Oracle OpenWorld | October 21, 2016

3 Memorable Keynote Moments from #OOW16

By: Lauren Mckay | Social Media Manager


The keynotes are one of the hallmarks of Oracle OpenWorld. This year was no exception. Below are three memorable moments from the Oracle OpenWorld keynotes. Not only were they exciting to witness in person, but they are announcements that will shape Oracle's course in the coming years.

1. Larry Ellison Taking On Amazon 

On Sunday September 18, we officially kicked off Oracle OpenWorld with Larry Ellison's longstanding Welcome Keynote. Ellison's Sunday keynote is always a crowd-pleaser, as the Chairman and CTO is known for previewing the big Oracle announcements for the week and laying out Oracle's focus areas for the year ahead. 

This year Larry Ellison zeroed in on Oracle ERP Cloud growth and on Oracle's "aggressive" goal in moving into the Infrastructure as a Service space. Although Ellison acknowledged Amazon's early-days success in the space, he laid out the reasons Oracle is better suited to take over the IaaS market, and explained Oracle's strategy for surpassing Amazon in the cloud. View the full keynote on-demand.

2. Oracle and the Government of Maharashtra Memorandum of Understanding 

On the Tuesday or Oracle OpenWorld, we welcomed an esteemed guest to the keynote stage—Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis. Onstage Oracle and the Government of Maharashtra signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) intended to accelerate the state’s digital transformation initiatives. 

“We are thrilled to further our commitment in India by working with the Government of Maharashtra and the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, to help position India as a world-class design and manufacturing epicenter. The Cloud Center of Excellence powered by Oracle will play a key role in improving the lives of the people of this state,” said Safra Catz. “By moving to the Cloud, the Government has the opportunity to create a digitally empowered society and a growing knowledge economy. We look forward to making this partnership a success.”

Watch the special announcement in full.

3. Customer Success Stories

During the morning keynote on Monday, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd put his talk show host hat on, speaking with some of Oracle's leading customers. First, Joanna Fielding, Chief Financial Officer, HSBC Technology & Services joined Hurd onstage to talk about the bank's global ERP overhaul. "Moving to the cloud is part of our new technology strategy," Fielding said, "Keeping our technology current had been extremely expensive and difficult to do, so our new strategy is to lease, buy, build."

HSBC selected Oracle Fusion in the Cloud and is implementing ERP and EDM for the whole of HSBC global services, essentially half of the banks. They are also looking at building out the same platform across the entire HSBC group. "It's all about increasing control, reducing costs, improving transparency around the cost base so businesses understand their drivers, and can make better commercial decisions," Fielding said.

For Oracle customer ClubCorp, member experience is number 1. Looking at the member experience, ClubCorp found that their current infrastructure couldn't support where they needed to go and at the speed they needed to get there. "We needed to something profound, and the partner we chose was Oracle," said Patrick Benson, Chief Information Officer, ClubCorp.

To modernize its IT environment, ClubCorp replaced legacy systems with Oracle SaaS applications, it also cloud-enabled many current solutions using Oracle PaaS, and also relied on Oracle Infrastructure as a Service in order to "exit the data center business." 

"With the Saas, the Paas and the Infrastructure, we were able to accelerate the delivery for our business and for our members, but save money, as well," Benson said. "It just doesn't get better than that."

To hear additional customer transformation stories, watch the keynote replay.

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