New code and new disk trays !!!

Hey everybody, happy new year and some great news for the ZFSSA...

The new 2u disk trays have come out early. I was not expecting them until later this quarter, but was surprised yesterday that Oracle announced them ready for sale. Sweet. So we now have a 4u capacity tray for 3TB drives (soon to be 4TB drives), and a 2u high-performance tray with either 300GB or 900GB 10K speed drives. These new 900GB 10K speed drives have the same IOPS as our current 600GB 15K speed drives, since the form factor went from 3.5" to 2.5". So you now can have 24 drives in a 2u tray. Very cool. These new trays require OS 2011.1.5, and right now you can NOT mix them with the older DS2 trays. Being able to mix them will be supported later, however.

To go along with that, the new 2011.1.5 code has been released. you can download it right now in MOS. It fixes a ridiculous amount of  issues, as well as supports these new 2u drive trays. You can read all about the new code here:


**Update 1-18-13 - I need to correct myself, and I'm adding this note instead of changing what I wrote up above and trying to hide that I messed up... Hey it happens...
At first I was lead to believe the the smaller size platter made up for the slower speed on the new 2.5" drives. This is not the case. It does help, but the 10K speed drives do get slightly less IOPS and throughput then the 3.5" 15K speed drives.  Not that this matters too much for us, since we pride ourselves on the fact we drive performance with the ZFSSA via our cache, not our spindle speed, but it's important to point out.  Now, the power savings and space savings are real, and very much worth using the smaller form factor. Also, you do understand that Oracle does not have a whole lot to do with this? This is the way drive manufacturers are going. They just don't make 2.5" drives at 15K speed. So this is the way it is. Now, at some point sooner rather than later, we will also be putting out an all SSD tray. So if you need fast IOP speeds on the spindles, we will have you covered there, too.


Excellent. Unfortunately, we bought the 7410 just as Sun was being acquired and we got "EOLed" very early as Oracle ditched SKUs. I can't add storage to this thing, even though it provides plenty of performance and all we need is spinning rust! The only hope is Oracle will give us a deal on a new 7420 or 7320, but Oracle doesn't horse trade like Sun used to...

Posted by Charles Soto on January 16, 2013 at 07:14 AM PST #

Sorry about that, Charles. I wrote about that issue way back in this blog entry:

You must not only have had a 7410, but the older SAS1 card version of it. You can get SAS2 cards for it if you want, or keep it as-is and use it for older data and replicate it with a newer 7420 system for your newer data. I don't know who your sales rep is, but if you were in my territory, my sales rep would work with you on a trade-in or a good discount on a new one. It does not hurt to ask.

Posted by Steve on January 18, 2013 at 07:46 AM PST #

nice trays! very cool!

Posted by Adam Leventhal on January 18, 2013 at 01:42 PM PST #

Steve, that's interesting. We can put a SAS2 card in our 7410 and use this new shelf? That could be a viable option. There's no problem with performance on our 7410, so this could be economical. Can you tell me what card we would need? I'll get our sales team on that.

Yes, I think we were the first on our block to buy into the ZFSSA (hence the old SAS1 card). Great concept, and I'm glad to see it keeps improving.


Posted by Charles Soto on January 25, 2013 at 06:43 AM PST #

Yes Charles, and yes I got your other email where you say you read my old blog and now know you can not mix SAS1 and SAS2 on the same system. So you need to choose. Some clients took the older SAS1 trays and turned them into JBODs behind other servers, and then added the SAS2 cards and got new SAS2 trays for their 7000. You have two great SCs on my team there in Texas. Email me if you want their contact info, and they can help you out.

Posted by Steve on January 25, 2013 at 07:40 AM PST #

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