Monday Oct 08, 2007

2 news about 4.2.4 was released on Sep 28. In this release, a few bugs have been fixed and Fast Search Indexing feature has been implemented. That means you can get the latest books faster than before by searching function.

Oct 1st, the Sun Hardware Documentation Site "SunDocs" consolidation with was complete. From now on, you can find all software & hardware documentations at single site:

Monday Sep 24, 2007

Moon cake I18n

Mid-Autumn Festival + Disney = ?

Saturday Sep 22, 2007

To view Asian characters from Xmanager

You may need to login Solaris from home, and also need remote Solaris desktop with Asian (JKCC) characters displayed like me who is working at Globalization team. Xmanager is a good choice.

The default Xmanager install package may not include all fonts that you need especially for Asian languages. You need to download the font package, install and set the font path for your language.

Here is a step by step example:

1. Go to Xmanager website to download the font package.
2. Install it to where your Xmanager located. (C:\\Program Files\\NetSarang\\Xmanager2\\Fonts)
3. Open Xconfig, and add your language to each config file from "Properties" -> "Font".

That's it.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

Languages that we have

Last month I did a job to update l10n templates for converting docs to html format. It's not complicated, just translate 2 new strings and then add them to the templates for each language. Yes, Sun supports more and more languages for the docs. List here.
















Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese


Monday Sep 03, 2007

Crystal Cup

It's my first time to involve in the Cup design. Very cool. Imagining the moment that the winner takes the cup, I can feel the satisfaction at it. To be honest, the Cup design is not the big part of the thing, the winner and their hard working for the whole year are just the most important.

It's the award for localization vendor. To recognize their good performance and communication in FY07. As well as to encourage them and the others to do better in the coming year. Because the Cup for FY08 must be bigger than this year's. :-)

All team members in AGC TLIS working together to make it happened. From program design to system analysis and test, from regular mark to final statistic, of course the Cup design. We even will have a ceremony in next week. This program has been processed in the last whole year. It's not easy, especially thank Jane Shi who drove it.

All contents are documented. For details, please contact AGC TLIS.

PS: AGC TLIS - Asian Globalization Center, Translation & Language Information Services

Wednesday Aug 22, 2007

Kaizen on

New version of is released today. The official Release Note said: in this release, there are a number of bug fixes and new features that help content more effective with web serarching technologies, as well as assist in the migration of the current SunDocs content.

To me, not so much updates or changes I can feel from this release. But I am sure large amounts of works have been done by the engineering team. To provide the best service & support to our customer and partner is always one of our goal. Just like the word we talk everyday: Kaizen - keep improving!

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

1 year to go

365 days is not close enough,  but it's shorter than 500 and 1000. I still remember we celebrated the 500 days and 1000 days. Now, at least to me, the reality of the Olympics seem more real.

Except the traffic jam (to build and renew the subway, road )and closed GYM (renew for Olympics games), we can feel Olympics more than before.  This week the 'Good luck Beijing' sport events opened. 42 games will be held in the next 10 months.  As a sports fan, I recommend you to involve in the game by going to the stadium. It's totally different to enjoy the game live from seeing it on TV.

Let's Go!

Tuesday Jul 31, 2007

What's TOEIC

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication

TOEIC is a test of English proficiency that has been used as a standard for establishing business English writing skills and spoken English proficiency for nonnative English speaking people for more than 25 years. Institutions, companies and government agencies worldwide use TOEIC as a standard for establishing English proficiency in potential employees.

Announcement for new TOEIC Test in China.  (EN, ZH)

Websites for TOEIC:

Saturday Jul 28, 2007


We all know there is a lost+found directory in Linux system. It can track and resume those you have already deleted. Something like Recycle in Windows OS. But as human being, do we have lost+found directory for ourselves?

I saw a famous TV program on CCTV-2 today named Lucy 52. 2 teams PK with some questions. Team A are adults that are pretty good at their current job position like engineer or manager. Team B are students at primary school. The PK questions are all come from primary school grade 1 - 6. The result is obvious:landslide, students WIN!

Questions: (some of them are for Chinese only)

1. Which part does ginger is? (root, stem, branch, leaf, flower ...)

2. We called South America and North America together as America (亚美利加). What is this term's origin?

3. 闻鸡起舞中, 除了祖逖外,另一个人物是谁?

4. 纸(yuān), 写出该字。

5. Tom's age together with his father's equals 48, then how many years later, the number will be 100?

6. 独在异乡为异客,每逢佳节倍思亲,遥知兄弟登高处,遍播(zhū yú)少一人。写出这两个字。

7. While the rocket launches from ground, the fire's direction is opposite from the rocket's. Name this phenomenon.

8. 烽火戏诸侯这一典故说的是那位君主?

9. “比”字第四划是什么?

10. If prime number A plus prime number B equals 103, what are A and B?

See comments for the answers.


Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

Search Capabilities Improved on

Today the engineering team has migrated its search capabilities from the existing search mechanism to the .Sun search standard - Sun Search.

The benefit of this move is:

  • Customers will now experience the same highly relevant results that are available on many other Sun web sites and applications, translating to an overall better user experience. 

To help provide a smooth transition to the new search functionality see the "New Search Methodology" on "What's new":


For me the most exciting thing about the improvement is DSC support multi-byte words or phrases search in this new 4.2.2 release.

Tip: Don't forget to switch to your local before you search non-English words.

Monday Jul 16, 2007

EXPLORER.EXE exception when activate "pick words" in KingSoft CIBA.

If you happened to install KingSoft CIBA (2003,2005) in your laptop. And you always got EXPLORER.EXE exception - Windows taskbar re-start when you activate the "pick words" function. You may need below service pack.

For CIBA 2003 - 2003 SP3

For CIBA 2005 - 2005 SP1


Wednesday Jul 11, 2007

10th anniversary at Sun Jenny!

Today is my mentor Jenny Huang's 10th anniversary at Sun.

Congratulations Jenny!


Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

Improvement on

Today the engineering team has changed its infrastructure to a new environment.
The benefits of this move are:

- Performance Increase:  This change will greatly benefit users who have been frustrated with the time it takes to browse to documents on the site.

- Improved Reliability / Sustainability:  Now the site is in a stable environment and will be more reliable for our customers.

Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival, ZongZi, Who's Qu Yuan?

For those who called today as "ZongZi Festival" and almost forgot Qu Yuan.

The Dragon Boat Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. It is one of the most important Chinese festivals, the other two being the Autumn Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.

The origin of this summer festival centers around a scholarly government official named Qu Yuan. He was a good and respected man, but because of the misdeeds of jealous rivals he eventually fell into disfavor in the emperor's court.

Unable to regain the respect of the emperor, in his sorrow Qu Yuan threw himself into the Mi Luo river. Because of their admiration for Qu Yuan, the local people living adjacent to the Mi Luo River rushed into their boats to search for him while throwing rice into the waters to appease the river dragons.

Although they were unable to find Qu Yuan, their efforts are still commemorated today during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Wednesday May 30, 2007

Why we blog?

More and more Suner start to create their blogs to share information to other people. Before I created my blog, I asked a question to myself " Why do I blog?"

• To share personal information and feeling to others? It's OK.
• To track working / living record? Maybe.
• To share Sun (others) technology within / outside SMI? Yes, some of them.
• To build a bridge between Sun and worldwide user? - I created my blog.

I wrote a blog about new UI of was released early last week and got 1 comment, actually it's complaint. 3 days after the comment I found Sun engineers discussing the possible changes to within dsc alias. I am so happy with that. I know it's 99.99% possibility that there is no relation between my blog and changes discussing, but the most important thing is we found the blog is also a way to improve our company.


Yu Aaron Cheng


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