only to be in my talk because I  noticed that there were more people than in the rest of the talks. Attended by around 100 people, I had a mishap, I have no camera, and didn't get one that day, so asked to take pictures and still could not recover even though I sent them some mails

    The organization wrote me an email after the talk, asking if I could participate in one event in October on free software. They also asked if they could be sponsored by Sun.
    more info

    In quilmes the event was organized with the quilmeslug, a group with great organization, I think, was much more massive event because the university is quite big and looked very busy... had many talks, that's why tech demos weren't crowded as the one in Berazategui. I made contact with teachers from UAI. In my talk, there were about 35 people, but they had a superior technical level, it was more fun, lot of interest in and questions .. I also contact the boys from quilmeslug to keep in touch with talks.
    photos here .

    Personally, I liked it because it was almost one of the first talks that I did as a CA alone, and felt safe, so it was a good experience.

    Tucuman, report by Juan Daniel Perez

    This year I participated in FLISOL in the city of Tucumán in Argentina. The event was held at Universidad Tecnologica Nacional Facultad Regional Tucumán, where in the morning were the installations of operating systems and free software on Windows, and after midday talks began. Throughout the event were handed out CDs of GNU / Linux, OpenSolaris, and a CD with a collection of different applications (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, etc).
    Approximately 200 people attended the event and in my talk "Introduction to OpenSolaris" there were about 120 attendees, following the same conduct sweepstakes, OpenSolaris and answered questions on various technologies related to Sun and ultimately helped several OpenSolaris guys installing it (in mostly VirtualBox on GNU / Linux).

    I think the organization was very good, the level of questions was very good but most did not know OpenSolaris, I was very well received by guys from LUG Tucumán and they helped the OSUM group grow and be more active (in only one day after been created, the group reached more than 100 people). The day after the FLISOL, me along with some members of UNTOSUM went to a school to give talks and install Openoffice, etc.

    I made a couple of interviews for local channels where I asked about this new social network OSUM! Would like to thanks Flavia, the osum leader in Tucuman, because she helped a lot to make all this happen

    Photos of the event:

    Encuentra más fotos como ésta en Open Source University Meetup

    Meeting with some of the kids of UNTOSUM:

    Encuentra más fotos como ésta en Open Source University Meetup

    Cordoba, report by Elias Andrawos

    Was held in the University Department of Computer Science, a branch of the National University of Córdoba.

    It is located in the heart of the campus University, luckily we had a beautiful day! It opened the doors at 14.30hs, and in a few minutes it was completely filled. It began with the Install fest, and still people were coming to watch, learn, learn, and so on. Busy until the end hallways, the air conditioning was very useful.

    It is estimated that there were 140 attendees.

    When I did my talk, I had some problems with audio. (bad luck!) But likewise, people followed me to consult once the talk was over.

    The tech demos and talks in the event worked on this topics:

    • Free Software
    • Electronic voting 
    • OpenOffice

    \* PRO: A lot of people interested in with questions.
    \* PRO: People of all ages, disciplines and specialties.
    \* PRO: It was a great experience, both organizers and attendees, we were very happy.
    \* CONS:  In my talk there where some problems with audio. (bad luck!)
    \*CONS :  We do not have the support of mass media such as radio, television and newspapers.

    For now the photos are here:

    Neuquen, report by Silvana Canuto Canete

    I gave an introductory talk on OpenSolaris, handed out CDs of, OpenSolaris and Netbeans for a couple of kids who used it. There were almost 30 people. All this was the pre event of FLISOL 5 days before the official event in the city of Allen, not to much crowdy, but it was ok.

    On April 25, in FLISOL, I had no talks. The organization in Nequen is agains the idea to receive help and cooperate with companies in the promotion of open source, so I just helped installing ubuntu and OpenSolaris, but also took cd's OpenSolaris.

    I met there a reporter, who invited me to do an interview for a local newspaper, where I'm gonna talk about OSUM and our open source stack. For my surprise, Flisol event in Neuquen was very small. I do not know how to explain it, but I think this is because o the local LUG attitude. They are agains everything that is not GPL, they simply do not believe that OpenSolaris is free software and do not want a company like Sun that takes people's attention, plus they are very closed in terms of philosophy and do not consider installing open source in FLISOL. Hope with the help of the OSUM group to start opening some minds here in the south of Argentina

    jueves may 14, 2009

    FLISoL 2009 Tucumán

    El Sábado 25 de Abril estuve participando de la edición 2009 del Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre en Tucumán. El evento estuvo organizado por el LUG Tucumán ( y se desarrolló en la UTN Facultad Regional Tucumán. Por la mañana se realizaron las instalaciones y se repartieron cd's de software libre. Después del medio día comenzaron las charlas donde participé con una de introducción a OpenSolaris con una gran cantidad de asistentes que se mostraron muy interesados en las tecnologías expuestas.

    Durante todo el ciclo de charlas se realizaron sorteos y todo se desarrolló en un ambiente muy agradable y con mucho humor.

    Agradezco a los chicos del LUG y a Flavia (quien nos contactó) por haberme invitado a participar y asegurarse de que todo saliera bien, seguramente vamos a estar participando en otros eventos con el LUG Tucumán.

    Audiencia OpenSolaris Preparandome para la charla
    Tucumán OpenSolaris!! Preparando la presentación
    En plena presentacion Audiencia
    En plena presentación Audiencia

     Más fotos del evento:

    Encuentra más fotos como ésta en Open Source University Meetup

    Presentación utilizada en la charla:

    Saludos, Juan

    lunes abr 27, 2009

    FLISoL 2009 Mar del Plata

    El pasado fin de semana estuve participando de la edición 2009 del Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre en la ciudad de Mar del Plata que, al igual que el año anterior, estuvo organizada por los integrantes del nodo gulBAC de dicha ciudad.

     Instalaciones de la escuela técnica 3

    El evento transcurrió en las instalaciones de la escuela técnica número 3 y estuvo compuesto de un install-fest de varias distros de Linux, y un conjunto de charlas alrededor de la temática del software libre, tanto técnicas como filosóficas e informativas.

     Mi charla

    Mi participación consistió en una charla introductoria sobre JavaFX, tareas de difusión desde "la mesa con regalos de sun" (de los cuales por cierto, no quedó ni el olor) y algunas contribuciones adicionales (como ir a buscar el almuerzo para los organizadores y disertantes =D).

    Ezequiel y Sebastián, presentando "Ubuntu Vs. Debian"

    Como en cada uno de los eventos que comparto con los chicos de gulBAC, no faltaron situaciones divertidas (en especial cuando avistamos al muchacho que llevaba consigo una katana - si, leyeron bien, una KATANA) y hubo mucha, pero mucha buena onda.

    Asistente booteando OpenSolaris 2008.11 - El extraño sorteo del final del evento, que se convirtió en un "FCFS" de premios

    Les dejo las fotos del evento, más un pequeño vídeo con un recorrido por las instalaciones del colegio y las slides de la presentación de JavaFX.

     "Café Libre" - La famosa Katana (fue imposible resistirme a pedirla prestada para una foto)

    Le agradezco a los organizadores por permitirme ser parte del evento nuevamente, y a todos los asistentes que estuvieron tanto en la charla como en el stand.

    [UPDATE]: Les sumo un link al blog de Seba en donde pueden encontrar links a mas fotos del evento, y sumo un vídeo en el que uno de los asistentes bootea OpenSolaris luego de no poder arrancar el liveCD de Ubuntu (nota: igualmente, con el live de OpenSolaris falló luego la red =D)

    Ahhh... Y alguien avisele a Seba que el evento ya terminó

    lunes abr 13, 2009

    Se viene la FLISOL 2009

    El próximo 25 de abril del 2009 se llevará cabo la quinta versión del Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre FLISOL2009. Este es el evento de difusión de Software Libre más grande en Latinoamérica que se desarrolla simultáneamente en más de 200 ciudades .En esta nueva versión los principales objetivos propuestos son:
    • Difundir el uso de Software Libre en su más amplia expresión a toda la comunidad Latinoamericana.
    • Entregar a la comunidad de Latinoamericana una instancia donde las personas puedan discutir y compartir sus experiencias acerca del uso de Software Libre.
    • Permitir que las personas interesadas llevar sus computadoras para que un equipo de personas con mayor experiencia pueda ayudarles en la instalación de un sistema operativo de libre distribución, y en lo posible entregarle nociones básicas sobre su configuración y uso.

    Este año al igual que en las versiones anteriores las sedes ofrecen a los asistentes además de las instalaciones, charlas, stands y otras actividades, por lo que desde ya queda extendida la invitación para todos aquellos usuarios que deseen adentrarse en el mundo del software Libre.La Asistencia Es Libre y Totalmente Gratuita, No se necesita ningún requisito para asistir. No es necesario tener conocimientos previos, uno de los objetivos del evento es la difusión por lo que todos son bienvenidos.

    ¿Quién Lo Organiza?

    La Comunidad de Software Libre en Latinoamérica, conformada por personas y grupos de diversa índole, con el apoyo de otras entidades, principalmente educativas, y algunos patrocinadores de los eventos en cada localidad.

     ¿Que obtengo asistiendo?

    Tendrás la oportunidad de instalar software libre en tu computadora, apreciar qué es una real y segura alternativa a otros modelos de desarrollo y distribución de software.

    Informarte sobre la filosofía, cultura y organización alrededor del mismo.
    Conocer las experiencias, desarrollos e investigaciones de grupos y entidades en torno al Software Libre, tanto a nivel local como nacional e internacional.

    Tal vez encuentres una alternativa/solución en software libre para ti, tu empresa, colegio, universidad e, incluso, para tu gobierno.

    Podrás aclarar tus dudas acerca de los temas relacionados y, quizás encuentres en el software libre, una alternativa de investigación, empleo y desarrollo tecnológico.

    ¿Donde en lleva a cabo?

    En las principales ciudades de Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, y resto de los paises de latinomaerica. Por supuesto todos los ambassadors de LATAM van a estar participando en distintas sedes. Si queres saber donde podes encontrarte a uno de ellos y aprender sobre OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, Java, y otras tecnologías chequea las ciudades en el siguiente link:


    Blog del programa Campus Ambassadors de Sun Microsystems para las universidades de Argentina.


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