Oracle News | March 30, 2016

7 Reasons the Cloud Is Now Top Priority

By: John Foley


Why are so many organizations implementing cloud more comprehensively? Why are they shifting from software as a service and platform as a service here and there to end-to-end cloud strategies?

Shawn Price, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud, says a number of business factors are forcing companies to go beyond piecemeal cloud projects. In a keynote presentation at Oracle CloudWorld in Washington DC, Price identified the following pressing issues that are causing organizations to expand and accelerate cloud deployment.

  • Agility is paramount. From video games to personal finance to manufacturing, companies in a variety of industries are experiencing gut-wrenching shifts in their business models, Price says. Cloud services let them adapt more quickly.
  • Businesses must consume, not just create, innovation. With so much talk about how important it is for organizations to develop smart new products and services, it’s easy to forget those same organizations must take in innovation, too. Oracle delivers hundreds of cloud enhancements every quarter. It’s essentially innovation as a service.
  • Modern HR is the only way to win the talent war. As baby boomers reach retirement age and millennials bring new expectations into the office, workforce management hinges on modern HR processes and capabilities. Companies must treat job applicants with the same care they do customers because “the experience matters,” says Price.
  • Social and mobile are the new norm. Smartphone-carrying customers and employees want fast, intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities for engagement and transactions. “We expect our [business] applications to work the way our applications at home work,” says Price.
  • Great customer service depends on it. At all points in the customer journey and in all industries, including government, cloud-based capabilities (such as chat, personalization, contextual search) can help deliver faster, more effective, more efficient customer service.
  • Businesses require scalable IT. Whether you’re an established company growing through acquisition, a startup, or somewhere in between, the cloud scales as needed. Companies are signing up for Oracle ERP Cloud, saying ‘I want predictable growth,’” says Price.
  • You can have the best of both worlds. At CloudWorld Washington DC, Oracle introduced Oracle Cloud at Customer, which lets organizations deploy Oracle Cloud services from within their own data centers using the new Oracle Cloud Machine. It’s an entirely new option for businesses and government agencies that want the benefits of cloud services but that may be subject to legal, regulatory, or business considerations that require them to keep data within their firewalls.

John Foley is director, strategic communications, for Oracle Corp., where he provides insights and analysis on cloud computing, big data, IT-driven business innovation, and Oracle’s portfolio of ‘engineered to work together’ hardware and software products. He was previously the Editor of InformationWeek and InformationWeek Government. You can follow him on Twitter at @jfoley09.

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