Thursday Mar 24, 2016

Using Identity Browser Dialog in ADF Page

If you need to select any user from your identities, you can use Identity browser (wlc:identitybrowser) instead of creating custom page.

Step 1:Create Dialog into popup

Step 2:Getting selected userid with using DialogListener in Managed Bean

After getting userIds, you can use them for reassign, route or set any parameter etc. again using managed bean.

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Friday Jan 29, 2016

Redeployment with Keep Running Instances option

If you are redeploying a process, and, during design time, the Keep Running Instances option is selected, then redeployment fails in the following scenarios:

  • Parallel or inclusive gateway pair is removed
  • Inclusive-complex gateway pair is changed to inclusive-inclusive gateway pair
  • Subprocess is removed or its loop characteristic is changed
  • User task is moved to another branch in gateway pair or outside the gateway pair
  • Activity level is changed., for example, the activity is moved inside a subprocess or gateway structure
  • Subprocess or event subprocess or a call activity is added
  • Event subprocess is changed from interrupting to non-interrupting
  • Boundary event is changed from interrupting to no- interrupting
  • Boundary event is added
  • User task implementation is changed to use another human task
  • Referance:

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    Thursday Oct 01, 2015

    Disable "Build After Save at JDeveloper" 12c

    Step 1: Go To Tools->Preferences->Code Editor->Save Actions

    Step 2: Remove "Bild Project After Save"

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    Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

    Apply SOA/BPM Bundle Patch 3 to JDeveloper 12c (

    Step 1: Download Bundle Patch 3

    Step 2: Run "Command Prompt (cmd)" as Administrator

    Step 3: Set "ORACLE_HOME" and add OPatch directory to "PATH" variable

    Step 4: Extract the downloaded patch and browse folder via cmd

    Step 5: Run opatch apply

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    Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

    Skinning BPM Workspace 12c

    Step 1: Download Oracle Skin Editor

    Step 2: Install & Run SkinEditor

    Step 3: Create New Application

    Step 4: Create New Project & ADF Skin File

    Step 5: Edit ADF Skin

    Step 6: Create Deployment Profile & Deploy as ADF Library

    Step 7: Deploy ADF Library to Weblogic

    Step 8: Restart Servers and Check your library settings.

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    Monday Mar 30, 2015

    Getting an error while building migrated ADF Based Forms 11g to 12c (BEA-160187)

     We were getting an error while try to build our project after migration of ADF based Oracle BPM Forms 11g to 12c.

     An error says:

    "Error: <J2EE> <BEA-160187> <weblogic.appc failed to compile the application .....>" 

    And a warning says:

    "Warning: Unresolved WebApp library references defined in weblogic.xml, of module 'public_html' [Extension-Name: oracle.soa.worklist.webapp, Specification-Version: 11.1.1, exact-match: false]" 

    Our "weblogic.xml" file need to update. We edited "<weblogic-web-app>" tab and remove "oracle.soa.worklist.webapp" library reference version. Then our project build successfully.

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    Monday Jan 26, 2015

    BPM Actionable Email Configuration

    Step 1: Create e-mail account with mailbox.It means that account can get e-mail.

    Step 2: Update user messaging driver

    Step 3: Update Workflow properties

    Step 4: Check driver config file (driverconfig.xml) from server. Config file path is "/data/oracle/domains/SOABPM-TEST-DMN/config/fmwconfig/servers/SAOBPM/applications/usermessagingdriver-email/configuration/".

    Step 5: Restart SOA servers

    Step 6: Create Test Composite

    Step 7: Make humantask notification actionable

    Step 8: Deploy & Test it.

    You can download test application Click!

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    Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

    Close and ReOpen Process as a New Instance

    Step 1: Create Main Process

    Step 2: Call Sub Process with Send Task

    Step 3: Return from Sub Process with Receive Task

    Step 4: Call Sub Process for Creating new instance

    Step 5: Create Sub Process

    Step 6: Sub Process Start activity

    Step 7: Sub Process Cancel activity

    Step 8: Sub Process End activity for cancel

    composite.xml file

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    Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

    Call SubProcess N Times and wait All Of Them are Completed!

    Step 1: Create Main Process

    Step 2: Create Sub Process

    Step 3: Create DB Adapter for getting instance count

    You can read my blog post about how to create and use DBAdapter. Click for read.

    Step 4: Check your "composite.xml" file.

    Step 5: Calling your Sub Process with "Service Task"

    Step 6: Call DB Adapter with "Service Task"

    Step 7: Check Process Instance Count with "Exclusive Gateway"

    If count equals 1, all off subprocesses are completed with/without error. Otherwise there must be a subprocess that is running, because all of subprocesses are generated with same ECID that is as same as main process ECID

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    Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

    Execute Pure SQL With DBAdapter

    Step 1: Create DB Adapter

    Step 2: Call DB Adapter with Service Task

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    BPM Set Instance Title

    Step 1: Create BPM Application

    Step 2: Add "Script" activity called "SetInstanceTitle"

    Step 3: Using "ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle()" XPATH function.

    Step 4: Check it on EM console

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    Friday Apr 25, 2014

    Deployment failed because of "unrecoverable incompatibilities"

    Edit composite.xml and add a new property.

    <property name="oracle.bpm.bpmn.force.deploy">true</property> 

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    Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

    Custom Flow History Table

    Step 1: Create BPM Application

    Step 2: Create Business Module

    Step 3: Create Business Objects

    Step 4: Update Business Objects

    Step 5: Create Custom Test Flow

    Step 6: Modify Script Tasks in Test Flow

    Step 7: Create Custom user interface for task

    Step 8: Add table into user interface.

    End: Deploy & Run

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    Sunday Mar 02, 2014

    Parallel Approval with using "List of Approvers"

    Step 1: Create "Parallel Approval" human task

    Step 2: Create Approver List

    Step 3: Create approver string (Str_ApproverList) using with approver list.

    Use this formula:

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    Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

    How to Find Last Approver of HumanTask

    In this workflow you can find last approver of UserTask with using the steps below.

    These steps are:

    1 - Create and associate "TaskId" attribute.

    2 - Use this formula: "hwf:getPreviousTaskApprover(bpmn:getDataObject('TaskId'))"

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