Oracle OpenWorld | August 29, 2016

9 1/2 Ways to Get the Most from Oracle OpenWorld 2016

By: Oracle Staff


By Christine Hipp

With more than 1,600 sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2016, it is hard to not be overwhelmed by the significant amount of information being presented. While it may not be possible to participate in every single session, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience everything that is important to you.

Getting the most out of your time while at Oracle OpenWorld requires balancing proper planning and prioritizing in advance with a little spontaneity during the event. To help people preparing for the conference, here are some simple tips, in easy-to-digest checklist format, that can help you maximize your time at Oracle OpenWorld.

1.  Have a plan.

Use the OpenWorld Session Catalog to locate educational activities that align with your top areas of interest. Use the convenient filters to narrow down your selections, and take advantage of My Schedule to reserve a spot in the session of your choice.

2.  Venture off the beaten path.

Sample a new topic by attending a session outside your area of focus. It might be the next project you tackle at work or could help you better understand a colleague’s role. (Bring back your notes full of best practices to share with your team.)

3.  Spend Sunday with Oracle Users Groups.

With a strong focus on specific products, technologies, industries, functional areas or geographic regions, Oracle users groups provide targeted and dynamic learning and networking opportunities. Find out why you should be at the Oracle Users Forum on Sunday.

4.  Jumpstart your career.

Whether you’re just beginning to work with Oracle Applications or simply beginning your career in general, join other professionals at the OAUG Young Professionals Forum on Sunday to find out how to establish and build a career development plan. Everyone is welcome.

5. Hear directly from Oracle.

There are so many sessions to choose from. Review some of the OAUG’s top picks.

6. Get hands on.

 The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team’s demonstrations and tours give attendees an insider’s perspective and the opportunity to provide feedback. These activities are energetic and insightful. Note that several of them require advanced registration. Check out all the UX events and demos during Oracle OpenWorld.

7. Visit the exhibit halls.

Learn how third-party products can turbocharge what you’re already doing. The exhibitors are there to share and are delighted to talk about the work they do with customers.

8. Take time out.

With a jam-packed agenda full of quality sessions at Oracle OpenWorld, it’s hard to imagine having any down time to escape the confines of the convention center and the overload of information assailing your brain. But remember, you are in beautiful San Francisco, and it’s important to take a moment to rejuvenate.

9. Unleash your networking tiger. 

Bring plenty of business cards, and practice your open-ended questions to get the conversation started. Come with three things you want to learn and ask everyone – presenters, Oracle employees, conference attendees and exhibitors – for insights, observations and recommendations

9 ½. Don’t be stingy.

If you picked up a great idea during a session or networking conversation, be sure to share what you learned. This is the other half of the networking equation: asking questions + sharing ideas = great networking.

Christine Hipp serves on the board of directors for the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), an independent, global, member-led organization that maximizes customers’ investment in Oracle and partner solutions.