Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets - Cloning an existing vServer

Following on from my Blog entry "Scripted Template Generation from an existing vServer" I have built a wrapper script that can be used to execute the Template Generation script or Clone a specific vServer. This script was not incorporated into the original script because it must be executed on a Compute Node with access to the /OVS/Repositories directory and the Compute Node are a minimal install and hence do not have all the required software available. As part of the Cloning process this new script will create an Assets input file that can be used with the CreateAssets.sh describe in the blog "Scripting Asset Creation" and optionally execute the result to create the clone.

To successfully run the script you will need the following 3 scripts located in the same directory on a machine with the EMOC cli/api rms installed.

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Wednesday Jan 23, 2013

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Some Simple ZFS Scripts

Whilst working on an Exalogic Upgrade I was working with the ZFS storage and having executed the same commands a number of times I decided to script them. This short blog entry, although it will grow over time, contains the scripts I find useful. For each of the scripts I will simply provide a brief description and the source of the script and occasionally add the output assuming it is not too long. Where I need to pass the Hostname / IP Address of the storage heads the scripts will use the flags (unless otherwise specified):

  • -p <Primary - first storage head>
  • -s <Secondary - Second storage head>

I will be using a combinations of simple bash scripts and the more function ZFS scripting language.

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Friday Sep 21, 2012

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Scripting Asset Creation

So far in this series we have looked at creating asset within the EMOC BUI but the Exalogic 2.0.1 installation also provide the Iaas cli as an alternative to most of the common functionality available within EMOC. The IaaS cli interface provides access to the functions that are available to a user logged into the BUI with the CloudUser Role.

As such not all functionality is available from the command line interface however having said that the IaaS cli provides all the functionality required to create the Assets within a specific Account (Tenure). Because these action are common and repeatable I decided to wrap the functionality within a simple script that takes a simple input file and creates the Asset.

Following the Script through will show us the required steps needed to create the various Assets within an Account and hence I will work through the various functions within the script below describing the steps.

You will note from the various steps within the script that it is designed to pause between actions allowing the proceeding action to complete. The reason for this is because we could swamp EMOC with a series of actions and may end up with a situation where we are trying to action a Volume attached before the creation of the vServer and Volume have completed.[Read More]

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