August 7, 2020

3 Benefits Oracle Gets by Running its Own Apps on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

By: Karthik Murali | Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager


Oracle@Oracle: Our Journey to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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In this era of business transformation and modernization, transitioning to the cloud can be an overwhelming pursuit and choosing the right provider to support mission-critical workloads is a significant decision for any business. We made the decision to migrate Oracle's broad portfolio of SaaS applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for the maximum performance, reliability, and security of Oracle's Gen2 Cloud.

Oracle's enterprise SaaS applications suite is now being deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, benefiting from the latest innovations and unique capabilities that our second generation infrastructure offers. The migration to the Gen2 Cloud has enabled Oracle to ensure successful delivery of our services via a robust DevSecOps model and allowed us to support our customers' business transformations.

In this blog post, we will detail three elements that we most value from our move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure improves security.

Oracle Cloud is designed with a security-first approach at every layer. Standard security controls include: advanced network design leveraging software-defined segmentation at the network layer; role-based access control at the application layer; global access controls at the platform layer; strong encryption at the database layer; and of course physical protection such as biometrics access controls.

The picture below emphasizes our security-first design approach:

This architectural design is reinforced with a defense-in-depth security strategy, policy and technical controls, and internal governance standards which are externally verified through continual assessments predicted on both internationally and regionally recognized compliance standards. Oracle SaaS application customers have access to certifications, attestations, and the results of other independent third-party assessments. 

Oracle SaaS applications are continuously monitored by an extensive multi-layered framework that ensures our internal network is consistently scanned for suspicious behavior. Oracle also monitors its Cloud network connectivity externally to provide maximum security for and ensure the privacy of customer data.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides best-in-class reliability.

Service uptime commitments are increasing across the SaaS cloud landscape. Oracle differentiates itself from other providers by committing to an industry-leading 99.7% availability service level agreement for all our SaaS services. Oracle strengthens this service delivery commitment by backing it with Service Credits for missed service availability SLAs. For us to deliver that level of uptime to our SaaS customers, we need to have total trust in our cloud infrastructure's reliability.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for rapid, global scalability.

For Oracle, with SaaS cloud customers in more than 175 countries, Gen2 infrastructure provides the scalability we need across the entire SaaS suite. We continue to expand our global footprint - we have our SaaS running on more than 150,000 virtual machines in 16 Gen2 data center regions today, and we are expanding to four more over the course of the next year. Using our own cloud infrastructure to support Oracle's growth and enormous SaaS customer base, this has become our best case study to prove Oracle's ability to accommodate business growth, and scale accordingly.

To hear the full story and learn the benefits of our move to the next generation Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, join us for the live webinar on Tuesday, August 18th at 10:00 am PT. Register to learn more about the security underlying Oracle's SaaS delivery model, the audit frameworks under which our services are evaluated, service delivery commitments, and our continuous support model - all of which afford customers, including Oracle, enterprise SaaS solutions with market-leading security and reliability.

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