Tuesday May 31, 2011

7000 Software Update Matrix

7000 Software updates. You can find these both in MOS,
or at http://wikis.sun.com/display/FishWorks/Software+Updates
You should be on 2010.Q3.2.1 right now.
New ones coming in next few weeks, so pay attention.

Oracle ZFSSA 7000 Series

These patches can be found in MOS.
Don't even start with me, MOS is easy once you get the hang of it.

 Date  Patch #  Firmware  Type  Code in BUI  
 12/23/2010  10379795  2010.Q3.1.1  Minor  2010-08-17-1-1-1-1-16  
 12/28/2010  10435589  2010.Q3.2  Minor  2010-08-17-1-1-1-1-18  
 2/9/2011  10378803  2010.Q3  Plug-ins  NA- extra software for VSS and OEM  
 3/23/2011  11887647  2010.Q3.2.1  Minor  2010-08-17-2-1-1-1-21 - Current release  
 June 2011  unk  2010.Q3.2.2  Minor  various bug fixes  
 June 2011  unk  2011.Q1  Major  Major release coming  

Some of the new features in 2011.Q1 will include: Active Directory domain controller hot failover, SMB level 2 Oplocks, ZFS enhancements, Replication enhancements, iSCSI and FC enhancements, Datalink configuration enhancements







7000 ZFS Storage Appliance - General info and websites

The ZFSSA is the current name of the oracle 7000 family of products. You can see the public page for them here: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/storage/unified-storage/index.html

There are just a huge amount of websites, white papers, and blogs regarding this product and the technology that makes it tick, Solaris 10, 11 and ZFS. The following is just a few of them to help get you started.

Software updates: http://wikis.sun.com/display/FishWorks/Software+Updates
You need to check here, as the ZFSSA appliance kit gets updated with a minor update about every 3 months and a major update about twice a year. Believe me, you want these. They will either fix bugs that you may have seen (or have not seen yet and don't want to), or give you access to fantastic new features. These will be at no cost to you, as with all software on the ZFSSA, there are no licenses or costs for the software. Very cool.

Whitepapers: http://wikis.sun.com/display/BigAdmin/Using+Sun+Storage+7000+Unified+Storage+Systems
BigAdmin is a great site to find and download whitepapers on lots of topics, including many for the 7000. Like best practices for setting up SharePoint Server with the 7000.

Power Calculator: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/sun-power-calculators/calc/s7420-power-calculator-180618.html
This link takes you to the 7420 calculator, but you can walk the links up at the top to take you to many others

Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris/documentation/oem-plugin-sunstorage7000-167845.html
Did you know you could monitor and get alerts from multiple 7000s using OEM? Oh, and did you know the plug-in was free? Oh, and did you know there is no cost to run OEM and the Oracle database needed to run it, as long as you only use it for OEM???? DID YOU? DID YOU??? I bet you didn't....

How to boot from SAN over FC from a 7000: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-admin/fbsanboot-365291.html
Yep, of course you can do that.

Workflow and script depot: https://stbeehive.oracle.com/teamcollab/wiki/Sun+Storage+7000+Integration:The+Script+Depot
I'm afraid this one is Oracle Internal only, but important for my fellow storage consultants to have. This is Chris' Script Depot.

7000 documentation and training guide : http://fgw.sfbay.sun.com/twiki-bin/view/FishPublic/WebHome
Sorry, this is another Oracle-internal website

7000 Simulator download - http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/ns/dlgwelcome.jsp?p_ext=Y&p_dlg_id=9668083&src=7011671&Act=111
This is really not a simulator, but the actual, real software for a 7000, just like you bought the real box. The only thing being simulated in VirtualBox (free) is the hardware that the software is running on. It thinks it's a real 7000, it's just running on your PC so it's slow. It can do anything the real box can, even replicate to another 7000. The only parts you won't be able to play with will be clustering and the Hybrid storage pool, as I doubt your laptop has a mix of Readzillas, Logzillas, and SAS2 drives. After you install and set this up, be sure to go get the latest software upgrade and upgrade it, just like its a real box. Because remember, it thinks it is.


How to reset passwords on your 7000 if you want to start from scratch.

How to reset passwords on your 7000 if you want to start from scratch.[Read More]

This blog is a way for Steve to send out his tips, ideas, links, and general sarcasm. Almost all related to the Oracle 7000, code named ZFSSA, or Amber Road, or Open Storage, or Unified Storage. You are welcome to contact Steve.Tunstall@Oracle.com with any comments or questions


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