How to reset passwords on your 7000 if you want to start from scratch.

We received a demo 7420 that we could not log into, so we could not factory reset it to have it join into a cluster with an already in-place 7420. We needed to login via the serial management port to do the factory reset, only to find out we could not even login to the SP with any known password.

Here is what we did, after we did a whole bunch of other stuff that didn’t work. I’ll leave that stuff out.

1.       Resetting ILOM name and password.

a.       On the back of a 7420, you will see three small holes just to the right of the cluster card. The left hole is the service processor reset button. You use a paper clip to push it. Don’t push it yet, but get a paper clip to push it ready. 3holes

Now, on the front of the 7420, you see the “Locate” Light & Button. It’s a light, but if you push it, you will also find it’s a button. Don’t push it yet. Settle down. Just find it.locate light

c.       Ok, now this may take two people. Kind of like turning keys in a missile silo. While one of you pushes and HOLDS DOWN the “Locate” button on the front, have the other person use a paper clip to push and release the “SP Reset” button.  Keep the “Locate” button pressed until you see the ILOM Pre-Boot Menu.

d.      Good job, you should now be in the ILOM Pre-Boot Menu. In this Pre-Boot Menu, type the command “unconfig ilom_cnfg”. It should tell you that the next boot will not preserve the config.

e.      Now type “boot” to reboot. When it comes all the way back, you should now be able to login to the ILOM with “root” and “changeme”

Resetting the 7000 Appliance Password

2.       You might be done now. I, however, could not login to the 7000 appliance, either. After starting the SP/console which I could now do, I would be stuck at the 7420 login and again did not know what the password was. So here is what we did to fix that issue. Thanks for the phone and email help from Ric Hall on this piece.

a.       If you’re still stuck at the 7420 login prompt, you should be able to break out back to the SP by typing ESC – (     in other words, hit the ESC key, then hit the left parentheses key. If that doesn’t work, you will need to push the power button on the front once to shut it down. Wait, then push it again to restart.

b.      Or… If you’re not stuck, you may be able to just type
cd /SYS
stop (or reset)
cd /
start /SP/console

c.       Either way you do it, when the appliance is starting back up, you need to watch QUICKLY and carefully for the GRUB menu. This is the menu we all see when a 7000 is booting and it shows the various version of the 7000 code that it can boot to, even if there’s only one choice. This grub menu only shows for 5 seconds. WHEN YOU SEE THE GRUB MENU, YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO PUSH THE “e” KEY TO EDIT THE MENU.

d.      Go to the line now that starts with the word KERNAL. Again hit the “e” key to edit this line.

e.      At the end of this line, hit space, then add “-c” to the end of the line. Hit Enter to go back to the choices, and then hit the “b” key to boot to that Kernal line you just edited.

f.        You should now see the following data on the screen that starts with "Discarding Current State", letting you know that your 7000 is killing your config, including your password, but also EVERYTHING ELSE. When it reboots, it will look like you just bought it. resetscreen


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