Thursday Mar 24, 2016

Using Identity Browser Dialog in ADF Page

If you need to select any user from your identities, you can use Identity browser (wlc:identitybrowser) instead of creating custom page.

Step 1:Create Dialog into popup

Step 2:Getting selected userid with using DialogListener in Managed Bean

After getting userIds, you can use them for reassign, route or set any parameter etc. again using managed bean.

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Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Groovy in ADF

Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the Java platform, defined as JSR 241. It has many features that were inspired by languages such as Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers with a Java-like syntax. It interoperates seamlessly with any Java class, and can be compiled and interpreted without disturbing normal operations.[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 25, 2013

Bounded Task Flow Properties

The ADF framework provides parameters for a bounded task flow parameters are provided in ADF, developer can give them default values with using JDeveloper.

Configurable properties are:

•  Initializer
•  Finalizer
•  Save Point Restore Finalizer
•  URL Invoke
•  Library Internal
•  Parameters
•  Return Value
•  Train
•  Task Flow Reentry
•  Critical 
•  Transaction
•  Share Data Control with Calling Task Flow
•  No Save Point on Task Flow Entry

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Sunday Dec 22, 2013

Introduction to ADF Task Flow

Task Flows at the Heart of Oracle ADF
There is nothing more important than understanding task flow-oriented design and architecture when developing Oracle ADF applications

ADF controller supports task flows. Supporting task flows helps us to break our complex web application into smaller reusable flows. The task flows are simple XML files. Each of the pages in the task flow is added as a view activity and the control flows between the pages. The components in the task flows are called as activities and each of the control flows will have an outcome to define the navigation.

Develop User Interface Services – Not Pages
Steven Davelaar, "Building Highly Reusable Task Flows"

There are two types of task flows in ADF

Unbounded Task Flow

Unbounded task flows are designed to handle navigation between pages which do not necessarily follow any specific entry point or exit point. For example, consider the pages linked through the toolbar menu in an application. An end user can select any menu option that he or she likes, or the person can even type the URL directly in the browser for viewing the page and can exit from the page or switch to a new page at any point in time. The navigation model for such pages (unbounded view) is defined using unbounded task flow. Unbounded task flow defines navigation for unbounded views in a Fusion web application.

Bounded Task Flow

The bounded task flow is primarily designed to implement reusable navigation cases with definite entry and exit points. A bounded task flow contains its own set of control flow rules, activities, and managed beans. 

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Sunday Dec 15, 2013

Authentication Architectures In Oracle ADF

 In this article, i try to explain common authentication architectures that are using for Oracle ADF with models.

  • Oracle ADF without Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Oracle ADF with Own SSO
  • Oracle ADF With Single Sign-On Using OAM


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Monday Nov 18, 2013

ADF Reusable Artefacts

  • Primary reusable ADF Business Component:
    • Entity Objects (EOs)
    • View Objects (VOs)
    • Application Modules (AMs)
    • Framework Extensions Classes
  • Primary reusable ADF Controller:
    • Bounded Task Flows (BTFs)
    • Task Flow Templates
  • Primary reusable ADF Faces:
    • Page Templates
    • Skins
    • Declarative Components
    • Utility Classes

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Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

ADF Business Components

ADF Business Component is a Java and XML based framework for developing.
  • Business logic, including validation and default logic
  • Queries
  • Transaction handling
  • Data access
It does not create a user interface, but is a pure encapsulation of business logic that communicates with a separate client application, which handles user interaction.

Using ADF BC is the simplest way to design data-aware applications with JDeveloper.
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Monday Oct 21, 2013

Introduction to Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF is an end-to-end development framework, built on top of the 
Enterprise Java platform, offering unparalleled productivity to application 
developers. The framework provides integrated infrastructure solutions for the 
various layers of the application and an easy way to develop on top of them.
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