IT Innovation | June 19, 2019

3 Best Practices for Building Out 5G Services

By: Eric McMurry | Director of CTO Office, Oracle Communications


In leveraging our experience building web scale cloud and services, we have not only been building software and using processes that work for cloud, but also seeing that in practice, just being cloud native is not enough to be successful in providing digital services.  There is more that we and other vendors can do to help CSPs mitigate the frustrations acknowledged in our previous blog about what cloud native is and how it must be built from actual experience with large clouds, accompanied by process changes.

CSPs recognize it is critical that they make the transition so that their own networks leverage cloud technologies and processes in order to improve their operational capabilities and increase their service flexibility. But that alone will not suffice to address their overall business needs, nor will it address the fundamental pressures exerted on them.

Beyond the cloud native technology that the communications industry is working to use for deployment models, there are crucial cloud-inspired lessons and practices CSPs can adopt to accelerate key benefits, such as:

  • Extend their network and processes to include consumption of whole services in an open and automated fashion—This can greatly increase what they will be capable of, enabling CSPs to focus on their core strengths and value while leveraging and repackaging high-value services in ways that will delight their customers;
  • Consume and integrate cloud services to augment their offerings—Doing this where it makes sense will address much of the current frustration that the CSPs are experiencing. This is a fundamentally different model, as it does not come with the operational burden and complexity of stitching together functional components that are built for different environments. That reduction in complexity results directly in cost savings, and an increase in deployment and development speed that drives innovation. Consuming slices and SaaS are important aspects that we cover in this webinar.
  • Facilitate and participate in the growth of smart digital ecosystems—CSPs can extend their network and business practices, allowing them to easily consume and integrate services, as well as provide their own services in new ways. This is critical and is the real driver for the other changes.

With these practices, CSPs can successfully build out new 4G and 5G services while avoiding taxing their own cloud environments and reducing considerably the integration and operational pain they’d otherwise encounter. They can do this with minimal impact to their core networks and without integrating cloud native microservices (or any other buzzword-based software) into their specific core environments.

The operational efficiency gained from taking the services approach, which allows software to be optimized for a specific cloud environment, can be substantial. Extending their network and business practices into ecosystems designed for simplified consumption and integration of services as described in the above practices takes this to the next level, enabling operators to move into vertical services and fully monetize their own value.

CSPs are in a unique position, but they need to move to modern practices and services to take advantage. While working toward cloud native, it's imperative to move toward ecosystems of services, and to do so in parallel with changes in the core network and related practices.

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Director of CTO Office, Oracle Communications

Eric McMurry is responsible for long term strategic guidance, portfolio direction, and standards for communications products and services at Oracle.  Eric focuses on advancing our customers’ digitally transformed business through innovations in cloud and edge, new software delivery and monetization models, 5G, security, AI/ML, and telco/IT technology crossover opportunities.

Eric has developed and delivered a wide range of communications products and systems serving technical and business strategy, engineering management, and systems architecture roles in teams with incredibly talented people.  Eric has also lead the software organizations of multiple startups and brings engineering experience stretching back before the first digital mobile systems.

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