Monday Mar 12, 2012

Good papers and links for the ZFSSA

So I have a pretty good collection of links and papers for the ZFSSA, and instead of giving them out one-at-a-time when asked, I thought it may be easier to do it this way. Many of the links from my old blog last May no longer work, so here is an updated list of some good spots to check out.

These are for ZFS, in general, not the ZFSSA, but it gives one good insight to how ZFS functions:

Wednesday Dec 28, 2011

New Storage Eye Charts

My new Storage Eye Chart is out. You can get it from the bookmark link on the right-hand side of this page.

Version 10 adds the Axiom and 2500M2 to a new page and also updates the ZFSSA with the new updates.

I hope everyone out there has a very happy New Year. See you in January. 

Friday Jun 03, 2011

New ZFSSA 7000 code release today

The new ZFSSA code was released today, 6-3-11.

  1. Sign in to my oracle support at
  2. Select the "Patches & Updates" tab.
  3. Search by Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product family or by Patch ID (see table below for patch IDs).
  4. Download the zip file to your local system and unzip.
  5. The ak-nas-2010-08-17-3-1-1-1-28-nd.pkg.gz update file and license files are expanded into the All_Supported_Platforms directory.

You can see the release notes here:


This micro release contains significant bug fixes for all supported platforms. Please carefully review the list of CRs that have been addressed and all release notes below prior to upgrading.

This release contains SAS-2 HBA and SAS-2 Disk Shelf Log Device firmware updates for SAS-2 based 7310, 7310C, 7410 and 7410C appliances and all 7120, 7320, 7320C, 7420, 7420C and 7720 appliances. The SAS-2 HBA and the SAS-2 Disk Shelf Log Device firmware will be eligible for firmware updates during the first boot of the appliance after upgrading to this release. The firmware updates are summarized in the following table:

Device Vendor Product ID Description Old Firmware Version New Firmware Version
SAS-2 HBA Sun Microsystems, Inc. Dual 4x6Gb External SAS-2 HBA Dual Port SAS-2 HBA 1.09.02 1.09.03
SAS-2 Log Device STEC ZeusIOPs 18GB SAS-2 Log Device 9002 9004

The SAS-2 HBA firmware update will take approximately 1 minute per SAS-2 HBA. Each SAS-2 Disk Shelf Log Device will take approximately 1 minute to update the firmware. The total firmware update time is dependent on the number of devices being updated. For example, an appliance with 12 SAS-2 Disk Shelves and 16 Log Devices may take 16 minutes to upgrade the firmware. Upgrades may also take longer when the appliance is under load. It is important that customers postpone administrative operations such as cluster failback, reboot, or power down until the system has updated all device firmware. For more information on firmware updates and information on how to monitor them following the first boot after upgrade, refer to the Maintenance:System:Updates Hardware Firmware Updates section of the Customer Service Manual or online help.

This release requires appliances to be running the 2010.Q3.2.1 micro release prior to upgrading to this release. In addition, this release includes upgrade healthchecks that are performed automatically when an upgrade is started prior to the actual upgrade from the prerequisite 2010.Q3.2.1 micro release. If an upgrade healthcheck fails it can cause an upgrade to abort. The upgrade healthchecks help to ensure component issues that may impact an upgrade are addressed. Release specific documentation is provided below to help with upgrades and upgrade healthchecks. Please carefully review it prior to performing an upgrade to 2010.Q3.3.1. It is important to resolve all hardware component issues prior to performing an upgrade.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

Monitoring Multiple 7000s with OGC

Did you know that one can monitor and get alerts from multiple Oracle ZFSSA (7000 family) systems down to a single pane of glass?
Did you know you could also monitor the Oracle 6000 family as well as a huge variety of other systems as well?
Did you know it would not cost you anything to do this?
I bet you didn't.

OGC is a no-cost subset of Oracle Enterprise Manager. There are a large variety of Management Agents available for it, many at no cost. The 7000 and 6000 agents are free. The oracle database needed is considered an "Infrastrucre database", a separate Oracle Database that can be installed and used as a OEM Grid Control repository without additional license requirements, provided that all the targets (databases, applications, and so forth) managed in this repository are correctly licensed. This database may also be used for the RMAN repository. It may not be used or deployed for other uses.


Once you're set up, you can monitor not only the metrics from the 7000 analytic screens, but also the 7000 alerts from multiple 7000s. Very handy indeed.

screen shots

More info about:

7000 Plug-in for OGC:
Other Grid Control Plug-ins:
Oracle DB Editions:


Tuesday May 31, 2011

7000 Software Update Matrix

7000 Software updates. You can find these both in MOS,
or at
You should be on 2010.Q3.2.1 right now.
New ones coming in next few weeks, so pay attention.

Oracle ZFSSA 7000 Series

These patches can be found in MOS.
Don't even start with me, MOS is easy once you get the hang of it.

 Date  Patch #  Firmware  Type  Code in BUI  
 12/23/2010  10379795  2010.Q3.1.1  Minor  2010-08-17-1-1-1-1-16  
 12/28/2010  10435589  2010.Q3.2  Minor  2010-08-17-1-1-1-1-18  
 2/9/2011  10378803  2010.Q3  Plug-ins  NA- extra software for VSS and OEM  
 3/23/2011  11887647  2010.Q3.2.1  Minor  2010-08-17-2-1-1-1-21 - Current release  
 June 2011  unk  2010.Q3.2.2  Minor  various bug fixes  
 June 2011  unk  2011.Q1  Major  Major release coming  

Some of the new features in 2011.Q1 will include: Active Directory domain controller hot failover, SMB level 2 Oplocks, ZFS enhancements, Replication enhancements, iSCSI and FC enhancements, Datalink configuration enhancements







7000 ZFS Storage Appliance - General info and websites

The ZFSSA is the current name of the oracle 7000 family of products. You can see the public page for them here:

There are just a huge amount of websites, white papers, and blogs regarding this product and the technology that makes it tick, Solaris 10, 11 and ZFS. The following is just a few of them to help get you started.

Software updates:
You need to check here, as the ZFSSA appliance kit gets updated with a minor update about every 3 months and a major update about twice a year. Believe me, you want these. They will either fix bugs that you may have seen (or have not seen yet and don't want to), or give you access to fantastic new features. These will be at no cost to you, as with all software on the ZFSSA, there are no licenses or costs for the software. Very cool.

BigAdmin is a great site to find and download whitepapers on lots of topics, including many for the 7000. Like best practices for setting up SharePoint Server with the 7000.

Power Calculator:
This link takes you to the 7420 calculator, but you can walk the links up at the top to take you to many others

Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in:
Did you know you could monitor and get alerts from multiple 7000s using OEM? Oh, and did you know the plug-in was free? Oh, and did you know there is no cost to run OEM and the Oracle database needed to run it, as long as you only use it for OEM???? DID YOU? DID YOU??? I bet you didn't....

How to boot from SAN over FC from a 7000:
Yep, of course you can do that.

Workflow and script depot:
I'm afraid this one is Oracle Internal only, but important for my fellow storage consultants to have. This is Chris' Script Depot.

7000 documentation and training guide :
Sorry, this is another Oracle-internal website

7000 Simulator download -
This is really not a simulator, but the actual, real software for a 7000, just like you bought the real box. The only thing being simulated in VirtualBox (free) is the hardware that the software is running on. It thinks it's a real 7000, it's just running on your PC so it's slow. It can do anything the real box can, even replicate to another 7000. The only parts you won't be able to play with will be clustering and the Hybrid storage pool, as I doubt your laptop has a mix of Readzillas, Logzillas, and SAS2 drives. After you install and set this up, be sure to go get the latest software upgrade and upgrade it, just like its a real box. Because remember, it thinks it is.


How to reset passwords on your 7000 if you want to start from scratch.

How to reset passwords on your 7000 if you want to start from scratch.[Read More]

This blog is a way for Steve to send out his tips, ideas, links, and general sarcasm. Almost all related to the Oracle 7000, code named ZFSSA, or Amber Road, or Open Storage, or Unified Storage. You are welcome to contact with any comments or questions


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